What is NDA exam 2017 – 2018 ?

What is NDA exam 2017 – 2018 ?

What is NDA –

NDA represents the National Defence Academy and the test that candidates who are interested in the defense services. Only unmarried male candidates are eligible for this test.

The survey was conducted by the UPSC Commission every year twice NDA (I) and NDA (II).

For this year, NDA (I) and NDA examination (II) was completed and if you missed the opportunity this year, then please apply for this exam next year.

What is the eligibility for access NDA Test –

To order this test, you must complete his 12th test, a recognized card and that your age should be between 16.5 and 19.

Eligible applicants may apply for the two wings –

>> Army Wings
Vigour >> Wings Air
>> Naval Wings

In the wings of the army spent all 12 candidates are eligible.

But the Navy and Air Force wings you need to complete its review 12 physics and mathematics as compulsory subjects.

Therefore, an application for NDA exam according to their eligibility.

>> Eligible applicants can fill out the online application form with the UPSC website visit can also order the offline test.

Therefore, if you are interested in this test, please wait for the NDA (I) 2012 Review Notification, notice will be published in December 2011.

Notice of Examination NDA (I) was published on 31 / Dec / 2011

The deadline to apply for this test was 30 / Jan / 2012

exam date – 15/04/2012.

>> So, please wait for the notification and then apply for NDA exam online and for more information, visit UPSC –

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Re: What is NDA? What is the eligibility for test access NDA?
Hi friend !!

The NDA means – National Defence Academy.

>> India holds the National Defence Academy and Naval Academy Examination (soon test called NDA) to recruit candidates for the wings of the army, navy and air force of the Academy of national Defence (NDA).
>> The candidate must be male and unmarried sex.
>> The training course is three years.

The preference of candidates for the two different schools, namely must first decide

National Defence Academy
Naval Academy (exclusive branch)

Training for Education for NDA exam:

pass Class 12 of the School Education or equivalent structure 10 + 2 examination by a State Education Board or a University.
Candidates must be physically fit according to the standards prescribed materials.
The older applicants between 16.5 and 19 years are eligible for NDA exam.

For more information: www.upsc.gov.in

UPSC conducts the review is conducted twice a year, usually in April and September.
Inspection notification starts in September / October.

All the best !!!

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