Why Experts Rank This Louisiana City as the States Filthiest

You might adore Shreveport, Louisiana, for its nearly 200-year history or its thriving commercial area, which is home to Fortune 500 corporations. You’re presumably not as enamored with the city’s cleanliness reputation.

Shreveport was ranked as the filthiest city in Louisiana in 2023. Though it’s clear the label is unflattering, what does it actually mean? Let’s investigate.

The Filthiest Louisiana City

Lawnstarter’s 2023 ranking of the 152 dirtiest American communities took into account a number of factors, including as overall living conditions, pollution, and infrastructure. Certain cities are overrun with rats or mice, while the air quality in others is appalling. Numerous facets of city life can be impacted by neglect or a lack of cleanliness.

Regretfully, Shreveport comes in at number eleven in the nation and as the dirtiest city in Louisiana according to Lawnstarter’s report. New Orleans, Louisiana, ranked number 54 out of 152 on the list as well. Although it’s hardly a statistic you would put on a highlight clip for New Orleans, their standing is still far better than Shreveport’s.

Here’s all you should know about Shreveport, the dirtiest city in Louisiana.


Approximately half of Shreveport’s municipal and state-owned roads are in poor or dilapidated condition, and 11% of its bridges have structural flaws, according to the Transportation Research Nonprofit (TRIP) report from 2021.

Both locals and visitors to Shreveport incur real costs as a result of these issues.

According to TRIP Director of Research and Policy Rocky Moretti, “The TRIP Report finds that motorists in the Shreveport area are on average spending an additional $2,135 annually — the cost of driving on rough roads, the value of lost time and fuel due to traffic congestion, and the economic cost of serious and fatal traffic crashes.”

For example, Shreveport traffic results in drivers having to sit in their automobiles for an additional 28 hours a year. That would be considered a part-time work week. But you have to drive in traffic instead of working or having fun. Rather than being the result of too many people using the road, a large portion of this heavy traffic is caused by poor road design and condition.

According to the TRIP research, car crashes in Shreveport claim the lives of roughly 49 people annually. According to the experts, at least part of the blame should go to the roads.


Although Shreveport has somewhat clean air, its water supply is contaminated by pollution.

Trihalomethane levels in Shreveport’s water exceeded permissible limits from April to at least August 2023. Chlorine and organic materials react to produce trihalomethanes as a byproduct. The director of Shreveport Water and Sewerage clarified that the issue arose when the city began increasing the amount of chlorine added to the water as a result of an ozone system malfunction at the water treatment facility.

Prolonged exposure to trihalomethane can cause major health issues. While there may not be much of a risk from short-term exposure, the city’s water system has numerous issues. The city’s program, Clean Water Shreveport, notes on its website that the sewer system is corrosive, inadequate, and in disrepair. Raw sewage seeping onto the streets due to sanitary sewer overflows has grown frequent.

General Living Environment

Millions of animals and about 200,000 residents call Shreveport home. The environment in Shreveport has a direct impact on these living things. This could be the reason Shreveport was listed as one of the worst areas in the nation by Wallethub to start a family.

Shreveport has an aging infrastructure and a high crime rate. For instance, Wirepoints found in 2023 that the murder rate in the Bossier City-Shreveport region was three times higher than the national average. That is a number that can terrify a prospective newcomer or visitor.

According to another Wallethub survey, Shreveport ranks seventh in the nation for women’s quality of life when considering variables like suicide rates and general well-being.

Shreveport is among the most impoverished metropolitan regions in the United States economically. The national median income of $74,580 is substantially more than the average household income of $48,164 per year.

Last Words

Louisiana charm can be found in the historic city of Shreveport. It’s also the dirtiest city in Louisiana. It can be challenging to reconcile the dual nature, particularly if you’re not familiar with the region. Shreveport’s deteriorating infrastructure, which is in dire need of repair, its outdated sewage system, which needs to be updated, and its alarming crime rate are the reasons it is seen as dirty.

Though they shouldn’t be disregarded, these elements don’t have to dictate how you live or travel. Stay in the places that make you feel at ease when you’re in Shreveport. And maintain optimism. The metropolis is expanding and improving. Pure Water For example, Shreveport is committed to improving its wastewater system and cleaning the city’s water supply.

Shreveport might eventually rise above its dirty reputation to become one of Louisiana’s most prosperous cities.