SSB Dehradun 1 AFSB Air Force Selection Board

SSB Dehradun 1 AFSB Air Force Selection Board

Hello! I hope my experience will help many aspiring to achieve its objective and SSB (s) respective crack. For starters, I recommend Harshdeep 1 AFSB, Dehradun, January 2015 of course AFCAT. As it was my first attempt was a little hard for me to get the relevant information on the procedure. SSBCRACK was a useful platform to start my preparation; I remember reading all the experiences that have helped me. So here I am doing my part to inspire people and give them an idea of it.

Recommended From 1 January 2015 AFSB Dehradun AFCAT

Unlike all the other tests or interviews, it is not a particular type of a preparedness plan for the SSB. It must be different for each of you. You have to look deeply into your personality and where you lack and what their strengths. So although this experience can be useful to know what is really going on there, I suggest you do not follow someone else’s preparedness plan and built one for your own.
Recommended From day 1 AFSB 1: The day started early because we had to report on the process recommended Dehradun From 1AFSB Dehradunstation by 0630 hours. It was about a half-long one-hour journey from there to 1AFSB. You must use this time to build a relationship with others as it is not known who can get into your group later. Immediately after reaching the edge, you are asked to fill out forms and begin testing.

The first is the type of test of skill and objective reasoning. You can follow mathematical reasoning of the book and prepare for it because it is relatively easy and from that moment must have already qualified in the examination AFCAT, I think they will not bother. Then come the perception and image description Test. Composed before getting a chance to view the image as it would be able to see him for a few seconds. We had about 20 seconds before it is removed. Identify a central character immediately and decide on a theme for your story. Put yourself in their shoes and / she thinks how would you there. Do not try to write things that are not usually done in a situation like such a lie will be taken by the assessor later.

It was followed by a group discussion, which is where you can really stand out as an individual performing a group. Try to participate as much as you can to give at least five important points in the discussion. Do not wait for others to give you the opportunity to talk that the discussion can be stopped by the officer to judge at any time. Being a team player and allow others to contribute. They made us wait a few hours before the announcement of results. At that time I had already made friends there. A total of 72 men screened in. We were served lunch and were free for the rest of the day. The procedures end at 14.00 hours every day and it is assumed that either participate in sports or go out with friends and explore the city and do highly recommend it.

Recommended From day 1 AFSB 2: We had to appear in psychological tests on the second day. Breakfast is served at 07.00 hours and the tests began immediately after. The first WAT. I suggest you prepare well for this particular account to speed much here. That one word will end up lost and confused in the next five years also. Take a book or a daily newspaper and begin to form sentences in words at random.

If you have an aspiring partner to help you, then you can just throw random words to each other and form sentences in it. Their sentences must not only show the necessary qualities but also bring out your personality and inner self clearly. I was able to form sentences in words fifty-five and lost five. It was followed by the SRT. Again I say that you should write what can be achieved in real life instead of assuming to be an action hero and end up being the laughingstock against the psychologist. It is planned to complete the full amount SRT 60 but again the quality is also better at. Last but not least was TAT.

It is more mental than eat another test as planned to write twelve stories, one after the other with no rest in between. Is this somewhat similar to the PPDT to follow the same steps you there but be mentally prepared to think and write for more than half an hour? Some actually prepare a history of the blank slide in advance and some may be a bit more spontaneous and write their own on the scene after witnessing the first eleven slides. Personally, I do not choke on a lead story but again, who must choose their approach to it. Officially, the day ended there. We had lunch and then played for a while before leaving the city.

Recommended From day 1 AFSB 3: I had my interview on day 3. You should look decent that day. Formal Wear decent clothes and shave the face very well and have a good clean haircut if you are a guy. My interview was conducted by the Chairman of the Board. I was a little nervous before but fortunately was able to get rid of him before they called me. Whether you’re ahead of the official himself. I was sincere in most of the interview and I suggest you do the same. My interview lasted about an hour and an hour and a half, but it was a pleasant experience because he continued smoothly.

The investigator asked many questions about my sports career and why not successful in my studies. I knew it was coming at some point, so I knew what I had to say. I could escape this issue while playing badminton and track the sport professionally, so I could not give much time to study during my studies. Very calm and composed during his interview that he could and most likely have a full 360 degree turn a few times. The interviewer can be grateful at some point and can be criticized for following. I suggest you be very patient. I would summarize by saying that was fine for me.

Recommended From day 1 AFSB 4: My group had our GTO tasks lined up for the fourth day. Always be on the dress code for this one. The goal should be to stand out as an individual and be a team player and lead your team to the finish line. Do not be selfish and remember that your contribution account only if your team is able to achieve the goal. You must complete the leader in you so that if and when difficulty comes to your team should seek answers. Fortunately, it happened in my case. We were a team of eight men and they called me as a junior seven times. So I think I must have made a good impression on the GTO. Talk preparation for the transition is not done through newspapers daily and follow current issues. I think that’s where I made the best of all other tasks.

Recommended From day 1 AFSB 5: We had this day off and take the necessary rest well after crossing all activities.

Recommended From day 1 AFSB 6: Judgment Day had arrived and we were all eagerly awaiting the results. At that time, I was a little confident as I thought it worked well. The results were announced and chest number thirty was announced. It was a great moment. I probably remember it for the rest of my life. My friends came to me and congratulated me. They were such good friends that the happiness of my selection submerged regrets his attempt failed. I think it was a real OLQ that show there.

Ultimately, I want to thank all my teachers and supporters who helped me to get through there. My parents, friends, my coach in olive green Academy helped me realize what I always wanted.

I hope this goes a long way to help everyone to better understand the processes there and you see there in prestigious uniforms. Good luck and God’s speed.

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