Experience of SSB Interview

Experience of SSB Interview

Hello friends, I am Vivek write here to share my experience of SSB interview. In my 7th attempt, I recommended a 14 SSB, the center selection is that OTA Chennai will be installed. In my first attempt, it was not recommended (on the day of the conference) and filtered 5 times continuously. which is what happened after the exit 5 screen. I can write a book about my trip to SSB! Haha, I limit WRT ha..but I would share my experience in an interview that will help everyone. Ssbcrack.com sincerely appreciates the opportunity.

1st try – Conference on January 18, 2010, SSB ALD
The second attempt – Projecting July 2010 BPL
3rd attempt – Projecting January 2011 BPL
4th try – Projecting June 2011 ALD
5th attempt – Projecting August 2012 BPL
Attempt 6th – Projection February 2013 BPL
7 Attempt – Recommended – Allahabad SSB 14 NCC Enter 34 courses. August 2013

Recommended in the 7th Attempt:

I and my twin brother [Appeared for the fifth time with me and got screened for the first time in this batch] discussed the day before the reports which are not present for testing and we will return. I do not know if it was the frustration of continued failure 5 times without being filtered or hurt that my love accepts me. Finally, we comfort and pray to God that we decided to go for the test. This time experience in both the two-stage tests was quite unique. There were days when I used to practice TAT, WAT, SRT, SD and stories for detection, OIR practice tests every day, but the results were only investigated. So I decided that I will do everything I can and I like it, I will not if I will take into account or not.

We report the missing batch, which was 14 SSB, as usual, OIR test came, OIR was good we all know, is very easy. Then, an image showed what appeared to be a person looking at the art contest and judge (my story was in this context). I discussed some points in the discussion. After lunch, it was the custom to wait lethargic because of the experience continues preselection finally began GTO earnings announcement, suddenly I heard my twin chest no. I am very happy but worried about what will happen to mine. And finally, I projected myself after 5 continuous preselection.


Test Psychology:

It was my firm decision that all the “spontaneous” on the images, words, thoughts the situation receipt pen will down (what the educated psychologist), who did not even prepare for their description test and even for the image in white. It was only because continuously for 2 years preparing everything and was a very fun project the {} hurt and disappointed by what I did no preparation. I wrote everything first / response thinking for all tests.

GTO test

The discussion group was good. Two topics were: 1) Is the empowerment of women in India occurs or not, and 2) Telangana. I presented some issues such as the success of women, the situation of women in rural areas, the problems they face when the issue of women’s safety was raised, I present some points as the government it is the creation of the Nirbhaya Rs funds. 1000 crores for the safety of women who are not fully Westernized or regional in our culture, etc. My opinion on Telangana was whether people leave benefits separate development must not be compromised in the two states and separation should not be just for political reasons with false promises. I do not care much should give the opportunity to others, should not mourn, etc., etc. Now I’m all good though, I presented it, but my points were raised that I am all these points by the habit of reading newspapers publishing.


I do not know is this lucky for me? Our GTO was very strict. His words were: “If you know the answer raise your hand if you just show up and drama, I do not recommend it.” It was an advantage because ours were many repeaters and prevented him from becoming a fish market.
In PGT, twice he gave me the solution.
HGT, he gave me once but was asked to be improved by the team.
FGT, could not give a solution.
The command task was a little difficult. There was a ship at sea, it will sink, how will you get your men? But GTO interrogated me there, the air is there, the pressure is there, etc. solution somehow obtained.
Before CT, GTO asked about the salary of my father, where I am, how can I evaluate my performance in all tests 3, GTO test does not work well.
Group barriers, individual obstacles – that was in good condition, I did better there.

I spoke very freely, I always replied that I was feeling, whether good or bad and never tried to paint it. The questions were about my family, how can I help my family, challenge in my work, books I read and questions about Kashmir. The best part of the interview I can remember is that I asked for my education. My percentage is only 57.5 degrees, the lower response of my heart came “just 57.5% at graduation, my father, despite the economic difficulties worked hard and fees paid by university books, etc.

But they have not done justice to it. I regret this day, I feel sad and bad about it “their {forging or trying to defend that was good at NCC, Sports, had problems, etc., etc. We are sent to college to study if we have not done, then it is obvious our error} However, the percentage will not affect your performance, but there is an additional benefit if you have a good score.
I gave copies of certificates picture of all my accomplishments say CM card Meritorious Service Commendation NCC, Best Artist with my employer, 3 marathons (10kms) accompanying certificates army field.

The conference was for 20 minutes, the Council discussed for 20 minutes before calling inside. They asked me where I went to Allahabad, which had been Bhag Milkha Bhag the film one day and another day at Sangam. The president asked me I can comment on the current situation wrt to the film and the question of what you do if you become minister later Sports some questions of general knowledge about the capitals of Spain, Malaysia, Thailand, the currency Japan, and china. He wondered if I went to the workout. Yessir 4 years ago.

He also repeated some of the questions that were asked in an interview and a reaction of the situation, ie, what will you do if the enemy is on fire? I said I will ask my men to load and respond immediately. Are you sure? Yes, sir. Trust? Yes, sir. My lecture was over.
Finally, an elegant Lt. Col Saab arrived. Says the transmission performance. We expect 148 38 between both good performance, but it’s really disappointing. My heartbeat increases. Not my chest. was released, I could not believe it. Two were recommended. Another person has been the recommended candidate.
Some tips to succeed in SSB I learned after my six chess

Psychology test:
More good books to enhance the imagination. so that history will not agitate a good story and can be presented.
Present spontaneous thoughts in all psychology tests.
Carry out the action in each sentence.

Test Group:
Read newspaper editorials paper, be aware of current events. This will certainly help group discussion and the present. You will definitely get the items to be discussed in the discussion group rather than vague points.
Do not use all models and priorities in the exercise group planning. Just write your planning what you feel at that time. prioritization models and are trained by individual reactions, no thoughts/answers.
For PGT, HGT, CT, FGT, do not hurry with the team, just look at the structure for 2 minutes, one or the other solution certainly flashing, give your idea of forming a team, do not worry not if accepted or not, taking into account GTO is giving solutions, the solutions provided by person accepted by the group or not does matter until the solution is correct.

For the group’s career and individual barriers, be physically fit, they do not stand on the wall and help everyone (to impress everyone starts GTO help everyone else to clean the wall) if you feel that someone really needs help, then provide your help to remove the wall, not just for the sake of helping.
First, talk to the official interviewer like having a chat with your friend, which makes you present the free flow of thoughts. Whether good or bad; maintain the free flow of their answers. Do not assume anything like my answer X give that impression, And my answer will print. Read news articles, editorials, participate in discussions with friends on topical issues. Being an agent of the perspective of the forces that need to know what is happening in and around you. You must know all aspects of 360 degrees scored in the PAA.


SSB interview is proof of personality and not a competition. Each person has qualities in himself/herself so that it applies to the armed forces. Be natural in your approach. If you opt for a train simply take as a way to become familiar with the procedure. SSB technology is designed scientifically. They easily distinguish between performance and natural performance coach. Show what you are. Believe me, I do not want training by thoughts. Because if you show that you are, they may decide they agree or not with the armed forces. But if you do something for others can how to know if you should? That simple. I do not want guys not training, depending on the dose recommended consuming training. During the dose, it is certainly dangerous.

We are not able to judge our DIRP himself and draw the wrong / not scientific conclusions. As far as I know, none of us can decide that our stories, phrases, reactions to the situation, the GTO performance, our responses will infer IO. Without any hypothesis, it seems SSB, what I did and I suggest everyone equally. SSB members are sitting donkeys, let them do their job and we should do our work. As Kaka Singh, Saab 14 CHM SSB says, “Karna hai SiRF Mehnat Hamara Kaam, dena dena nahi hai hai is uparwalon -who ko chod”

Candidates with more attempts to appear, do not care much, become free of the mind and appear naturally you will succeed. Each attempt is considered the first attempt, do not bother if you try the first or tenth time. You read a lot of experience on this site to 10, 11, 13 attempts got hit. In case you lose all attempts, I want to be very frank that the possibilities are limited in the armed forces, but in the world is broad and the possibilities are. Whatever you do is the best to become a good human and good citizen of the nation’s society. Good luck. God bless us all. Jai Hind

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