SSB Interview Questions With Answers: Tips To Answer SSB Interview Questions

SSB Interview Questions: SSB Personal Interview is a good chance for the candidate to make a good impression and shows the ability and dedication to join the force. Also, it’s terribly crucial so don’t try to bluff if you don’t know how to bluff, and always be natural and relaxed because it’ll be terribly simple and to the purpose regarding your personal life, therefore try and know yourself better and additionally know folks around you. Always prepare for the Personal Interview before attending SSB Interview because you recognize the type of question usually asked by the IO. Below are a few queries that you’ll face throughout your SSB Interview. If you have any doubt please mention it within the comment box.

SSB Questions Asked in Personal Interview are as follows:

1. What is your name, meaning of your name, the meaning of other member’s names in your family, compare yourself with them, name of the place you come from, presently what are you doing?

2. Family: How many members, since when living at the same place, description, and sort of relationship with every member, closer to whom, why closer, whom you admire. Compare yourself with any of your brother/s or sister/s. If alone what would you prefer to have an elder/younger brother/sister? Occupation of working members within the family, if you’re working what’s your job profile, salary, etc.

3. Education: Institution wherever you had your education, since when, any achievements, any responsible post held throughout your education at the establishment, the represented institution at what levels, subjects you liked most and those you did not like at all, why, teachers you liked most and those that you did not like at all, why (here include the teacher and subject till all these years of education and not solely school), name and specialty of institution wherever studied and a short description regarding it namely its location, crowd, cultural and different heritages it carries. What are you presently doing, what are more options (if not army), why, Why ARMY, since when liked army?


4. Friends: What type of friends you like, what type you do not like, wherever have you ever gone and wherever would you wish to travel together with your friends, why are these folks your friends, describe your best friend, compare him with you (appearance, height, texture, thinking, something common in each of you), their hobbies and interests, their way of living life and what do they require to achieve in life.

5. Why do you wish to join the defense forces, if not defense other choices, however, did you come to the conclusion that you wish to join the forces. Did you try for NDA, why not succeeded? Why not proper efforts were given?

6. Your hobbies and Interests: How do you pass your time, that task did you find most interesting in psyche and GTO series, which books have you read, why did you not score well enough in 12th as you scored in tenth, NCC knowledge, Scouts, RSP, MCC, etc., knowledge.

7. Your life In College: Any memories, what’s the difference between your friends at Pune and SSB center. If given chance what would you prefer to vary in Pune (Geographical, economical, agricultural, tourism, traffic, etc.) Compare your hometown and hometown friends with friends in Pune and Pune as an area itself. Have you ever come before to the SSB center previously? What places did you visit at the SSB place?

8. Give five current national and international political news.

9. Give five current national and international sports news.

10. Some international matters, international organizations, their working procedure, and good information about your specialized subject.

11. However, would you organize a football match /hike/cycle race/ local festival /trek/swimming competition?

12. Why were you weak in some specified sphere, how did you cope up with it.

13. Coaching: Have you taken coaching, why, what sort of?

Tips on How to Answer in SSB Personal Interview:

• Give examples for any incidences that you are about to explain.
• Speak in relevance to your Self-Description test and PIQ and don’t give fakes.
• Speaking is an art, no matter you speak give proper punctuations, gestures, and emotions as necessary in your speech.
• Speak clearly and maintain eye contact.
• Hesitation at the time of answering can cause a bad impression, ne’er tell lies and give a full explanation of your family, friends, education, current life, future scope, and with an example for each.

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