Women Oriented TAT And PPDT Pictures

Research pointed out many psychology differences between men and women that helps us to understand them better. Both sex are diverse in their mental methodology, one should put his/her idea in mental test, naturally with less manipulation or no control.

Some psychological differences between men and women are:

  1. Communication skills & body language
  2. Sharing vs problem solving
  3. Attraction and sex
  4. Aggression vs diplomacy
  5. Logical thinking vs emotional thinking
Moreover there are a few changes in the manner the mental test is led for ladies, methodology are consistently same like in the event of men, yet there are a few changes in the substance which comes at the hour of mental test. TAT and SRT might be unique and a few ladies arranged pictures may comes at the time of psychological test.

Suggestions for Women in TAT and SRT:

  1. Always write what comes in your mind, don’t attempt to manipulate your thinking.
  2. Think normally, don’t compel your psyche to think something ‘great’, it may wind up with thinking something different which isn’t fitting with your character.

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