Where Was “Twilight” Filmed? (+ Places To Visit, Things To Do, and Wildlife)

The well-known movie Twilight is based on the same-titled novel. Teen romance and vampires were huge at the time this movie came out! There was a lot of fighting about Team Jacob versus Team Edward. Though it was set in Forks, Washington, was this entertaining supernatural film actually shot there? The brevity of the response is nein! So where did they film Twilight? See if you can visit some of these recognisable locations where these films were shot by following along.

“Twilight”: Where Was It Filmed?

The majority of the “Twilight” movie was shot in and around Portland, Oregon, which is similar to how Forks, Washington is portrayed in both the book and the movie. While Bella’s House was filmed in St. Helens, Oregon, the distinctive and contemporary Cullen House was shot in Portland. Even though the Cullen House still stands, it is a private property; please respect the occupants and visit carefully.

Numerous scenes are filmed outside. Oregon’s stunning Silver Falls State Park is one of these filming locations. It’s a fantastic state park with breathtaking views. You can fish, walk, and camp.

The beaches, what about them? The main characters of the movie “Twilight” can also be seen strolling along the coast in a few of the sequences. Although La Push Beach is a real beach, Indian Beach in Ecola State Park served as the filming location for some of its sequences.

Can You Visit Forks Washington?

“Twilight” takes place in the genuine city of Forks, Washington, despite having been filmed in Portland! Forks is a well-liked destination. It’s the town from the Twilight books and movie! There are many references to the television show throughout the area, even though the movie wasn’t shot here. For example, Forks has the Forever Twilight in Forks Collection, which features costumes and items from the movies. In addition, the Forever Twilight in Forks Festival is held in this city.

Wildlife in Portland, Oregon

We can talk about some of the creatures that were filmed in the “Twilight” area now that we know where it was. There are roughly 130 different kinds of mammals in Oregon, which include mule deer, red foxes, western red bats, and North American beavers. How about birds? Portland is home to a variety of species, including mallards, northern flickers, song sparrows, and wood ducks.