Slang Words Used by Military Every Civilian Must Know

After spending years in the army, it is very difficult not to use military slang and jargon when talking to colleagues civilians. Some people can understand what you are saying, but the vast majority do not understand. But who cares? It seems incredible!

Therefore, we bring sentences to help civilians comrade military positions decodes:
Distance and direction – to give general instructions to anyone who started on the right track.
A good piece of art – Only in service is acceptable to refer to one of your colleagues or (more often) a person who works for you as “a good piece of art.”
Gear adrift is a gift – it’s your fault if you left something unattended and disappeared.
Check Six – This means “look behind you”, based on the search of enemies.
Zero Dark Thirty – This involves a generally unpleasant in the morning, usually 00:30.
Esprit de Corps – Develop and enthusiasm among a group of people forming a “fraternity”, believing the implementation unit
Roger / Roger – To understand.
Civvies – Any clothing military decommissioning a civil standard would cover the street.
FUBAR – “F * cked beyond all recognition” is one of the military favorites, although less used in India.
Latrines – The bathroom
Good idea, bad judgment – This sentence applies when someone comes to solving a problem, but do not use the best solution.
Tall and narrow – Getting Things Done perfectly.
He obtained his 6 – In combat operations, there must be literally your back deck. And if his body were a clock, 6:00 would be back.
PT – physical training, exercise
Bravo Zulu or “BZ” – “? Well done” which means
Nut Butt – put together very literally nuts in front of you – say precisely when space is limited or when a situation dictates near many organizations.

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