How to prepare for NDA 2021 – Check Complete tips & tricks Here

How to prepare for NDA 2021: For years, the National Defence Academy (NDA) examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has been the most coveted Defence entrance exams within the country. This examination draws about 5 lakh test takers every year but solely few get admission to the prestigious defense academy. 

The competition is stiff so it’s necessary to take every step in the right direction. Remember, scoring well in NDA depends on however well candidates balance their preparation. Thus, utmost sincerity towards the goal is needed. We bring Here how to prepare for NDA 2021 to understand the preparation part well. Let’s have a look at a way to prepare for NDA so as to understand the strategy to crack the exam.

How to prepare for NDA 2021 Mathematics?

The mathematics syllabus consists of Arithmetic, Mensuration, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Statistics. The queries in arithmetic test candidates’ conceptual understanding. Get your basic concepts clear. Additionally, learn speedy question-solving techniques. The queries are evenly balanced across the syllabus so never leave out anyone section. The quadratic equation should not be ignored as queries are always asked from this subject in each examination. Algebra and geometry are high scorings if you get your basics correct. Time yourself well and practice math’s model papers as much as you’ll be able to.

How to prepare for NDA 2021 General Ability?

This section, as per the NDA exam pattern has 2 parts, part A – English and part B – general knowledge. Part B contains Physics, Chemistry, General Science, History, Freedom Movement, etc, geography and Current Events. Remember, depending upon the streams you choose within the higher secondary classes, your preparation plan should vary accordingly. Science students have an edge here since 50% of the marks are allotted to the science subjects.

So if you’re from social sciences background, give additional attention to science subjects. Candidates will improve the English section by reading the newspapers and magazines regularly. There are a few areas that candidates ought to work on specifically for this examination – English usage, subject-verb relationship, tenses, and prepositions. Candidates ought to even be trained in identifying grammatical errors. queries on error finding and Para-jumbling are asked often within the examination.

Strategies to Crack NDA 2021 Exam:

Make a Routine: Aspirants ought to create a routine and schedule for studying. Incorporating a dedicated schedule in NDA preparation can help to stay to the goal and deliver the desired result.


Start with the Basics: Aspirants should 1st solidify their basics. Everything depends on how strong your basics areas it can facilitate in solving the toughest queries without a lot of issues. More than fifty per cent of the paper will be solved with ease if candidates’ basics are strong.

Balance your Preparation: Most of the times it’s seen that candidates prepare the areas during which they’re good and ignore the weak areas. queries within the examination are easy, moderate and difficult if candidates don’t balance their preparation judiciously; they’re going to end up trying solely the easy ones, leaving the difficult queries unattempted.

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