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My trip SSB began in 2009 when I called to TES-MARINE. Unfortunately, I was at the conference. My second appeal letter arrived SSB SIU-PILOT, NAVY SSC. I said to appear at the Bangalore railway station on February 26, 2013. Since was doing my Engg. Bangalore alone, so I’m happy that I am the center SSB Bangalore. 26, I left home to the train station. When I got there, I could see the SSB crowd. There were more than 200 candidates. Since I arrived in time to 1 hour before reporting, so I thought I present to others and make friends.
As I approached, they could even see me and I wore formal, which made me unique among them only 5.6 candidates who use formal. We introduced each other, and since the reader, so I also shared my previous experience with them and gave some introduction and guidelines for SSB.

Recommended For 12 SSB Bangalore SIU-Pilot
After 1 h, the SSB bus fell as the previous batch of candidates and pick us up. Fortunately, I found one of my friends in the previous batch. Won conference, I asked if it is determined that the recommended number. He said that about 40 projected in only 7 were recommended. So I asked him where he went wrong and what motivated them to improve and give the best on the next attempt. Then we take the bus, and my second trip to SSB started. It took 20 minutes to get downtown. We were told to keep our luggage in the store and bring the certificate file. We all come without a certificate and sitting on benches. An instructor came and checked our 10th, 12th and Engg. grades card. Then he separated the candidates as repeaters, detection and refrigerator and chest distributed
Numbers. I have not the chest. 16 and rose to 266. They were then given forms to fill out and PAA was transferred to our barracks. time reporting for the next day was 6 hours, as we were 266 candidates and had water problems in Bangalore, so we decided to get up early at 3:30 ET prepare.

No chest 14a and 18 became my friend, we were ready for 4: 30. Then headed toward disorder and had a good breakfast. After that, once the instructor came and lined up according to our figures chest and told us to wait. When officers arrived at the office, our selection began.

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After the OIR is a fuzzy image showed congaing 4 people doing some cooking, which could be a scene chemistry laboratory or cooking stage. Therefore, in my perception, I wrote a story about a cooking competition. After writing, we went out and talked about the history of the other. All wrote interesting stories. Then we were called for GD, I am in the first batch of 18 officers arrived, and we have informed the guidelines and started telling stories. Once the chest no. 1 ended his narration, no.14 chest (to me) began his narration. Everyone has surprised even the evaluators. Then he realized his mistake and felt ashamed. Then the chest 2 started with its history and continued.
I told my story very well. Once breast No. 18 ended his narration, he became a fish market as usual.

After shouting for 5 minutes, appraiser told us to shut up and stop the discussion  they could not see us coming to any conclusion. We all left, we had our lunch and waited for the results. Finally, he reached an official with the results. He called the chest was not directly 5,7,11,12 and 19 and so on. “F # CK MAN … I’m really surprised that did not call me no. I thought I’m going to tell my family and friends filtered. The officer continued and chest, but not not called. When not flame. 50 of the series, suddenly called 33. Its chest has given me hope that my mother could not be among them. But he kept 150 and my chest was not there at all. I’m not listening to what he said. and suddenly, after no chest 180, he called my chest no. I did not expect at all. OMG that was the worst thing that ever happened to me, the biggest suspense I’ve met in my life. then came out and joined the screening candidates. A total of 66 candidates was selected. no new breast was distributed.

All repeaters have been grouped into a single lot and luckily I was grouped with floods obtained the chest 42. I was so lucky. We got new PIQS of will fill. then it ended that day and screening candidates were taken to the railway station unfortunately not my mama friends 14 and 18 also were investigated. I felt bad for them. Later, they moved to a new headquarters that were better than the old ones. THANK GOD!!. There were eight candidates in a room. I made friends with my classmates. At night we had a nice dinner and then met with the other. time reporting for the next day was 6:45 a.m ..

This time since we were only 66 candidates so he decided to get up at 4:30 am
The next day we got up and got ready, had our breakfast and reported a good time. It was time to test TAT PSYCH TEST.1st was then Wat, SRT and finally SD. As I practiced a lot before I am able to complete each piece, on time and completely without leaving anything. I was so happy with my performance. That day was over. At night we had a story that divided us into groups of 8, and 5 of 8 groups had their GTO the next day, thank God my party was not in it. We had our GTO morning.

The next day, the candidates had their GTO was early at 6:00 and GTO were not relaxed. But I and my broad decided to prepare a 9 could have discussions. And it happened exactly as we thought, we called for an interview. When my turn came, I went inside, standing before the researcher. He asked me why I chose my very 1st attempt and told me to show my certificates and some questions about me. Then he told me to sit down and then the real torture began. The first time he asked about my family, academics, best friends, favorite teachers, subjects, oppositions, etc. Then he pointed my weakness and cast around single issues.

I am able to manage and bold she addressed issues and gave candid and honest answers. But when he jumped on issues GK, I left. This was one of the weakest parts. All I knew, I said, still said I’ll find out. And my interview lasted 50 min to 60 min. I do not know why I said I’m not well prepared for the SSB. It ended afterward. I was a little disappointed with his comments, what happened to METRO Brigade Road and had a tandoori chicken to relax. The next day GTO was so I went to bed early we were told to report to 6 a.m.
The next day came, we dressed in the same clothes (white shorts, tee shirts, socks, and shoes) and reported at 6 o’clock in the land. We had already taken the comments and suggestions of candidates who have had their day before a GTO. GTO said all were very strict, but one and we were waiting to get our GTO. Luckily, it was our GTO, I was so happy. He began the day with GD.

In both GDS, I was the one to initiate. So that was the good start of the day. Then we had RACE GPE snake, Exposé, followed by special barriers, CT, HGT, and FGT. Since I am the only repeater in my group, so I had little benefit and therefore took it. I am very happy with my performance in GTO. It was much better than I thought and also much better than my previous attempt. He had balanced my interview performance.

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Now I knew my PSYCH, GTO was large and the interview was ok. I had this feeling of being recommended. GTO after everyone left in our quarters and our group photo was taken after sticking had arrived, but did not. One of my friends asked me why not take, I said I’ll take the picture after recommend from here. They were impressed with my answer. That night, we talk to each other until midnight, it was really good time with new friends.

The next day was CONFERENCE DAY, everyone prepared and issued at 7:30 .. candidates were asked questions of them to the conference. Everyone ordered that the two most common questions: – “How was your stay and wants gives suggestions” When my turn came, I entered the conference room confidently said .. you sit. The first question asked was how I prepared for this SSB. I told them that after my first attempt, I realized I needed and when I made mistakes. therefore, have their corrected, I improved my performance.

2nd questions asked were those who could not answer at the time of the interview (questions of GK). thank God, she had prepared beforehand after my interview was over and I answered all questions of GK I could not at the time of the interview. 3rd question they asked me was “why I recommended to me.” Again, I told them I had corrected my mistakes and improve my performance, I gave my 100% and I think I can cross that threshold, that is why I think it should be recommended. And finally, he asked me if I want to give suggestions or not? I say NO and finished.
After lunch, the results came without repeater 8 has been selected. Total of 10 were recommended, including me. Among them, I am the only repeater that was recommended in this batch. I was so happy that finally, I am able to accomplish what I came here.

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