Why You Should NEVER Shave Your Husky

Some of the coolest canines on the planet are huskies. vivacious and playful. Cuddly. Smart. Always up to mischief in some manner. All this…plus a ton of sass. I can also vouch for the fact that these sled dogs have a ton of views and aren’t afraid to voice them as a husky mom who has adopted four throughout the course of her lifetime. Who doesn’t melt when they hear their home filled with husky howls?! It’s not surprise that huskies are the 12th most popular dog breed in the United States because they are stunning on the inside and out.

Huskies do shed, though, which is a shame. A lot. In fact, this might be the only bad quality they possess. While our huskies enjoying themselves in the snow is adorable, it is less endearing when they “snow” fur inside our houses. For this phenomenon, I even coined a new word: “furplexed,” which is defined as “the sensation of feeling completely astounded by the sheer volume of fur our huskies throw around.” Ha!

The amount of black, white, and gray fur that has been vacuumed up and rolled off in our home is sufficient to make 100 sweaters, 80 scarves, and 1,000 pairs of gloves. No lie. Not to mention the number of vacuum cleaners that have died as a result. Keeping the nearly continual shedding under control is perhaps one of your toughest challenges as a husky parent.

Furthermore, despite the fact that specialists assert that huskies only shed their coats twice a year—in the spring and the fall—in my experience, they typically do so closer to four times. It’s a mess, too.

Never shave your husky or any other double-coated dog, despite the very real temptation.

This is why

The Anatomy of Husky Fur

I could build my very own husky refuge if I had a cent for each time a kind person implied that I was a bad dog parent for not shaving my huskies. Even though I never subject my dogs to extreme heat, whenever we are in public during the summer, someone will undoubtedly remark, “but aren’t your babies very hot!? They need to be shaved right away, poor things.

Similar to this, I’ve heard that shaving my huskies will stop them from shearing. Instead of scowling in either circumstance, I make the most of these chances to inform the public about the risks associated with shaving double-coated dogs. Because many individuals simply do not comprehend the variety of functions that their double-coats fulfill.

Hear me out if you don’t believe me.

Let’s begin with a quick explanation of how husky fur functions. The gorgeous coat on your husky is more than simply eye-catching. It’s also useful. A soft, dense undercoat and an outside layer of considerably coarser, longer guard hairs are both essential components of husky fur. Together, these layers work to help huskies adapt to different environmental changes and conditions by regulating their body temperature, warding off dirt and debris, repelling excess moisture, and shielding them from harmful UV rays. This is in addition to the fur’s low oil content. It’s accurate to say that husky fur does a number of crucial duties at once.

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A Built-In HVAC System and Natural SPF 100

Imagine wearing a jacket that, when it was cold outside, miraculously converted into a blanket to keep you warm, and then, when it was warm outside, instantaneously transformed into a cooling pad. You would likely feel fantastic, am I right? Is it any wonder that huskies are so proud when their natural fur coat accomplishes the same thing?

The coats of huskies are made to provide insulation. The guard hairs help keep snow and moisture away from the skin to prevent frostbite while the undercoat thickens in colder climates, trapping warm air near to the skin. The undercoat thins out throughout the summer (more shedding!) to allow heat to escape, keeping the animal cool.

Therefore, shaving your husky is never the solution, whether you’re sick of dealing with the shedding or concerned that they’re getting too hot. Removing their fur does them no favors; in fact, it makes them more susceptible to high temperatures.

Since their fur serves as their main form of protection, shaving also puts them at risk for severe sunburns. This is so that less direct sunlight strikes the skin directly since the inherent pigmentation in husky fur absorbs and scatters ultraviolet (UV) rays, while its bulk and thickness deflect sunlight.

Husky fur is a blessing, providing wonderful broad spectrum SPF without the fuss of lotions or potions. However, you may still want to dab a little sunscreen on your husky’s delicate nose or anyplace they have bald areas.

Husky Fur Rarely Grows Back the Way it Was

If the preceding arguments weren’t enough to convince you otherwise, it’s also crucial to understand that shaving often permanently changes (if not completely destroys) the texture and color of your dog’s gorgeous fur by injuring or stressing the hair follicles and upsetting their normal growth cycles. Even worse, as the hair starts to grow back, it can also become extremely uncomfortable and itchy for your dog since uneven hair growth irritates the skin.

Proper Grooming All Year Round

In brief, removing extra fur all year long with correct grooming and brushing techniques is the greatest approach to assist your husky stay cool throughout the summer and manage with the numerous shedding seasons huskies experience. The health and happiness of your dog will be greatly improved by a consistent and regular grooming regimen. It might also be quite beneficial to take your husky to a professional groomer during each shedpocalypse if you have the means to do so. If not, you can probably take care of them on your own by adhering to these helpful instructions.

Additionally, there are a lot safer, more efficient, amusing ways to keep your huskies cool and comfortable in the summer heat. Therefore, disregard any unwelcome advice to shave your dog.

To be absolutely clear therefore…Never ever shave your husky unless your veterinarian needs to in order to perform surgery or another type of medical procedure, or unless your husky has become so severely matted that only a professional groomer can remove it. They will praise you for it, I guarantee it, howling with joy.