Why Men Reject Emotional Intimacy

This article offers several real-life instances of spouses who caused an emotional rift in their marriage by not having the guts or the strength to talk to their wives about their emotional shortcomings.

Emotional intimacy problems in men

A man who is single and struggles with emotional intimacy may give numerous reasons for not wanting to commit to a marriage or relationship.

A married man is answerable to someone else, though. His wife loves, adores, and watches him, so his problems are not unnoticed. Her problems are his problems.

Even though a married guy and a single man may experience similar emotional problems, if the married man fails to resolve his issues, it may eventually have an impact on his marriage.

Some of the most prevalent emotional intimacy problems in guys are poor sex drive, rejection, baggage from past relationships, and ambition.

Even when the experiences occurred years ago, everyone can recall a prior relationship and feel the same emotions as if they happened yesterday.

Sadly, these problems with male emotional connection and unpleasant experiences will have a detrimental effect on new relationships if they are not addressed and healed.

How negative experiences impact the formation of new connections

1. Timothy adores Angela, his wife.He’s relieved that he did not wind up with his best friend’s high school sweetheart who ran gone.

He was devastated to hear from his best buddy that they were now a couple and that they didn’t mean to harm him, even though it seemed like it had been yesterday.

He was unaware of their relationship. On dates he believed to be his, was he the third wheel?

Timothy has been married for half of his twenty years, but he can’t stop discreetly trailing his wife, Angela, to make sure she is being honest about her whereabouts when they are apart.

Will she actually be able to work? Is she actually going to supper with her girlfriends? She looked amazing for only going to the grocery store this morning. Is she attempting to meet another person? These are not encouraging ideas.

If Timothy could allow himself to trust her, they could have a far better relationship.

After all these years, she frequently tells him that she still feels like he hasn’t committed himself all to her. He knows they will get into a heated argument if he is discovered to be following Angela.

Jealousy and problems with trust have caused many marriages to end in divorce. Timothy is unsure of his motivation for allowing the past to cause him such pain.

He keeps putting off seeing a professional because he believes it won’t harm, but he never takes the required action to face his anxieties.

2. Although Michael adores Cindy, their marital problems stem from his feelings of inadequacy towards her. In a marriage, he fears being emotionally rejected.

Because she loves him, Cindy casually said one day that “size does not matter.” Michael was unaware that Cindy had labeled him as a guy who “size does not matter.”

Had she been lying all along? He finds it difficult to share deep feelings with her these days since he is constantly concerned with whether he is measuring up.

Michael makes excuses to avoid any form of contact, both emotional and physical, since he can’t bear the thought that he might not be enough for her.

He was aware of his vulnerability and wondered when her ideas would harm him.

In addition, he believed that their marriage’s trust was in jeopardy. Despite frequently feeling as though he is exaggerating the situation, he finds it difficult to overcome his worries that their union is in danger of failing.

3. Jimmy is preparing to compete for the Heavy Weight Boxing Championship of the World. He adores Sandra, his wife.

He repeatedly discovers that he avoids closeness with her because having sex while training depletes his energy.

For six weeks, having sex is not permitted while in training. Though he is aware that she understands, he is not pleased. He knows it will all be worthwhile once he prevails.

Jimmy understands that his desire is preventing him from having physical contact with his wife, and that their emotional relationship is being harmed by his unwillingness to address this matter honestly.

He will quit the game if he loses because his marriage is very important to him. However, if he prevails and goes on with his goals, they will need to find a means of fortifying their emotional bond.

4. Despite knowing he should consult a physician for his low sex desire, Jack, who is married to Vicky, finds it difficult to make the appointment.

Vicky is pressing for assistance in the interim. When it’s time to leave, he cancels appointments that he has made. Although he has never had a high sex desire, he was unaware that it was an issue until he got married.

Jack is constantly reminded that Vicky is a beautiful lady and that her husband should be content, which causes him to shy away from both emotional and sexual connection with his wife.

All in all, emotional closeness in a relationship or marriage can be impacted by issues from previous relationships, particularly those involving trust and jealousy.

In addition, men’s avoidance of emotional closeness with their spouses can be attributed to low sex drive and ambition.

So how can one assist a man who is struggling with intimacy? Communication is the first step in everything.

In order to fix issues with emotional closeness in a marriage, communication is essential. Even if it means that, on sometimes, a couple needs to seek support from someone outside of their marriage, such as a professional or confidant.