The 5 Day SSB Interview Procedure Explained in Detail

The 5 Day SSB Interview Procedure Explained in Detail

Many candidates are novices, who are unaware of the SSB interview process, which leads to problems in the SSB interview. They never know the brand and make an SSB interview, no do not know the necessary documents during the interview process. Speaking SSB interview procedure and the various sources that can help you prepare and before going to his first attempt.

5 Days SSB Calendar:

Day reports The day of submission to the SSB board, followed by paper check and form filling [forms] PAA. It is supposed to report to the place mentioned in the letter calls, most of the time you are requested to report to the MCQ [Time Control Office]. You will find many things to do because there are many other candidates who reported the same day, so you can find one or two.
[For some entries date and day of reporting are the same evaluation, please follow its call letters for the right information]

Note: Some entries date of submission and screening [PPDT] are the same when their presentation time is early as 0700 hours, then the day will be screened on the first day (daily reports)

Stage-1 Test

1. Screening: The screening process involves collecting some potential candidates from all who reported the particular entry. It consists of various activities such as:
Verbal and nonverbal test: Nothing lasts, it is true, does not need preparation as well. But it is always good to be well prepared, you can check some examples of verbal and nonverbal problems here. After this test will have a little rest, and then proceed to PPDT.
PPDT: We talked a lot in a PPDT subsequent message until the deed and history of the discussion. It will show an image for 30 seconds later, you have to write a story based on the image he saw in 3 minutes, after that, it was divided into groups of 14 to 15 members, on the one hand, each candidate will have his / her story is followed by a group discussion on the image among group members. Here you can find more details. Note that PPDT is the most important part that helps you clear the screen and takes you to step 2 tests.

Screening results: After completion PPDT, get a break for 2-3 hours and lunch. Your test results will be reported after the selected candidates are assigned to new numbers from the chest. The rest of the candidates obtains the TA and dropped supported by the station or bus station.

Step 2-Test

Congratulations to all who cleaned the first phase of testing, now the real battle begins, losing the battle of Stage 2 is very painful for most of us, but good preparation can achieve his dream of joining the defense forces from India.
2. Psychological Testing: This is a battery of projective tests, all tests are used to test the psychological suitability of the candidate to be an officer. Candidates must write their answers on the basis of the particular test. Here, time is very important, so you should write your first response on time.


Battery Test:

Thematic Apperception Test [TAT]
word association test [TAB]
Test Reaction situation [TER]
Description Self Test [DE]

What to do ??
TAT: 11 images will be displayed in which the latter is to be a blank slide, each image will come just for 30 seconds, then disappear after taking 4 minutes of time to write the story based on that image. After 4 minutes another image comes for 30 seconds and the same process is continued until the last slide} {white slide.

WAT: 60 words will be shown back to back, each word will remain on the screen for 15secs, 15secs must type in a phrase that comes to mind first after reading this word. Similarly, you have to write 60 words continuously without cuts in between.

SRT: You will receive a brochure with 60 written on its situations, it is required to write your answers in terms of these 60 cases, the time allotted is 30 minutes.

SD: You are required to write an opinion about you from your parents, friends, teachers, and what they would like to develop in the future. The time allotted is 15 minutes.
It’s all about the speed of thought and writing, not mapaltes much as it can create problems for you in the future. Write legibly and correctly.

3. GTO: This is also a series of outdoor tasks, the main objective of this task is to judge his skills during the group’s performance, remember most of the work in this series are the task force, is required to support the group with the best of their qualities and not compete with them in any way.

Test series:
GD: Back to back panel discussion on two topics, most current business.
GPE: planning exercise group, each candidate must write his planning for the mentioned problem and map given, the group members are required later to discuss the problem and have come up with a joint plan with the common consensus. Later, one of the group members must explain the planning with the pointer and card.
PGT: Group of progressive work, which is required to pass certain obstacles with supporting documents such as rope, table, wood, etc. log Certain rules must be followed in this task, a whole group activity.
HGT: Group front, mainly along PGT, but the number of members of the group will behalf, you can get more chance to show their potential.
IoT: Obstacles individual task, you are required to attempt 10 individually obstacles, each obstacle consist of a few points from 1 to 10.
Task Command: You will be a commander in this task, you must cross the obstacles with the help subordinates 2-3. You can select 2-3 candidates from their own group that you think can help overcome obstacles.
serpent race / Race Group Obstacles: All group members will be competing with other groups, members held a snake as a rope, have to overcome some obstacles with the snake. There are certain rules that the rest of the tasks. It is a kind of race between the different groups, it is a pleasure.
Individual Presentation: Each candidate will be read for 3 minutes on a topic chosen by him/her. Get 4 songs you need to select a theme.

FGT: Final Group Group even as PGT, as another opportunity to show their potential.

4. Personal interview: A master key that decides that its recommendation in the SSB interview, interview questions, and answers SSB plays an essential role in assessing candidates. How to deal with IO [official interviewer] in the SSB PI [Personal interview SSB] is the main concern, in this case, a false move can tarnish your image and reduce your chances of being recommended.

5. Conference: Each candidate will face all members of the SSB board, which will face some general questions like how was your stay or what you have learned from this conference is only to decide whether to recommend as an officer of the Defence Forces from India. All evaluators collectively determine their suitability for certain candidates who are on the border, may face some problems that can be decisive. It will be only for 1-2 minutes.

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