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Indian Navy Day is used to celebrate by lots of folks to urge all the information concerning the Role, Achievements, Difficulties of the Navy people. Indian Navy Day makes each people get aware of Navy people who used to work for several Months within the Ship for saving all the people of the Country. It had been on this day in 1971 that the Indian Navy left its shores for the terribly first time to successfully attack Pakistan.

Indian Navy Day is celebrated on the 4th December to make the people give the Navy people Respect concerning their work for protecting the people of the Country. Navy people are used to going down within the Ocean or sea by that they’ll get each info concerning their Countries Enemy by which they’ll kill the Enemies to safeguard their own Country.

Indian Navy is used to play a crucial role in safeguarding the Borders of the Marine of the Indian Country and develop the International Relationship between different Countries by the Exercises of the Joint, Aiming to the Seaport, Relief from the Natural Calamities, Missions of the Humanitarian, etc. Indian Navy that is modern is used to develop its position within the areas of the Indian Ocean.

The strength of the Indian Navy includes Carrier Aircraft, Dock of the Big Transport, Destroyers of the eight guided missile, twenty-four Corvettes, one Submarine of the Nuclear Attack, Seven Countermeasure Vessels Mine, Thirty Vessels of the Patrol, etc. and far more. There’s a Ceremony of the Wreath giving birth that is held at the Memorial War, and it’s followed by the Demonstration Operation to show the power and Resource of the Aircrafts, Ships as well as unique Forces.

Navy folks are used to doing several of the important tasks for the Country people, and they gave their whole life for the betterment and protection of the people from the Enemy Countries. Navy people are terribly strong, and they are used to cultivate a better angle towards saving the life of the people in any of the War.

Every Navy people are given correct training by their Coaches to form them strong to protect and save the life of the folks from many of the Enemies of the Country. There are lots of people that wish to come to the Indian Navy and likely to give many of the Exams of the Navy.

Navy is extremely important, and it’s terribly useful for each folk to make a much better attitude towards the Indian Navy. It’s very crucial at many times once there’s a war going on with the Enemy Country. So the Navy is extremely important for each people to solve all the matters and disputes between the 2 or additional Countries. Navy which is situated within the Boats or Ships that is called Panjabi in Hindi and they attempt to manage and tackle all the items through the use of Ships.

There are numerous things that a Navy has got to understand when they are used to with the Enemy Countries. Each Ship of the Navy is settled within the Oceans and Seas. Navy Ships are therefore strong that they’ll be ready to get all the information concerning the Atmosphere, Climate, Enemy Fighter Pilots, and lots of different things. Navy Ships are terribly big, however, people cannot simply see them as they’re settled deep into the Ocean or Seas.

A Celebration of the Indian Navy Day:

Indian Navy Day is used to make each individual aware of the Navy and its Contribution to each people of the Country. Navy offers each folks many types of protection from the Bombs ports and different Enemy Attacks. Navy makes each people sleep with countless relief from the Enemy Attacks. Navy protects the people of the Country by doing their Job from Day to the Night-time daily.

Navy people ought to be terribly attentive every time the Enemy Attacks the people of the Country. they need to do regular Exercises to stay their Health fit and good for operating Whole Day. it’s very important for the Navy people to collect all the data of the Enemy and they are used to watch each activity of the Enemy Countries. Navy Forces are wont to build the people to do everything without any problem to the people of the Country.

Navy is used to find and Search all the major Obstacles within the Ocean, and they are used to connect with the Air Forces and totally different Forces to urge each info concerning the Country. they’re used to do each activity by that it’s helpful for all the individuals of the Country.

Every folk in many of the Countries are curious to form a Navy, and they need to provide a lot of Exams to pass and get choose within the Navy. Each type of Navy Officer has all the Responsibility of Handling and tackling all the things of the Junior Navy, and that they are Train by the Senior Navy Officer for managing each task properly.

Themes of the Indian Navy Day:

Indian Navy Day is used to celebrate by each individual to offer the Navy Respect and Salute for their nice work done in several of the difficult things and to encourage the people to come and be part of the Navy by giving them all types of information regarding the Navy. Therefore Government is used to focus on the people to encourage them to join the Navy by publishing millions of the Themes of the Indian Navy Day and also the Themes are as follows:-

The theme for the Indian Navy Day within the year 2015 was “For a Resurgent Nation ensuring a safety Seas.”
The theme for the Indian Navy Day within the year 2012 was “Power of the Maritime for the Countries Prosperity.”
The theme for the Indian Navy Day within the year 2008 was “Going out to the Neighbours of the Maritime.”

For the Indian Navy, the Community Service is conducted by the Aeronautic Technology of the naval Institute that is known as (NIAT). Several of the students of the schools and colleges participate within the Navy Event and try to target the Navy activities by which they’ll be inspired to do a Navy Job.

Many parents encourage their Children’s to do a Navy Job, and that they used to cultivate a better perspective of the Navy to their Children’s. Each Navy individual is used to make a better thanks to tackling and handle each type of Difficulties in a better way because of the proper coaching for the Navy people.

All the Navy individuals used to work for several hours, and that they work with the passion and confidence to save and defend the life of the people with lots of dedication and hard work. It’s important for each folk to urge data regarding every type of activities for their benefit.


There are millions of the Navy situated within the Oceans and Seas, and each Navy Ship is set far away from One Ship to a different. Therefore Ocean is incredibly huge, and any of the folks can’t see the Navy Ships.

Today there are Thousands of the folks operating within the Navy, and that they are used to work for several hours daily to safeguard the Country from the Enemy. Enemy folks are used to developing a far better to save the life of the Crores of the individuals from the Enemy Attacks.

There are several schools and college students who are used to get Jobs within the Indian Navy, and that they attempt plenty of hard work to pass in any of the exams. They try hard to urge success in each Navy examination and try to handle and tackle all the things. Therefore there are millions of people who interested to go to the Indian Navy. The govt. is trying to encourage all the folks to make them sit for the Navy exam to join the Navy.

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