Body Language Hacks To Keep In Check During SSB Interview

Body language is the epitome of a perfect officer of the armed forces. Where words can’t speak, the body does and developing a positive body language for the same becomes a necessity.

When assessed closely, the body language of an individual tells much about them and about what kind of an individual they’re. This is, especially, assessed within the Interview part of the choice process.

Top 7 Body Language Hacks In SSB Interview:

Thus, we bring you some tips and hacks to adopt for developing a perfect body language:

Maintain Positive Eye Contact: It’s a crucial a part of a good body language. Here’s an easy technique to improve eye contact: Whenever you meet the interviewer or somebody else look into his eyes long enough to note what colour they’re . But be careful, keeping an excessive amount of eye-contact might creep people out. Giving no eye-contact might cause you to seem insecure.

Real Smile is usually Through The Eyes: Whenever you tend to smile naturally, it reflects in your eyes whereas once you fake a smile, your eyes remain intact in their position. this is often assessed by the interviewer once you are asked some personal questions. make sure not to lie.

Smile: Smiles have a powerful effect on us. The human brain prefers happy faces. Smiling not only stimulates your own sense of well-being it also tells those around you that you simply are approachable and trustworthy.

Don’t Slouch, sit up Straight: when you are given permission to take a seat , sit with a flat foot on the bottom , but in a relaxed way, not in a too tense manner. Keep both your arms on the hand rest of the chair. If a hand rest isn’t available, keep your hands on your lap.

Use Open Gestures: Keep your movements relaxed, use open arm gestures, and show the palms of your hands while interacting. Individuals with open gestures are perceived more positively and are more persuasive than those with closed gestures.

Don’t Cross Your Arms Or Legs: Don’t cross your arms as it might cause you to seem defensive or guarded. This goes for your legs too. Keep your arms and legs open. Come on, you’re not in a party or enjoying a sunbath in a beach!

Make a perfect Handshake: the proper handshake can offer you instant credibility. But confirm you’re not the one initializing a handshake during the interview. If you’re offered one, stand-up, use the palm of your hand for the grip and shake in up-down manner for up to three seconds. check out the eyes of interviewer and provides a gentle smile.

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