NDA defence exam 2017 NDA 2017 Eligibility Criteria

NDA defense exam 2017 NDA 2017 Eligibility Criteria

Candidates want to join the National Defence Academy (NDA) should appear in the entrance test conducted by the Commission on the Public Service Union (UPSC), New Delhi. management programs, examination twice a year in April and September. All candidates are proposed to check the eligibility criteria mentioned here. In this article, we have provided detailed information on NES in 2017 Eligibility.

NDA 2017 Eligibility
NDA in 2017 will be held by candidates across India, whose desire is to join the Indian defense forces. With NES, applicants are enrolled in the Air Force, Navy and Army. Interested candidates can apply NES (1) of 18 January 2017, 2017 (NDA for I) and 7 June 2017 (for NDA II). Before applying, you should ensure eligibility, since only those who meet the eligibility status are eligible to take the exam. Confirm your eligibility here. eligibility criteria NDA in 2017 are given below:


The candidate appears to be a citizen of India, Nepal and Bhutan. A Tibetan refugee arrived in India before January 1, 1962 mentality to become a permanent resident of India are also eligible. A person of Indian origin who has migrated from Burma, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and African countries in eastern Kenya, Uganda, the United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Zaire and Ethiopia and Vietnam with the intention to settle permanently in India are also eligible.

Candidates who are not citizens of India and Nepal Gorkha subjects an eligibility certificate issued by the Government of India are necessary.

The qualification criteria

The minimum qualification required for the wing of the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force is as follows:

Eligibility for the Indian Army:

The candidates want to ask the Indian army must have completed 12 or its equivalent examination of a well recognized board. Registered candidates may also apply.

Eligibility for the Navy and the Indian Air Force:

Those looking for the Navy and the Indian Air Force must have passed their 12 / appearing from a recognized board or university with physics and mathematics as a compulsory subject.

Note: Students who have been written off by the Ministry of Defence of the holding of the Defence Services Commission are not eligible. Candidates who have failed INSB / PABT above are not eligible for the Air Force.

age, sex and marital status

For NES (1) 2017: Candidates who have age between July 2, 1998 to July 1, 2001 that they qualify. If you were born before July 2, 1998, and after July 1, 2001 is not eligible for NES (1) 2017 Review.

For NES (2) 2017: Those aged between January 2, 1999 to July 1, 2002 are allowed to take the exam. If the candidate is before January 2, 1999 and after July 1, 2002, then he / she can not appear the exam.

Only unmarried male candidates are eligible for NDA exam. The girls are not allowed to NDA entrance examination.

Note 1: The date of birth is mentioned in the record / certificate of higher secondary examination or equivalent certificate will be examined by the commission.

Note 2: Applicants are requested not to marry before completing their full training. A candidate who marries after the date of your application, although successful in this or any subsequent examination will not be selected for training. A candidate who marries during training will be discharged and will be responsible for repayment of all expenses incurred by him in the government.

physical standards

Applicants must be physically and mentally fit according to physical standards required by Defence Academy and Naval Academy National Examination (II) are mentioned 2017. Detailed physical standards:

Applicants should avoid the following minor defects at the time of the medical examination:

Cera (ears).
deviated nasal septum.
Hydrocele / phimosis.
Overweight / underweight.
Under the breast size.
body tattoos

permanent body tattoos are accepted only on the inner forearm. Tattoos inside the elbow to the wrist and the back of the palm side / rear (dorsal) body tattoos / Standing in any other body part are not acceptable. No tattoos tribes will be allowed on the face or body that usual and traditions existing in each case. Selecting CO Authentication Center is responsible for cleaning these cases.

size and weight standards

the minimum height measurement is 157 cm (162.5 cm. Air Force). For Gorkha and belongs to the foothills of the north-east India, Garhwal and Kumaon, the minimum height is 5 cm. Less. In the case of candidates Lakshadweep minimum height can be reduced by 2 cm. The terms of the size / weight are mentioned below:

Standards height / weight for the Armed Forces / Air

Height (cm) Weight in kg
(No shoes) 16-17 17-18 18-19 years
152 42.5 44.0 45.0
155 43.5 45.3 47.0
157 45.0 47.0 48.0
160 46.0 48.0 49.0
162 48.0 50.0 51.0
165 50.0 52.0 53.0
167 51.0 53.0 54.0
170 52.5 55.0 56.0
173 54.5 57.0 58.0
175 56.0 59.0 60.0
178 58.0 61.0 62.0
180 60.0 63.0 64.5
183 62.5 65.0 66.5
Height / Weight Standards for Marine

Height (cm) Weight in kg
(No shoes) 16 years 18 years 20 years
152 44 45 46
155 45 46 47
157 46 47 49
160 47 48 50
162 48 50 52
165 50 52 53
167 52 53 55
170 53 55 57
173 55 57 59
175 57 59 61
178 59 61 62
180 61 63 64
183 63 65 67
Note 1: “the weight of the individual is considered normal if ± 10% of the average weight of output is determined.” However, in people with heavy construction and large bones as well as people with the thin body, but otherwise healthy it can give some relaxation on merit.

Note 2: Height of relaxation is 2.5 cm. (5cm. From Marine) may allow the medical board certifying that the candidate is likely to grow and achieve the required level at the end of their training.

There will be additional physical demands as a pilot in the Air Force. The acceptable length are:

maximum minimum
Leg length 120.00 cm 99.00 cm
Thigh length – 64.00 cm
Sitting Height 81,50 cm 96,00 cm
Other physical standards

Recommended by the Service Selection Committee candidates will undergo a medical examination by the Board of the official medical service. Candidates who are declared fit by the medical board will be admitted to the academy.

The applicant must be in good physical and mental health and free from any kind of illness / disability that may interfere with the efficient performance of military duties.
There should be no sign of weak constitution, bodily defects or low birth weight. The candidate must not be overweight or obese.
Well developed chest. Fully expanded chest should not be less than 81 cm. Minimum range expansion after full inspiration should be 5 cm. Chest radiography is mandatory and will be taken to eliminate breast disease.
No disorder or impaired function of bones or joints development.
No history of mental illness or seizures.
The hearing should be normal. A candidate must be able to hear a forced with each ear at a distance of 610 cm whisper. aquiet in the room. There should be no signs of disease or ear has passed, nose and throat. audímetros held for the FA. audiometric hearing loss should not exceed 20 dB for frequencies between 250 and 8000 Hz. There is no speech.
Blood pressure should be normal, with no signs of functional or organic disease of the heart and blood vessels.
Should not be enlargement of the liver or spleen. There will be no evidence of internal organs of the abdominal disease.
Not operated hernias are unsuitable candidate. In case of hernia which was operated, a minimum of 6 months must have passed before the final medical examination before the course starts.
Not hydrocele, varicocele or batteries.
Urine test will be conducted and any anomaly detected if it will be cause for disqualification.
Any type of skin disease may cause disability or disfigurement also be cause for rejection.
USG examination of the abdomen will be performed and any structural abnormalities or congenital disease of the abdominal organs will be cause for rejection of the armed forces.
Applicants must have a sufficient number of natural teeth and sound. a minimum of 14 dental points are accepted. When the teeth 32 are present, the total number of dental points are 22. A candidate should not suffer severe pyorrhea.
candidates of routine ECG Air Force must be within normal limits.
state of the marrow

The medical history of illness or injury to the spine or sacroiliac joints, with or without objective signs that prevented the candidate to successfully pursue a physically active life, is cause for rejection for setting the IAF. disc prolapse history of vertebral / spinal and surgical treatment of these conditions will result in the rejection fracture. Each of the following conditions radiologically detected during the medical examination will disqualify a candidate for the Air Force:

granulomatosis spine
Arthritidies disorders / arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis and ally / ankylosing spondylitis / osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism degenerative joint disease / non-articular (eg, lesions of the rotator cuff, tennis elbow, recurrent back pain, etc. ) and several, including lupus erythematosus, polymyositis, vasculitis.
Spondylolisthesis / spondylolysis.
compression fracture of the vertebrae.
Scheuermann disease (kyphosis in adolescents)
The loss of cervical lordosis when coupled with limited movement clinically cervical spine.
cervical / bilateral unilateral ribs with neurological deficit or circulatory strable demon.
Scoliosis more than 15 degrees as measured by the Cobb method.
degenerative disc. Disease.
The presence of Schmorl nodules on more than one level.
Atlantooccipital and axoïdiennes anomalies.
Hemi vertebrae and / or incomplete block vertebrae (melted) in all, cervical thoracic or lumbar level and a complete blockage of the vertebrae (melted) in more than one level in the cervical or thoracic spine.
unilateral or sacred lumbarisation (complete or incomplete) at all levels and sanctification or incomplete bilateral lumbarisation.
Other abnormality if considered by the specialist.
Kyphosis or lordosis when slight deformation is barely noticeable and no pain or restriction of movement do not preclude acceptance.

If significant scoliosis or suspect any abnormality or deformity of the spine, softer, the corresponding x-rays of the spine should be taken and examined referred for specialist advice.

The X-ray examination

Each of the following conditions are detected at the time of X-ray examination will be disqualified by the military:

Granulomatius disease of the spine.
Arthritidies / spondylosis
Scoliosis more than 15 degrees, as measured by the Cobb method (10 degrees for the army and navy).
Softer kyphosis / lordosis
Spondylolisthesis / spondylosis / spondylolysis
pulposes core hernia.
compression fracture vertebra.
Sacaralisation diseases
The cervical ribs with demonstrable circulatory or neurological deficit.
Schmorl presence node in more than one level.
Atlanto-axial and atlanto anomalies.
incomplete unilateral or bilateral Sacaralisation
Spina bifida that LV SV 1 and 5 if you completely sacralized
Other abnormality, if any considered by the specialist
visual standards

Distance vision (corrected) should be 6/6 in the better eye (6/9 in the worst eye). Myopia should not exceed 2.5 D and hyperopia not more than 3.5 D, including astigmatism. the internal examination of the eye is performed using ophthalmoscope to get rid of eye disease. A candidate must have good binocular vision. The standard color vision will (CP-III) for the army.

A candidate must be able to recognize the red and green colors. Candidates must present certificates that neither he nor any member of his family suffered from congenital night blindness. Applicants who have had or have evidence of having undergone radial keratotomy, to improve visual acuity will be rejected permanently for all services. Candidates who underwent laser surgery for correcting refractive error is also prohibited defense services. Detailed eligibility vision is:

Eligibility for candidates naval view:

Uncorrected without glass 6/6
Fixed with glass 6/6
Limitations of -0.75 myopia
1.5 Limitations hyperopia
Limitations of color perception I
Binocular Vision III
Eligibility for candidates for Air Force:

Uncorrected without glass 6/6, 6/9
Fixed with 6/6 glass (for hyperopia only)
Zero Limits myopia
Limits +2.00 D hyperopia Sph
Manifesto zero myopia Re
Myopia 0.5 Tinoscopic
Color Vision CP-I (MLT)
Cil astigmatism 0.75 (± 2,0 D.Max)
Near vision N-5 each eye
Maddox test bar

Details of Maddox rot test are:

A 6 meters exo-6 prism D
This D-6 prism
Hyper-D prism 1
Hypro-1 prism D
A 33 cm Exo-16 D prism
This D-6 prism
Hyper-D prism 1
Hiccup-1 prism D
Candidates typically use the glasses then you are not eligible for the FA. At hand stereoscope-All-Convergence BSV degrees Up to 10 cm of waterproof cover for keratotomy long or short side divergence / convergence radial rapid and complete, photorefractive keratectomy / laser in situ keratomileusis (PRK / LASIK) recovery Surgeries to correct refractive errors, they are not accepted by all rights of the Air Force.

Applicants who have undergone surgery with or without cataract IOL implants also eligible apply.Candidates should not have good binocular vision (stereopsis and fusion with good width and depth) .Candidates who underwent LASIK surgery is not declared fit to the Standing Committee of flying branch in the IAF.


Candidates are proposed to stay in good physical condition as a result of the following routine:

Run 2.4 km in 15 minutes
Push-ups and crunches dishes (minimum 20 each)
tractions (minimum 08)
Climbing rope 3-4 meters.

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