NDA Eligibility Criteria 2018, Check Full Criteria Here

NDA Eligibility Criteria 2018, Check Full Criteria Here

NDA Eligibility Criteria 2018: NDA Eligibility Criteria 2018 should be checked by the candidates before applying. The candidates those who need to join National Defence Academy (NDA) have to appear within the entrance exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), New Delhi. The authority schedules the examination twice among a year within the month of April and September. All the aspirants are advised to ascertain the prescribed eligibility mentioned here. During this article, we’ve got provided the detailed data regarding NDA 2018 Eligibility Criteria.

NDA Eligibility Criteria 2018:

NDA Eligibility Criteria 2018: NDA 2018 is conducted for the All India candidates whose who want to join Indian Defence forces. Through NDA, the applicants are recruited in Air Force, Navy, and Army. The interested candidates can apply for the NDA 2018 from fifteenth January 2018 (for NDA I) and from sixth June 2018 (for NDA II). Before applying, should guarantee your eligibility as solely people who have satisfying the eligibility condition are eligible to write down the examination. Ensure your eligibility from here. The NDA 2018 eligibility criteria are given below:


For NDA (1) 2018: The candidates possessing age between second July 1999 to first July 2002 are eligible for the examination. If born before second July 1999 and once first July 2002 then not eligible for NDA (1) 2018 examination.

For NDA (2) 2018: those that have age between second Jan 2000 to first Jan 2003 are permissible to write down the examination. If the candidate bears the age before second Jan 2000 and once first Jan 2003, they’re not allowed to seem the examination.
Only unwedded male candidates are eligible for NDA examination. Women don’t seem to be allowed for the NDA exam.

Note-1: The DOB mentioned within the Matriculation/Higher Secondary Examination Certificate offered or identical certificate are thought-about by the commission.

Note-2: Candidates are advised to not marry till they complete their full coaching. A candidate who marries beyond the date of his application tho’ productive at this or any sequent examination won’t be selected for coaching. A candidate those who marries throughout the coaching shall be discharged and can be susceptible to refund all expenditure incurred on him by the govt.. NDA Eligibility Criteria 2018….



The applying candidate should be a national of Republic of India, Nepal or Bhutan.
A Tibetan refugee came to India before 01 January1962 with a outlook to become a permanent resident of India also are eligible.
A person of Indian origin those who has migrated from Myanmar, SriLanka, West Pakistan Countries of Republic of Kenya, Uganda, the United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Zaire, and Ethiopia or Vietnam with the intention of for good settling in India also are eligible to use.
Candidates apart from the national of India and Gorkha subjects of Nepal have needed a certificate of eligibility issued by the govt of India.


The minimum qualification needed for Indian Army wing, Navy and Air Force is as follows:

Eligibility for Indian Army:

The candidates need to use for Indian Army should have completed twelfth (10+2 pattern) or its equivalent examination from a well-recognized board.
The applying candidates may also apply.

Eligibility for Indian Navy and Air Force:

Those seeking for Indian Navy and Air Force should have passed their 12th/appearing (10+2 pattern) from a recognized board or University with Physics and arithmetic as a mandatory subject.

Note: Students those who have debarred by the Ministry of Defence from holding any style of Commission within the Defence Services aren’t eligible to use. Those candidates have failing INSB/PABT earlier aren’t eligible for Air Force.


NDA Eligibility Criteria 2018: Candidates should be physically & mentally match as per the physical standards maintained by the National Defence Academy and Naval Examination 2018.
A candidate those who has resigned or withdrawn on disciplinary grounds from any of the coaching academies of militia isn’t eligible to use.
The elaborated physical standards are mentioned here:

Candidates are needed rectify minor defects/ailments so as
to speed up windup of a medical exam conducted at the military hospital when being counseled at the SSB. Few of such usually found defects/ailments are listed below:

  • Deviated Nasal Septum
  • Hydrocele
  • Overweight
  • Wax
  • Undersized Chest
  • Piles
  • Tonsillitis
  • Gynaecomastia
  • Varicocele


Permanent body tattoos are accepted solely on the inner face of a forearm. Tattoos on the within of elbow to the carpusand on the reverse aspect of palm/back (dorsal) aspect of hand/Permanent body tattoos on the other a part of the body don’t seem to be acceptable.
Tribes with tattoo marks on the face or body as per their existing custom and traditions are allowable on a case by case basis.
Comdt selection Centre are competent authority for clearing such cases.


The minimum height measure is 157 cms (162.5 cms. for Air Force).
For Gorkhas and people happiness to hills of North-Eastern areas of Republic of India, Garhwal, and Kumaon, the minimum heights are going to be five cms. less.
In case of candidates from Lakshadweep, the minimum height are often reduced by a pair of cms.
The elaborate height/weight standards are mentioned below:


Height (cms) Weight in Kgs
 (without shoe) 16-17 years 17-18 years 18-19 years
152 42.5 44.0 45.0
155 43.5 45.3 47.0
157 45.0 47.0 48.0
160 46.5 48.0 49.0
162 48.0 50.0 51.0
165 50.0 52.0 53.0
167 51.0 53.0 54.0
170 52.5 55.0 56.0
173 54.5 57.0 58.0
175 56.0 59.0 60.0
178 58.0 61.0 62.0
180 60.0 63.0 64.5
183 62.5 65.0 66.5


Height (cms) Weight in Kgs
 (without shoe) 16 years 18 years 20 years
152 44 45 46
155 45 46 47
157 46 47 49
160 47 48 50
162 48 50 52
165 50 52 53
168 52 53 55
170 53 55 57
173 55 57 59
175 57 59 61
178 59 61 62
180 61 63 64
183 63 65 67


The applicants are advised to keep themselves in a perfect physical condition by going through the routine given below:

  • Skipping
  • Running 2.4 kilometer in 15 min
  • Situps & Pushups (min 20 each)
  • Rope Climbing 3 to 4 meters
  • Chin ups (min 08)


The distance vision (corrected) ought to be 6/6 in higher eye (6/9 in worse eye). Short-sightedness mustn’t be over 2.5 D and hypermetropia less than 3.5 D together with Astigmatism. Internal examination of the attention are done by means that of opthalmoscope to rule out any unwellness of the attention. A candidate ought to have sensible sight. The colour vision customary are (CP-III) for Army.

A candidate ought to be ready to acknowledge red and inexperienced colours. Candidates are needed to provide certificates that neither he nor any member of his family has suffered from nonheritable avitaminosis. Candidates those who have undergone or have the proof of getting undergone radial keratotomy, to enhance the acuity are for good rejected for all the Services. Candidates those who have undergone optical device Surgery for correction of refractive error are not allowable to defence services. The elaborate vision eligibility is given below:


Uncorrected without glass 6/6
Corrected with glass 6/6
Limits of Myopia -0.75
Limits of Hypermetropia +1.5
Limits of Colour Perception I
Binocular Vision III


Uncorrected without glass 6/6, 6/9
Corrected with glass 6/6 (only for Hypermetropia)
Limits of Myopia Nil
Limits of Hypermetropia +2.00 D Sph
Manifest Myopia Nil Re
Tinoscopic Myopia 0.5
Colour Vision CP-I (MLT)
Astigmatism +0.75 Cyl (within + 2.0 D.Max)
Near Vision N-5 each eye

Candidates wear the spectacles routinely then not eligible for AF. hand-held Stereoscope–All of BSV grades Convergence–Up to ten cm cover check for distant and near-Lateral divergence/convergence recovery fast and complete radial keratotomy, icon Refractive Keratotomy/laser in place, Keratomileusis (PRK/LASIK) surgeries for correction of refractive errors don’t seem to be accepted for any Air Force duties.

Candidates having undergone cataract surgery with or while not IOL implants also will be not eligible to use. Candidates should possess sensible|an honest|a decent} visual sense (fusion and stereopsis with good amplitude and depth). Candidates those who have undergone LASIK surgery don’t seem to be declared fit permanent commission in flying branch in IAF.

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