Things Officer Notices In SSB Personal Interview

A personal interview is the technical SSB calendar, which gives access to the candidate’s face to face with him analyze talking to him in a causal manner. Still seen as a conversation period. But the depth of it is always seen from the perspective of the IO. The IO observes the candidate deeply to judge your personality accurately. For all applicants, SSB, prepared or awaiting SSB in the near future, here have some points that are still perceived by the IO to get a clear picture of the candidate.

Eye Contact – The first thing the IO notice is his eye contact. You must keep your eye contact with the IO across the personal interview in order to show confidence.

Trust – Trust is observed by the IO by the way into the room, the lounge, the road rises and leaves the room. Apart from these, their expressions and how to react report also shows their confidence in the interview.

Concentration – IO realizes that their concentration or presence in the talks by asking all sorts of questions and suddenly change the Armada topic.

Posture – The way you sit, hands and legs movements, coordination of expressions are the main physical IO pointing during the interview process. It shows her inner strength.

Facial expressions – While talking to IO, facial expressions matter a lot. A smiling happy face still alive and leaves an impact on the fatty IO. So a serious expression or face timid always separated into a negative category.

Communication skills – Your disruption while talking, the correct use of words, the correct use of language to express their thoughts, etc. are observed during the interview process. communication skills can be improved through regular practice.

Expressions in situations Stiff – Sometimes IO requested status or enter any of your personal incidents to check your answer in situations and exchange of ideas, where you have to think hard, meet and stay active for IO issues.
Temper Control – Your management temperament is also observed by the IO. Some candidates get lost Genius bulky body language during the interview, which is noted for the IO.

Form of expression – a great tool to talk to the personal interview is to stay away, to the point and easy to understand during the interview. If you do not know the answer to a question, then it is better to accept that getting a lot of 100 lies.

Commemoration And Warning – Rapid Fire, the most dreaded part of the interview is to check your attention in listening and memory issues and respond in a certain way. Sometimes anti-IO issues that interrupt and verify the mental strength to come back to the questions.

Conclusion – Be relaxed, attentive and keep a steady flow in your interview can make a good impact on the IO. Remain stress, keep active and attentive ears and respond directly without beating the bushes. The IO is trained and experienced to handle about 5-8 candidates each day and is an expert in the research of lies and bluffs. So practice and face personal interview with confidence.

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