5 Rules To Keep In Mind Before Performing Ground Tasks

Ground tasks in SSB are designed to go into the candidate’s actions and analyse his physical steps (Karma). All candidates appearing for SSB should go through 5 rules, which are always mentioned by GTO before the PGT and other tasks. the rules given below are applicable in PGT, HGT, FGT and command task. the rules are as follows.

1. Group Rule – Group rule is the most important rule that candidates must follow while attempting ground tasks like PGT, HGT and FGT. Snake race also has its usage. The rule implies the unity of the group i.e. the whole group will cross the single obstacle together and once the group has cleared the obstacle, they will move to subsequent one. The rule is made to check a number of the qualities of the candidates like unity, coordination with the group and whether the candidate is selfish or not.

2. Colour Rule – The color rule is the rule to use coloured structures as per the instruction. The structures on the ground are seen in 3 colours.

  • Red – All structures painted in red aren’t to be touched by man also as the material.
  • Blue – Blue structures are often touched by the candidates, but not by the material. (Make sure that while standing on the blue structure, you’ll hold the helping material, but you can’t touch the helping material with the coloured structure.)
  • White – White structures are often used by both candidates as well as helping material.
    Candidates performing group task.

3. Distance Rule – Distance rule says that any distance which is more than 4 feed shouldn’t be crossed by jumping even if you’re able to do so. Just cross it by bridging the gap using helping material. Take a rough estimate of 4 feet and judge yourself. Don’t ask the GTO again and again about the distance.

4. Rigidity Rule – Rigidity rule means candidates can’t bind or tie any of the 2 rigid helping material. Ground tasks normally have phattas and ballis as rigid helping material. So consistent with the rule, 2 phattas, 2 Balli or a phata or a balli can’t be tied together. Rather, they will be put one on other or can tie them with the structure (keeping colour rule in mind.)

5. Infinity Rule – The rule of infinity describes that the starting and finish lines are extended to the infinity on both the side. This rule prohibits the candidates to cross the obstacle ground from the side and reaching the finishing line you’ve got to cross the obstacles and reach the finishing line .

Some other rules to follow while attempting the ground tasks are:

  • The ground between starting and finishing line is out of bound area. You can’t just walk on the ground between the starting and finishing line and cross the obstacles.
  • Any mistake done are going to be penalised.
  • You can’t through the burden / luggage from start to end line to avoid it.
  • You can’t use your personal material as helping material to cross the obstacle ground

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