Joining Indian Army Using NCC Certificate

The National Cadet Corps is one of the largest military reserves in India. NCC is open to all schools/students will be enrolled in one of the closest to the NCC unit. The NCC offers a wide range of opportunities for students who either can not get or which will cost a huge fortune. In addition, the certificate SCC head “C” can go directly to the SSB interview, bypassing Tests Common Access (EEC).

Here’s how you can join the armed forces through the certificate of the NCC ‘C’:
All three services of the armed forces of vacancies reserved for NCC cadets:
Indian Military Academy, Dehradun – 64
Officers Training Academy, Chennai – 100
Indian Navy Naval Academy in India – 6 per course
Indian Air Force in Air Force Academy – 10% on all courses, including courses
You must have a minimum of 3 years of service in one of the three wings of the NCC to qualify for a certificate of review “C”.
In its review of the certificate ‘C’, get a “B” (though “B” and “C” rating has no value, so try to get ‘A’ year).
To join the army, apply for special regime tickets NCC through your address – ask your CO unit to forward the request to the address that was then sent to the Selective Service System. If you were pre-selected, follow the procedure SSB interview. All posts through this should be covered by the NCC cadets. How Register Certificate of Indian armed forces using NCC ‘C’?
To join the Navy and Air Force, there is no special input, but the entries are published occasionally some vacancies reserved for ‘C’ NCC certificate holders. Just mention in its request for a certificate of NCC ‘C’.
Although the Sea Cadet Air Wing and Wing have vacancies, respectively, of the Air Force and Navy who can apply for special entry regime NCC to join the army.
But the Army Cadet Wing is not eligible for vacancies in the Air Force or Navy.
Therefore, it is better to opt for windlass or Ala Ala navy depending on your preference first. In my case, I wish to join the Air Force, so I opted for the windlass on the navy and the army. Despite vacancies NCC Naval Wing are off-limits for me, I still eligible to join the army with a special entry regime.
Although the Air Force must be applied within 12 months after leaving NCC (with or AFCAT CDSE), you can be applied to others, provided you have the age limit.
It was given additional points on your SSB as follows:
Certificate Army Navy Air Force
A 5% ADDL brands on global brands marks scored in SSB SSB +3 +22 marks on SSB
B 8% Same 44 4 SSB SSB trademarks
C + 10% even without SSB mark written examination +5 +66 marks on SSB
* At least 50-60% of the marks required for obtaining the applicable certificate C degree. C Cert itself has no value.

The age limits would be subject to the notification and the date of commencement of training for a particular course.
One can apply for SSC PC through internal procedures.
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