Navy 33 SSB Selection Centre Central Bhopal

Navy 33 SSB Selection Centre Central Bhopal

We arrived at the rehearsal room informal. Then an officer came and informed us about the test and gave us a test booklet model and explains the logic behind it to solve it. I visited an ancient practice is necessary. basic intelligence is needed only. They were damn easy, but it was the catch limit of time. I tried to solve as you can. I have resolved 30 42 45 verbal and non-verbal rounds. The residence time is approximately 22 minutes at 45 oral questions and 19 minutes for the 45 non-verbal questions.

Then PPDT (Image Perception and Description Test) began. I heard the instructions. I wrote the story of everything that came to mind first. The picture was a busy area where people were moving randomly. I did a story in which the hero follows a suspicious individual carrying an explosive. About 100 people in the figure scored only 5 on my answer sheet and complete the story shortly. After finishing the story I realized that I forgot to highlight the importance mentioned in the statement. I went to Mr. CHM organizes the answer sheets and asked him to give my timesheet so he could highlight. He gave me and I just put a round mark above the central character.

Finally, it is time for discussion. I said correctly (loud) and with full confidence. In the debate, I mentioned 3-4 times and gave good points. I’m not fighting for my story and discussion everyone has a different theme positive mood presented as a celebration. They said that a maximum of us have seen positive, there is no need to put negative issues like bombs. Then he began to fight each other. Some said it was the election campaign and some said it was a railway station. Meanwhile, I came up with another story that was supported by all. The advisor asked me to go and I did pretty well.

I was pretty sure I’ll do the test. Then we went for lunch and got our TA office and await the outcome. Finally, he got selected and has a new number on his chest to say 27. I was very happy that this was my first attempt at SSB.
Then, after being projected and assigned a new edition of the chest, we were asked to fill in the PAA form and attach copies of mark sheets, certificates and all. Selected candidates are routed to the train station. Then, after completing these whole things CHM gentleman invited us to a psych good Formal day and an interview and did not give us any time to change.

My experience of 33 tests SSB Bhopal Day 2 Psychology

The first test was TAT (test subject recognition). Here we showed 12 slides containing the images one by one (actually 11 slides of images had on them and the last slide was vacant). I wrote stories as images one at a sample on the slide. I tried to make my stories more interesting and challenging. Technical errors in the projector gave us a couple of minutes between ?. I finished all the stories, both in time and in the past history of the blank slide, I wrote a story NCC field.

In the Word Association Test, he has shown 60 words one by one. Each word is displayed for 15 seconds on the screen. As we had to write a sentence about it before the next word flashes. Thus, within 15 seconds, we see the word and write a sentence allowing not to think of any time, which underscores our real thought before the psychologist. I’ve tried everything.

Then, in reaction to the situation he has given us the real-life situation on a libretto for which we had to write our action test. The total number of situations was 60 and I treated 45 cases of them.
Then, after writing (Self-Description) SD test. In this case, we had to write about what our parents, teachers, friends, colleagues, and think about ourselves. It sounds easy but needs to be written carefully. I wrote the truth about all matters were invited to me. He was also asked to write the changes you want in it?. I wrote that my general knowledge is quite poor want to improve.

Eventually, I had to interview. My interview was made by Vice President 33 SSB. It started with a little technical problem related to my branch and related marine I did well. Since metallurgy, who asked me questions regarding corrosion prevention on ship hulls.

basic questions about my family, education followed next. I asked each and every detail of my past and in writing. They entered my life deeply and asked me questions about all the relationships I’ve done in my life. I also asked about the process in the company where I work. He asked about my hobbies and how I spent my time after work. Then he asked me 10 news in national newspapers, which I answered. Which lasted almost an hour and went smoothly until I asked G. K. Then messed up.

I could not answer 70% of questions asked G.K me. I simply said, “I do not know, sir” to most questions. I say that I was sure. At the end, he asked for my strengths and weakness. This time G.K told me it is my weakness now and try to improve. Overall it went well and I am sure the whole interview.
After that, I went to the E class and looked for the answers to these questions he could not answer on the Internet. All my companions had their maintenance and it was a load off our minds. So we went to the open-air theater inside the military compound to watch a movie.

My experience in Bhopal SSB 33 Day 3 Day 1 GTO

These tests should be covered in GTO (group responsible for testing) series were as follows
2 sets of GDS
group planning exercises
Progressive Task Force
group steeplechase
Task half

In the first DO, he gave us two subjects that were supposed to pick one and get started. Mr. GTO gave the following two topics based on the following:

Syria Chemical Attack
Indochina Relationship
We chose the Indochina relationship and begin the discussion. He was talking about 3-4 times and gave some good points. The discussion was about what is the best solution for Indochina’s bitter relationship. It was good. Throughout the discussion, I’m still smiling gently.

In the next phase of our GD Mr. GTO, he gave a subject. There was a general topic. The theme was “in the current scenario, what is the greatest threat to our country? Moral Values 1. 2.Population 3.Lack terrorism”
In both GDS my performance was good. I talked to when I felt necessary. It was not exceptional, but it was not too bad.

Then our Lord GTO gave us a break of two minutes and called the next task namely planning group exercises. I forgot to mention that our agent GTO was very humble and help and most of them are, that’s why they are responsible for the defense. Well, in this task, he explained the situation on the map. The situation is generally composed of a group of young and energetic students like us and face several problems. We have to solve all the problems in time and the use of available resources. First, after explaining the situation of our GTO gentleman he gave us a sheet with information in written format and gave us five minutes to read it again. Then, after he took our sheets and asked us to write our individual ideas on paper within 15 minutes.

Honestly, I could not write more during this time that I spent more time thinking. But I wrote it in a systematic way. First, I wrote my favorites and a solution for everyone. It was just half of one side of the paper, while others have written on both sides completely. During the time of the discussion that we should discuss our ideas to reach a conclusion. I also participated in the discussion with others and was not very well-formed. We could not reach a conclusion in time that some of the guys do not discuss systematically. But in the end, a friend of mine found and if it is to explain that we help you to conclude.

Then the group of progressive work. This task is full of structures that the whole group, as well as the load (drum filled with water) and help materials (Balli, planks, ropes), needed to cross to get to the finish line in 45 minutes. Of course, there were rules through these structures as certain areas, you can not touch and can not apply physical force, etc, etc. I could not work well with this task for me. I think as a group we could do that as well, and almost 60% of the ideas were provided by our Mr. GTO. We have lost time by applying misconceptions. I thought that what we do and what I do. Finally, this task is finished. Everyone was a little disappointed with the performance. But finally, he recovered to face the next task after the break of 10 minutes.

The next task was an obstacle race group. In this task, we had to cross major obstacles in the exercise groups in a tent folded in the form of a snake and also called “serpent race”. Here is a group of 10 runs in another group. There are rules when crossing obstacles. also, we were asked to choose our battle cry. We choose the “Jai Ho”. the race started the count of three. I stayed at the end of the group crossing obstacles and I’m still throwing the battle cry as hard as you can. We were used to running our group opponents in all obstacles, but all the time our GTO used to give us the hassle of time for both groups are at the same level. we won the race and some minor injuries. But we were very happy and satisfied after the race., As we were completely exhausted, we had a 10-minute break again.

Then we were called for half of the group tasks. Exactly the same as the task of progressive group. But the group often is divided into two groups of five. And the obstacle was alone. Replace all rules is identical to that of the progressive group task. Only it has done to give them the opportunity that they may not work properly in the previous task. In this task, since the number of people in a group is smaller, everyone has a better chance. In this task, I played well to give some good ideas for building overhang. It was satisfactory.

After 5 minutes, we called for Exposé. In brief, the presentation gave us 4 subjects (which is written on the card to choose randomly) of different levels and we have to choose one of them and a conference for three minutes. After the first candidate to choose your card gives you 3 minutes to prepare. At that time, we are asked to introduce the group to give a brief introduction. When the first candidate is willing to give his lecture the next candidate takes your card and begins to prepare for 3 minutes, while the first candidate gives its course and continues. I choose the “relationship between China and India” of all my songs given to me and I gave a lecture containing the introduction, history, current situation, and the conclusion. It was pretty good.

That was the end of the first tasks of the day GTO. We returned to our rooms, we had lunch and then went for a walk with my teammates. We went to the upper lake of Bhopal. Then we went to DB City Mall. I bought my dress for the conference. It was fun and enjoy. Especially automobile travel was really great. After returning, we had dinner, played table tennis and went to bed early.
My experience in Bhopal SSB 33 Day 4 Day 2 GTO

It was the last day of the GTO series. These tasks were covered in this were
individual obstacle
control task
final task, group
As the name suggests a single obstacle each individual must be performed. Everyone was very scared of individual obstacles especially. As we have seen some serious injuries, sprains, fractures, etc. the last three days we have also been very nervous. Our GTO gentleman called us before starting this task has explained all obstacles one by one and also gave us some ideas to avoid injury. Respondents were also asked to run for a while to warm to the task. This task includes 10 obstacles numbered 1 to 10. All these tasks are different difficulty levels and with different brands depending on their number. (1 is not a task takes 1 point, 2 is not a task carries 2 points and the task number 10 is 10 points). If we complete the entire task with all the obstacles in time (3 minutes), then 55 brands (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 = 55) is obtained.

If after completing all the obstacles a little time is left that can be repeated one of the obstacles to get an additional brand. But to repeat all obstacles can not be performed successfully. It is not necessary that this is done with a specific purpose based on their numbering. Anyone can decide their order of obstacles. If we are in the middle of the task when the time expires then r allowed us to finish this, but if we are just at the initial stage, then we are forced to stop and return to it.

I was very nervous as it was my first time and had never seen this kind of thing before. But somehow I managed to complete all of the time 10. I started with jumping monkey and double ditch operation command, jump tiger jump over the screen, jump on the cable drum, the bridge Burma, jumping on the slide, balance walking template and finally Tarzan swing. Then I’ll jump on the drum for extra points, but suddenly Mr. GTO made the complaint. Suddenly, I stopped in front of the drum.

I have not decided on this entire order. I decided that the top four. It remains the obstacle that was going to change that came to my way and mind first. I was very happy to have completed the entire task without even a slight injury and failures. Most group members performed well. We got a break of 20 minutes.

We were called to the task of control. It is also an individual task when one becomes commander and given a similar task to the group progressive obstacle. Here, the commander can choose two subordinates of their group according to their desires that are supposed to help in the progress of the task. However, the rule is that all ideas should be given only by the commander and subordinates should only speak when asked. Here a person is under the observation of GTO (subordinates are also under observation) is quite intimidating.

After giving all the instructions for the task began. Although the task is in progress with two subordinate commander and other members of the group should not see that he has asked us to sit far to the opposite side. He called one by one at random and choose their subordinates to help them. Well, in my group, I was called at 8 before and 5 of my bandmates I called for help as a subordinate. Although the task given to everyone is different, he gave me a point to get an idea of how obstacles and achieve better results. When my number came up, I had a formal interview with the similar to other GTO. In this, he asked some questions about my training, my hometown, family, etc. since Balasore is to have an integrated test range DRDO, he asked me a lot about him. (As the recent missile tests, ballistic missiles, their range, and the operating principle). I did my homework and I said so.

Besides this, he also asked me about the Mars expedition, GPS and satellite systems. Every time something could not answer he gave me advice and told me later. They also asked me about the company I work for now. Then he asked me to pick his subordinates and asked the reason for his choice. I said that is useful in other tasks and too skinny. He asked why not choose someone who can give you good ideas. I’m saying I will not need to have full faith in me and I can handle it. Then he gave me 30 seconds to get a view of the obstacle. When my subordinates came to me, I wanted and explained the structure and started. While he is ordering as I was helping to transport relief materials. I have not stopped between two and continues through structures with my friends, with the help of a table and a rope. I near the finish line at any time.

GTO aksed to stop me and asked a barrier to the structures used to cross. I said it is a cantilever, and then questions related to the cantilever principle fulcrum are made, etc. He asked me to cross the last without using any material that was currently helping me. This time I realized that I forgot to bring Balli and another string that is always the starting line. I realized my error. GTO, but said go and do foot down and after I finish my homework. Everything was fine, except that part. I thank my friends and Mr. GTO later returned home after keeping all subjects in the starting line.

Next was the task of the final group. When everyone got back into one group and asked to cross a barrier that is to have the highest level of difficulty compared to others. We got 10 minutes for this. He had a goalpost football with two small platforms on each side. I used the concept of Tarzan swing with the help of the rope to cross. And within two minutes, all members of the group crossed. I was very happy with my work and Mr. GTO was very happy.
Then he called us and gave us a little speech at the conference. And they asked to be strong and not be discouraged if not recommended. He said that if a person does not receive recommended does not mean he is not capable. This means you can achieve better results in other areas and not in the military. He gave the example of Sachin Tendulkar, APJ Abdul Kalam, Amitabh Bachhan, etc, which are rejected by SSB because they had skills in other areas. Then he asked us to go and enjoy the afternoon and dresses for the conference.
My experience of 33-day conference SSB Bhopal Day 5

This was the day of the conference, followed by the announcement of the results. That could be a big day for some recommended, but will break a lot of dreams. But keep that feeling side correctly shaven and well dressed. We were asked to report at 7:30 am at the conference.

The conference is the stage in which all consultants (psychologists, agents of the interview, sit GTOs) for a discussion of the candidate’s performance and decided to recommend or not. If all three reviewers agreed on a candidate, then it is recommended. But if 2 of them agree and they do not then the candidate is limited. Their fate is to be decided at the conference by asking some questions. In other cases (where two evaluators agree and disagree 3 evaluators) the candidate has no chance of being recommended. Thus the conference play an important role in recommended and those boundaries.

Usually, the questions of the meeting have been asked by the officer in charge of the respective interview. I entered the room by knocking on the door and walked slowly I stood before them in wishing President. He only knew that all those present had on a dark blue uniform. Before entering the room I thought I saw out GTO gentleman in uniform, but while I was there, I could not able to see anyone, but the vice president asked me. After that I love him, he asked me to sit down. I knew that everyone looks at me, but I was looking for vice president in the eye. In total, it took 1 minute, I think. The questions and my answers are.

VP: Bipin Therefore, this is his first attempt at SSB. Tell me how was your experience, you have made friends here?
Me: Mr experience was memorable and impressive. I enjoyed the four days and made some good friends from different areas and visited the area of Bhopal with them. She was full of fun and enjoyment.
Vice: So you have learned Tamil Tamil friends?
Me: Yes, sir, I have learned Tamil lines 2-3 and composition dosa (with a smile)
VP: (with a smile) … so how was the food here?
I: The food was pretty good and fresh.
VP: Any suggestions you want to give?
Me: No, sir. Everything was fine.
Vice: So you like these days?
Me: Absolutely sir. Fully appreciated.
VP: Thank Bipin. Good luck. Now you can go.
I thanks.

Then I went with my fellow eaters CDS. They bought items and traveled for a while, as it was the last day and I knew if we’ll meet again or not. After that we had lunch and wait for the result will be very large for some.
We waited in line for nearly six hours a day. Then an officer came out and said that 6 of the United States recommended. He said he read the chest and recommended the numbers fit into the spell that must come full name. I closed my eyes when he started calling one by one. It read … .. breast number 12,7,23,45,40 … .Ya among the five names were called and I was not one of them. I’m sure I’m out. Then he asked us to guess the latter.

Everyone was screaming figures. Someone in my group shouted my number on his chest, but I was silent. Then he said yes this is number 27. Mom could not believe it was me. I was shaking and could not able to adequately support. I was very glad I was able not to smile too. We went to meet the interviewing officer. He gave us instructions for medical examinations and asked us to stay fit for medical examinations and send us after congratulating us. We were asked to present our mobile as soon as possible. I found my friends with whom I spent my last 4 days beautiful, hugs and asked them to promise that I will meet one day in uniform.

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