Successful Marriage – Analogy Between GPS and Marriage

1. You set a destination at the start of the journey; this aids in directing the GPS’s attention to your objective.

2. In the event of an error, there are provisions for a diversion; if you miss your road along the line, it will automatically divert and still lead you to the correct location.

3. You have the freedom to choose whether or not to follow the equipment guidelines. You have the power to determine how often you choose to follow them.

4. It’s a given that you will always come on time if you adhere to the rules. Following the directions saves you a great deal of trouble during the journey.

5. By swerving around obstacles, the GPS shows you the greatest route ever.

The following analogy provides a clear explanation of how our marriages are designed to succeed:

Having a clear vision for your marriage is a terrific strategy to achieve success.

Yes, just like with a GPS device, you have to program and prepare your planned destination before you leave on a trip. In a similar vein, your marriage is an institution that God has entrusted to you and your partner to manage. Establish objectives for your marriage and a vision for it. Don’t let the dreams you’ve had since you were young and single come to an end.

The institution of marriage is meant to nourish such goals, not to crush them. Actually, compared to going it alone, you now have a greater possibility of realizing your dreams. With your partner, you now have a stronger advantage to resolve the issue. As they say, “two good heads are better than one.”

Determine the number of children you hope to have Which type of house would you want to share?
What date do you plan to retire?
After you retire, what are your plans?

There are three types of vision: short-, medium-, and long-term. They will guide your married life through its path.

Your life’s work to have a successful marriage is driven by your vision.

Your life’s work is to fulfill your mission. To succeed in your marriage, you should also be willing to accept deviations. Not everything will always turn out the way you had hoped. But you can also be adaptable and make changes as needed. You were married to your own spouse and not someone else for a specific reason.

Have you ever given this much thought? Your marriage has the power to ignite you to heights you never would have imagined. You both will live right and finish good once you get it right.

For a marriage to succeed, trust is crucial.

Once more, obedience and trust are key to a happy marriage. However, you are not required to follow the directions given, much like with a GPS. You truly do have the option of following or not. You will remain successful in your marriage if you both trust each other and follow God. You will always reach your objective and even arrive there considerably faster when you obey one another’s instructions and respect each other’s trust.

There is strong incentive for you to follow through on the goals you have set for your marriage. It functions as a clear manual to follow. Your marriage will undoubtedly be complicated by a number of diversions, including friends, job, community involvement, religious pursuits, kids, money, health, and other problems. But a determined mind is unstoppable by any power.

You are focused because all of your energy and enthusiasm are directed toward the goal you have in mind. Scripture’s statement that “if one’s eye is single, all of his body will be full of light” confirms this.

Never permit pro-vision to rob you of your vision.

The fulfillment of a shared vision is what makes a marriage beautiful. It is not always simple in reality. You may occasionally be tempted to prioritize the unimportant above the significant when working toward your marital objectives. You must devote more time and energy to the key things in your marriage if you want it to succeed. Your marriage is better, in my opinion and based on my 14 years of married experience, when it is “kept” in God’s hands. Allow him to lead and mentor you at every turn. You can be certain of a successful and safe landing.

To provide for your family, you must put in a lot of effort using your physical prowess and interpersonal relationships. The essentials of life—clothing, food, and shelter—are what truly make life appealing. Moreover, a great deal of marriages have tragically failed in the process of reaching these goals. This is a result of the lack of quality time that modern couples have to spend holding hands, conversing, and showing each other affection. Children from such homes suffer immensely because they don’t even get enough family time. On second thought, though, how might this approach make your marriage stronger, better, and more successful?

Maintaining sound boundaries is another way to ensure the success of your marriage.

Along the way in your marriage, a lot of additional elements and circumstances will arise, such as friends, relatives, coworkers, and in-laws. Friends may occasionally need your attention and wish to take their time.

Once more, your marriage and connections come first in importance, followed by your relationship with God. Establishing limits on the amount of time you spend with others other than your spouse and family members is crucial. Not to come across as conceited, but setting priorities puts things in the proper order. Unhealthy ties with coworkers have led to the discovery of numerous incidents of adultery. As a result, exercise caution and maintain constant awareness.

Utilize the harmony’s influence.

According to empirical research, married couples rarely get divorced. As it portrays, unity is the act of being in harmony with one’s vision, purpose, and character. Wives and husbands can accomplish more together than apart. They have the ability to make judgments that will benefit not just themselves but also their children and immediate relatives. They do not differ from one another. Unity promotes development, advancement, and a stronger union.

Put “forgiveness” on your calendar.

One big one is forgiveness. if the success of your marriage is your ultimate goal. To be honest, nobody who lives with another person will never occasionally trample on each other’s toes. However, when forgiveness is freely given and received by both partners, they will overcome all the obstacles standing in their way and enjoy a happy and peaceful marriage.

Continue your sincere love for one another.

Love is the connection that makes you feel like you were meant to be together! Love is a truly lovely thing. Make a conscious effort to nurture this affection periodically. The union will survive because of this. Nothing can overpower genuine love.

Therefore, the love you have sown, raised, and grown together will now be harvested to cover any intrinsic deficiencies that may arise owing to the unavoidable aspects of marital livelihood when the trials and storms of marriage come.

Your marital success is guaranteed.

Above all else, the success of your marriage is crucial. However, it will require time and deliberate work to make this happen. Thus, all that is necessary to ensure a successful marriage is having a clear vision for it and carefully adhering to the previously mentioned guidelines. No justifications, no matter how big enough, are permitted for failure.

The aim of any marriage is to succeed. The only people who truly achieve that level of success are those that adhere to predetermined patterns. Your marriage will undoubtedly flourish if you have a driving goal, trust one another, maintain sound boundaries, actively pursue harmony, are constantly forgiving, and are truly in love.