Why You Should Adopt Two Kittens Instead of One

While it’s not a universal principle, “the more the merrier” certainly holds true when it comes to cat adoption. It’s generally advised to adopt two kittens in particular rather than letting your new cat fly solo. It’s an exciting—and occasionally overwhelming—experience to adopt a cat. Because of all the commotion, it’s possible to forget that your new kitten is in an equally dangerous scenario as you are. We’ll be discussing the several advantages of having two kittens in your home over just one in this article. Not only can these advantages help cats, but they may also make your life easier!

How Kittens Learn From Each Other

The process known as “social learning” is advantageous for many juvenile animals, including humans. This method is precisely what it sounds like: picking up new ideas, thoughts, and behaviors by observing someone else do it first. The expression “Monkey see, monkey do” is exactly what we mean, if you’ve ever heard it. Particularly kittens pick up a number of practical skills by observing their siblings and other kittens engage in jobs.

Kittens are able to learn a great deal from one another, including:

Grooming skills
Litter training
Healthy eating habits
Communication methods

The benefits of playmates extend beyond mental health; as cats mature, having a playmate can have a major positive impact on their physical health as well. Having a buddy can inspire cats to play well into old age, and research has shown that families with only one cat are considerably more likely to have obese cats because of the significant decrease in activity.

The Emotional Benefits of Multiple Kittens

Kittens can impart practical, useful skills on one another, but living in a close-knit environment can also help your new pet feel safe and comfortable. Cats are no different from people in that they experience anxiety whenever they go to a new place. When your kitten faces a strange environment with another, it might provide a sense of security and relief that it wouldn’t otherwise have.

This familiarity also grows with time. You’ll notice in the weeks that follow your kitten’s arrival at home that having a friend around stimulates them to explore more quickly and confidently. The kittens feel less afraid and more adventurous when they have someone to share these new experiences with, which is a very helpful attitude during their formative years.

The Advantages of Owning Two Kittens for Owners

After talking about how having two kittens can make things easier for them, let’s take a brief look at the various ways that adopting two kittens can make things simpler for you. Naturally, the first thing that may have crossed your mind was, “Double the kittens, double the commitment.” This sentiment is true in many ways, some of which we’ll cover later. Don’t ignore, however, some equally plausible explanations for why having more kittens might make life easier.

1. You Can Stop Stressing About Being Alone

Because cats require less care than dogs, a lot of people decide to get them as pets. This is only partially true, since dogs undoubtedly require more physical exercise and exertion, but cats actually need company and detest being alone just as much as any other pet.

You can feel comfortable leaving for those long shifts and late evenings out on the town if you have two kitties. Your cat has a built-in friend to play with whenever they wish, so you won’t have to worry about them feeling bored or lacking in life. This can be a huge weight to take off your shoulders if you’re a busy owner with a busy life but still yearn for a furry buddy.

2. Less Aggression Toward Humans

Owning a single cat may make you acutely aware of the fact that play can occasionally get out of control. When you refuse playing because you have an important meeting or need to do some tasks, your cat may feel betrayed. Because of this, they may decide to take matters into their own hands and “playfully” give you a scratch or a chop. When there are two kittens, they can educate each other when to be gentle and when to let playtime get out of control.

3. A Simpler Way To Introduce The Housecat Resident

Adult cats can experience adjustment issues when a kitten is introduced to them. When the high energy levels of the kitten are added, things can become tricky, even in situations where your older cat isn’t acting aggressively. However, if you have two kittens, they can keep your adult cat at bay by entertaining each other. Because your cat will be able to watch the kittens play from a safe and comfortable distance without being alarmed or worried by the new presence, this can greatly lessen the stress associated with a delayed introduction. (Who knows, the free show might even amuse them!)

4. Rather of saving one life, you’re saving two.

We would be negligent if we did not bring up the fact that, simply in the United States, 1.4 million cats are euthanized in shelters annually. Even if it is impossible for one person to save every cat in a shelter, even the chance to save one more cat can have a positive impact on the lives of the animals. More cats in the house just translate into more shared affection, after all!

Methods for Taking Care of Two Kittens

Adopting two kittens involves navigating many obstacles! This is a brief but useful list of some tactics that can greatly facilitate your adjustment to this change.

Consuming food

Set up a rigid feeding regimen to help you stay on track.
Make sure every kitten receives the right nutrients by practicing portion management.
Establish distinct feeding zones to lessen stress and competition.
Give both kittens the same superior food on a regular basis.


To prevent territorial disputes, provide each kitten with a minimum of one litter box (ideally two, if possible).
Keep litter boxes apart from one another and food.
Weekly deep cleaning and daily litter box cleaning are recommended.
For consistent and simple adaptation, give both kittens the same kind of litter.

Health and Personal Care:

Start a grooming regimen early to prevent shedding and preserve the health of your coat.
To help with bonding and to save time, groom both kittens simultaneously.
When you take your kittens to the veterinarian together, things will go more smoothly and their fear levels will decrease.
Make sure you have an easily accessible record of every kitten’s vaccines and treatments!
Things to Think About

Despite the fact that there are many and legitimate advantages to adopting two kittens as opposed to one, you should still carefully consider this decision before rushing to the shelter. Not everyone can afford the additional food, litter, and time that come with having two animals, and not everyone has a lifestyle that is conducive to having pets.

Nevertheless, there are a few approaches to address these worries with sensible fixes. For example:

Over time, purchasing sturdy, high-quality mattresses and toys can save you a ton of money. It’s also not like the kittens can’t share these kinds of things.

Bulk cat food and litter can be purchased in a variety of ways, and if the two kittens don’t have any medical concerns that preclude it, they can share a diet.

All it takes to find the hundreds of ways people make do-it-yourself (DIY) cat toys and tools is a fast internet search. You can save money on other requirements by making these items at home.

Two kittens can result in a larger premium for your pet insurance, but it’s crucial to remember that cats who live in pairs are often healthier. This implies that you might have less reasons to see the veterinarian.

A lot of shelters give adopters who adopt numerous kittens at once a discounted adoption fee. They also frequently have resources that may give you a good supply of food, litter, and toys to get them started.