6 Days Procedure of AFSB Interview – To Crack SSB

AFSB is the same as the SSB, namely maintenance of the service yard. AF stands here AFSB Air Force. There are four centers of our country in which this AFSB interview is conducted. Above all entries and entries, AFCAT NDA and Cryptologic (who gave their preference for theft) go there for the interview. These centers are in Dehradun (1 AFSB), Mysore (2 AFSB), Gandhinagar (3 AFSB) and Varanasi (4 AFSB). Let’s see in detail what happens in AFSB. The whole procedure is envisaged once the AFCAT interview perspective may vary if the NDA interviews and Cryptologic, however, the evidence remains the same.

Procedure 5 Days AFSB Interview

Day 1: This is the projection of an AFSB day and usually asked to report early morning at 6: 45-7 pm at the station. They take you on a bus from there to the sorting center and the test begins. First, you’ll be asked to fill out forms, then you are on a stretcher OIR. After which he proceeded to PPDT. Based on the strength, in general, the results are announced at 15 hours and the selected candidates will be allocated, the rest are sent to the station. Verification of documents followed by the selected candidates immediately and after that, you are free for the day.

Day 2: The second day the candidates who applied for branch flight PABT be taken for testing, following generally up to 12 h. After these psychological tests follow. They are about 2 hours and once you are in you are free for the day.

Day 3,4 and 5: Your maintenance GTO tests and can fall any day now. In general, you get a day off AFSB. Some of you may have your GTO / Interview on the last day too. Some may have GTO / interview the same day, but, of course, time will not be in conflict for both. You may have to go directly from GTO to the interview. You must bring the record of all her certificates, university academic and extra with the interviewer. The interview is usually a 30-minute procedure, 60 minutes. You will be informed in advance by a notice placed on the bulletin board on the test schedule.

Day 6: This is the day of the conference. Some may have their interview / GTO scheduled before the conference too. A conference is a place where you can see all the members of the Board in uniform. Your result is discussed there. You have been called into the conference room and the process is just a minute, can stretch for ships of the border. According to press results are announced, his breakfast now. Those who make it through are invited to stay behind the remaining procedures and others are brought back to the station.

Doctor: In AFSB the doctor can not take place immediately after the selection. You will receive a date for the physician.

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