10 Exotic Ways to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

1. Take a culinary tour back in time

Many a pair has celebrated relationship milestones with platters of gnocchi, crème brûlée, and shrimp scampi. (Or a few more deserving dishes.) If you and your partner enjoy good food, how about taking a historical culinary tour to commemorate your anniversary? One meal in particular, perhaps from your first date or your wedding day, could be chosen to prepare together. Alternately, prepare a dinner inspired by each of your favorite times spent together.

2. Below the stars

You and your family can spend the night stargazing in the back of your truck if you own a pickup and live close to the mountains. Simply prepare a picnic, bring along some cold wine, blankets, and a compass. Travel outside of the town till the light from the city won’t interfere with your stargazing. In the rear of the vehicle, spread out the bedding and lie beneath a canopy of stars while gazing up at the sky.

3. Lovers’ TV

You can record those priceless moments with your spouse on digital media, such as burnable DVDs, and add music to them. Make a home movie for your sweetheart and add music to it if you have a ton of pictures of your best walks in the city, meals at your favorite restaurants, or even simply silly moments between the two of you.

4. Together, create something.

Ever wanted to give paint-n-sip a try? or to use a pottery wheel to toss a pot? If you and your partner are creative types, spending the evening making beautiful art together might be a very special way to celebrate your anniversary. You will be able to communicate your feelings for one another through something you created, in addition to having something beautiful to display in your house.

5. Make a statement wall

A sequence of family photos is usually the focal point of a focal wall, which is painted in a striking color contrast to the surrounding walls. What if you and your partner created a focal wall for your anniversary? Select your best images of each other, use a picture editing application to turn them into black and white, then arrange them gallery-style on your new wall.

6. Love notes with a twist

In order to communicate their true sentiments for one another, husbands and wives frequently send each other love notes. Why not make your spouse a romantic crossword puzzle as a unique way to send love notes? Online crossword puzzle creators let you create a customized puzzle particularly for your special someone.

7. Romantic coupon books

You get the chance to show your partner more of yourself with romantic coupon booklets. Make one with craft supplies and stuff it full of promises for gifts such as massages, ten kisses, or even a babysitting night so your partner can go out on the town.

8. Renew your vows

Your first anniversary was formed by your marriage vows. Why not relive that memorable day and celebrate it with loved ones? Reaffirming your vows to one another is a beautiful way to let the other know how deeply you feel.

9. Create coordinating t-shirts or mugs.

Customized T-shirts or mugs let you make your own unique romantic accessories. Create a design that reflects the personality of both you and your partner, then get it printed on a T-shirt or mug by a nearby business. On the morning of your wedding anniversary, wear the T-shirt to bed or give your partner coffee in the mug.

10. Visit a room that is hidden.

Would you like to spend a nice evening trapped in a room with your spouse? So why not give an escape room experience a shot? For a set period of time, participants in escape rooms are placed in a room or sequence of rooms. They have to cooperate to find the solution to a riddle within that allotted period. Themes for the chambers include outer space, ancient Egypt, and Harry Potter. Go play with a theme your husband would enjoy!

Final thoughts

You can rekindle your relationship with your partner and evaluate your marriage on your anniversary. It’s also a great reason to simply go outside and play with your significant other. Not only will the recollections of this memorable day help you reflect back on your past together, but they will also help you look forward.

Some couples do this out of adventure, while others would rather do it as they cook together. You’re going to have a great time celebrating your anniversary if you decide to do any of these things, though, no matter how you go about it.