Your Physical Relationship Doesn’t End at Your Bedroom Door

While most married couples recognize the value of physical closeness in their relationship, some might not be aware of the variety of physicality that might improve their union.

Your bedroom is not the only place where you need to be intimate and touch each other physically. There are times and places in your life that also need more affectionate physical contact. Let’s look at some areas of your love life that you wish you had more opportunities for physical contact, starting with the bedroom and working our way outside.

The bedroom

Although it might seem apparent, we are all aware of how your relationship’s initial fervor might eventually fade. As the years go by, be honest and conscious of your lack of physical intimacy, and you’ll be better equipped to make improvements in your sex life. You will make the lack of physicality in your relationship worse by choosing to ignore it or holding out hope that it will return to its former, hot state. It can only get better with deliberate effort from both you and your partner.


Being more impulsive when having sex is a frequent remedy for decreased sex. Be more untamed. Go crazy even more. Like you would have done when you were twenty, surprise your loved one. Not that this is poor advice, but let’s be honest—as we age, our ability to be spontaneous pretty well evaporates. As every year goes by, we grow more and more accustomed to our routine. Not only does the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” apply to our furry friends. You can’t really expect a directive such as “Be Spontaneous!” to significantly alter your way of working.

Timetable for sexual activities

Let’s discuss a strategy that plays more to the rigidity of someone set in their ways than something I have a feeling you won’t implement: scheduling your sex. Now, I understand that could seem contrary to the essence of sex, but bear with me. Making a structured plan for sex would take away from what most people believe to be a natural occurrence—that part of the act. To get things back on track, though, you might need to make a plan if you’re not having physical relationships with your spouse.

It is no longer solely reserved for athletics, as it was in college. It’s an essential tool in your marriage to maintain emotional intimacy between you and your partner. Making time for sex may not feel natural at first, but if you can make it a regular practice, it will have a huge positive impact on your relationship as a whole. Make sure there is physical contact in your bedroom to encourage it. Take out your planner and book your next exciting sexual encounter right now.

Throughout the remainder of your house

There are so many places in your house where you and your partner can have more intimate physical contact. Some married couples limit their physical contact to a good morning and good night kiss. It’s not that there aren’t other chances to have a physical relationship during the day; it’s simply that the pattern has diminished to these exchanges.

Consider alternative places in your house where you can have intimate contact instead of just the bare minimum of physical contact. During the course of preparing meals together, there may be physical contact! Additionally, it need not involve sexual contact. All you have to do is walk by and give your wife a cheek kiss while she’s preparing the food. It might involve giving your spouse a back or shoulder rub while he’s standing over the stove. All physical contact is really just an energy exchange between the two of you. It’s an expression of “I’m here with you” given nonverbally. You’re reduced to verbal communication without those small touches. Even if this is your area of expertise, adding a little physical contact in between will make the conversation feel more intimate.

Seize opportunities such as this to bring in more physical contact in your house. It might be while lounging around reading a book, watching TV, or doing housework. A simple touch, embrace, or affectionate rub may make any time more special.

Outside your house

Starting an exercise routine together is one method to enhance your physical relationship outside of your home. Going on a hike, jog, or strength training session together can be a fantastic way to strengthen relationships. As you work toward the same goal, you can support one another both physically and emotionally. Exercise has also been demonstrated to have aphrodisiac properties, so the more you work out together, the more attracted you will be to one another.

Using a PDA more is another approach to enhance your physical interaction when you’re not at home. As we become older, we have a tendency to avoid people who display a bit too much public affection. However, I believe that some of the rejection stems from our own fears that we aren’t capable of acting that way around our partner. We believe it would not be suitable. We consider ourselves to be too mature for such actions. We can’t be like twentysomethings, since that’s what they do, right? False.

Publicly expressing your partner’s affection can accomplish two wonderful things:

Whether you give them a hug, kiss, or hold their hand, they can sense the affection in your physical touch. They will feel more connected to you and have their hearts warmed.

They have the feel of valuable possessions. By publicly expressing your affection for your partner, you’re telling those around you how happy you are to have them by your side. They will shine with admiration for you as you show them off.

Never undervalue the influence of a strategically placed PDA. I’m not advocating that you take each other to the nude and make love in the midst of the theater. Just remember to make some contact with your body. How recently have you given your spouse a public kiss? When was the last time you and your spouse strolled hand in hand?

It will all lead to greater physical intimacy in the bedroom, regardless of where you’re trying to make more physical contact. You won’t feel as uneasy or out of place making contact in the bedroom if you touch each other outside of the space. Get your partner’s hands moving! They seek the actual experience of love.