Salary of colonel in indian army

Military colonels are the agents that make a level of O-6 remuneration charged. When they run the units, which are usually responsible for a brigade, which has between 3,000 and 5,000 soldiers. Within the colonels of the army, bureaucracy can also run agency staff at the division. From 2013, the colonels of the army made a monthly salary of between $ 6064.80 and $ 10,736.70 base salary, but are often eligible for additional compensation.
base pay

The salary of a colonel is directly related to the length of service in the army and his time as a colonel. A colonel of fewer than two years of service earns the lowest monthly wage to $ 6,064.80 from $ 6.663 to the second anniversary and $ 7100.10 on the third anniversary. The next significant increase occurs in eight years when the player a colonel payment increases to $ 7432.80 with another big jump to $ 7897.80 for 16 years. Once a colonel reached 30 years of service, the trays to pay $ 10,736.70 a month for the rest of his career, except for a promotion.
Housing allowances and subsistence

Colonels also receive a monthly allowance for housing. Those living in provided by the Government, at the bottom of the housing receives an additional $ 39.60, while those who live outside of the base receives $ 1,358.70 per month, or $ 1,640.70 per month if they have dependents. A colonel who supports his son an additional amount of $ 273.60. Officers also receive a monthly allowance of $ 242.60 or a food subsidy up to $ 1,100 per month for families.

Pay special categories

Colonels may also receive an additional payment for other reasons. dangerous destination carries a surcharge of $ 250 per month for crew members and $ 150 for non-members of the crew. Colonels in imminent danger receive an extra $ 225 per month. In Which We Serve can receive $ 225 to $ 380 more per month, depending on the total duration of sea service.
medical Officer

Colonels used in the body of the medical and dental military are eligible for the payment of additional incentives. Doctors are eligible for $ 416.66 to $ 1,000 per month extra pay based on their length of service, while dental officers receive from $ 583.33 to $ 1,000 per month thereafter. Board certification is a value ranging from $ 208.33 to $ 500 per month, depending on the service and dental officers can go anywhere between $ 10,000 to $ 15,000 bonus. In addition, the Army offers special annual bonuses to physicians for certain subspecialties. These bonuses range from $ 20 000 $ 36 000 per year. Dental officers can also obtain retention bonuses of up to $ 50,000 for signing a four-year agreement.

Drill payment

Colonels who served in the Army Reserve have the same general wage scale that officers in active service, but are also eligible for payment drilling during his reserve service. Drilling payment varies depending on seniority. From 2013, up to $ 808 a month for a colonel under two years of service, $ 1,404 for a colonel with more than 26 years of service.

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