Minerva Academy: Captain Vikram Batra Scholarship Programme

Minerva Academy: Captain Vikram Batra Scholarship Programme

“We sleep safe in our beds because men are arranged in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.” – George Orwell

The life of a soldier is one of perpetual dangers and challenges. However, it is perhaps one of the noblest and most rewarding careers one can aspire to follow. We are here to Minerva Academy recognize the effort and personal sacrifice of our honorable men and women in uniform and salute their courage! It is with this deep sense of gratitude that we want to give a little something back to our hero in the first line.

Minerva Academy Preparatory Institute of India No.1 Armed Forces was the formation of candidates for personal interviews and written tests SSB since 1955. Meanwhile, Minerva Academy reached unprecedented record selections and successes. 1-4 officers of the armed forces are considered one of Minerva. Minerva Academy has trained over 35,000 candidates to become officers of the armed forces of India from the beginning and in 1000 achieved high rankings and honors during his career in services. In fact, Minerva Academy has an impressive list of alumni, including “The bravest of the brave” – Captain Vikram Batra and PVC “IAF first and only winner of PVC” – Official PVC Flight Nirmaljit Singh Sekhon and much Mahavir Chakra rewarded and awarded Shaurya chakra. In fact, even General JJ Singh, former Chief of Staff of Minerva is also proud.

Minerva Academy is the pioneer in its field, and many copies of cat institutions have come and gone in recent years, but Minerva Academy has always been No. 1 has its unique training methodology based on proven and approved technology transmitted by the lieutenant colonel. Deol, however, is constantly updating its program according to the latest trends and developments in the centers and SSB interviews and testing process. Recently Minerva Academy in the real pioneer jet became the first and only institute in the country to provide CPSS training (pilot computerized selection system) for candidates in all branches of the aviation army, marine and Vikram Batra airforce. Captain Scholarship Program of Minerva Academy

In our 60th glorious year, Minerva Academy will offer all the rooms of our heroes of the defense forces (men and women of the armed forces of India, or were martyred or disabled in any meetings of theater/war) A full scholarship under the captain of Vir Scholarship Program Settings’ Vikram Batra chakra. This is inclusive of accommodation and meals for all courses offered at the Minerva Academy. We are committed to providing the best training available to join the armed forces, the best teachers, most experienced and highly skilled in Minerva. We are committed to helping them emulate their noble parents, or go further to become officers of the Indian Armed Forces.

This scholarship will help deserving and motivated children of our fallen and wounded heroes are a little more of his dream to serve the nation with courage too. A candidate with the name of Manpreet Kaur; daughter of the late L / S Naik Dhyan Singh was the first recipient of a full scholarship as part of the scholarship program Param Vir Chakra Captain Vikram Batra Academy Minerva, offering a full scholarship to the soldiers who gave their lives in duty. His father belonged to the Bengal Regiment and 52 killed fighting terrorists in 1992. He showed immense courage and bravery for which he was awarded the Shaurya Chakra. Another case is that of Meenu Malik candidate; Late girl Hawaldar Raj Kumar Malik, who was also the recipient of a full scholarship as part of the scholarship program Param Vir Chakra Captain Vikram Batra Minerva Academy. Vikas Rana candidate, is a recipient of a full scholarship under the program, is the son Surjeet Singh Rana 14 Grenadier Regiment who was martyred when he was shot by terrorists returning from Kargil in 2007.

Minerva academy students in March
Manpreet Kaur candidate Captain Vikram Batra beneficiary of the formation of the Grant SSB interview.
Minerva Academy students 1
Menu Malik recipient Captain Vikram Batra candidate PVC Training AFCT written examination Stock Exchange.
Minerva Academy students 2
Vikas Rana candidates CDS training award recipient Captain Vikram Batra written exam.
Through the grant, we solemnly pledge to respect the souls of those who gallantly protecting the nation and ensure the future of your children!

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