Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) Online

Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) Online

You can download samples of test pictures Thematic Apperception Test Tat Online put to practice links below. TAT also known as SSB theme Perception test is psychological projective test that was defined image shown one by one and waiting for you to write a story based on his thoughts after seeing each individual image.
To learn more about TAT read:

Thematic apperception test SSB
How to write the story in PPDT and TAT
Number of images 11
duration: 4 minutes to write the story (image)
Using TAT Presentation

Each slide link below are designed to give real-time experience as SSB psychological test for TAT. For better use to download the slideshow by clicking the link Microsoft PowerPoint is required to run these files.
candidates who write TAT SSB
Examination room SSB Bhopal
How to practice TAT

Be prepared with blank paper and pen.
When you are ready with stationery, begin the presentation.
You will see a picture for 30 seconds and next to a blank slide for 4 minutes.
See 30sec picture and draw a story in your mind.
Start writing your story in 4 minutes.
Keep practicing.
You will find that continued practice will increase your typing speed and improve the quality of the story.

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