How to Crack SSB in First Attempt?

How to Crack SSB in First Attempt: It is said that a fresher has the brightest chances of clearing the SSB interview. The truth of this sentence is still not found, however, each one of us needs to clear the SSB in our first try. Here are 10 golden tips that are able to assist you in clearing this prestigious interview in your first try. By referring this you’ll simply clear your SSB Examination.

How to Clear SSB Interview?

Don’t Be Nervous:

Nervousness may be your biggest enemy within the SSB. Prepare well before and beat the nervousness. There’s no use of being nervous, it’s not a war, take is just like a simple interview, go like a roaring tiger and clear it!

Practice makes Everyone Perfect:

Practicing can make you better and nearly perfect, it’s suggested to practice for the Psych Tests well before, this is often so because these tests are done underneath a very strict time constraint if you’re active for them in advance; it’ll assist you a lot in managing the time there. Conjointly follow speaking in English, it’s very important that you are fluent enough in English to converse with the interviewer and speak in GD and Lecturette.

The Coaching Dilemma:

How to Crack SSB in First Attempt: Many of us wonder whether or not to go for training. The answer is that if you’re completely clueless regarding what the SSB Procedure is, you need to surely attend good coaching. But coaching is avoidable for people who have someone to guide them, someone who has a smart knowledge regarding SSB Procedure. Choose the correct academy keeping various things in mind.

The ‘Be Positive’ Funda:

SSB is all regarding positive attitude, thus be it your psych tests, interview, GT Series or anything, be positive. Your personality ought to reflect that you are an assertive person, right from your answers in psych tests to your personality and behavior in GT and Interview.

Friendliness with Your Group:

Being friendly with your group is extremely important since there are almost 7-8 tasks that you have got to do as a group and wherever it counts whether or not your group likes you. Since the testing is done in teams hence it’s important that everyone in your group likes you. Be friendly and non-judgmental towards others.


You need to be aware of what’s happening in your nation and within the world. Solely superficial information won’t help, get to understand the things well. Have strong viewpoints towards the cases and be prepared for a good debate with the Interviewing officer on the GK things. Be a regular reader of the newspaper and don’t miss even the minutest details.

Knowing Yourself and Things Around You:

How to Crack SSB in First Attempt: It is necessary for the interview that you know yourself well, be ready with all the information regarding yourself, such as your grades, achievements and good/bad qualities, etc. In a similar manner, you need to remember regarding the main points concerning your family like their occupation, good/bad points, etc. Make sure that you just know in detail about your hobbies or the games you have played.

Dress Up:

Your dress up is very important in casting a good impression in front of others. Be careful about what you’re choosing to wear. You have got to be dressed appropriately according to the occasion. Hence select your dress wisely; there are tips offered for each man and ladies on what all they’ll wear in SSB.


Physical Fitness:

You have to undergo long hours of tasks which will be tiring and exhausting, but you’ll not notice this within the josh! you have to be physically fit since you have got to do physical tasks also. Watch out of the way you walk and sit, don’t look lazy from your gait. If you’ll be physically fit your personality can replicate that. It’s suggested to do some running/light exercise regularly.

Over Confidence can Make You Pay:

Being confident is one factor and positive is totally opposite. Your overconfidence can eat up all your possibilities of success. Hence be confident but not overconfident.

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