10 Reasons Of Getting Screen Out In SSB

It is very painful getting screened out from stage-I testing of SSB interview. Screening test is a crucial process and one must be fully prepared for it, clearing screening test put you in 5 days stage-II testing. Most of the candidates aren’t at all aware of what’s to be done in screening test, but now lets mention what is to not be done during screening test [PPDT].

Screening test is a day one testing conducted by board to filter the candidates, assessors have an interest in selecting those candidates who show some qualities during screening test but one who are often a waste for next five days testing.

Top Ten Mistake Candidates Do In Screening Test [PPDT]:

  • Nervousness: If you’re nervous it’ll lower down your performance, you would like to believe yourself and your preparation.
  • Lack of knowledge: If you don’t realize the method in advanceyou’ll definitely loose few marks.
  • Discussion Vs Debate: you need to clear yourself on what’s the difference between a healthy discussion and a debate.
  • Liveliness: this is often what most of the candidates don’t have, if you’ll attract group members by the way you narrate and discuss then you’ll definitely attract assessors. you’re suppose to talk with group members in GD else there’s no point in attending a group discussion.
  • Poor Story: Writing negative stories like suicide, murder etc directly hamper your chance.
  • Poor Body Language: Standing up, moving your body parts continuously showing aggression, touching others of these shows low confidence level and badly affect your performance.
  • Unable to assist group: If you’re doing something which disturbs your group members then you’re doing it really wrong, if you can’t convince them then you ought to not disturb their performance by shouting or talking continuously.
  • Bad Communication Skills: you need to know how to talk in English then only assessors and others can understand you. there’s an alternative choice of Hindi, but if you’re choosing it then better pack your bags.
  • Bad Narration: If you’re not confident enough while narrating your story you’ll spoil half of your marks.
  • Selfishness: If you go with only motto of clearing screening then you would possibly make a mistake in nervousness, perhaps you need to go with a mindset of helping others by putting group effort to make a standard story, it’ll improve your performance.

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