Where Is Iowa? See Its Map Location and Surrounding States

Iowa is a terrific place to visit if you’re hoping to explore the big American Midwest. Surrounded by six neighboring states, Iowa is a stunning landlocked state. It is well-known for its agricultural landscape, yielding some of the country’s highest grain production. Iowa is home to more than simply agriculture, though. Let’s examine Iowa’s location, its bordering states, and other details.

Where is Iowa Located on the Map?

The Midwest region of the United States of America is where Iowa is located. Iowa is bordered by Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota, among other states. It is located in the country’s northern region. Here’s a map showing its exact location:

When Did Iowa Officially Join the United States?

The 29th state to formally become a part of the US is Iowa. On December 28, 1846, it attained statehood. It was over 200 years ago! At the time of Iowa’s official statehood, President James K. Polk was the head of state. A few of Iowa’s modern neighbors were not even states at the time; Minnesota, for example, wasn’t admitted until 1858.

Is Iowa a Good Place to Live?

Indeed. In actuality, Iowa is ranked as the eleventh greatest state in the union to live in. The Midwest is ranked well because of its strong schools, safe neighborhoods, and reasonably priced cost of living. The cost of living in Iowa is notably low, 16% less than the national average. That implies that living in the state will provide you with a great value for your money.

Iowa is a safe place for families because it also has an extremely low crime rate. Agriculture makes up the majority of Iowa’s economy, so if you’re hoping to work in the field, you and your family will have plenty of opportunities here. In Iowa, schools are also quite important, so you should anticipate sending your kids to top-notch universities.

And lastly, Midwestern kindness is a hallmark of Iowan society. In Iowa, you can anticipate a community based on friendliness and friendly neighbors. People in the state are friendly, so if you’re moving here with your family, you should expect some assistance from them while you get settled in.

What is the Climate in Iowa?

The weather in Iowa is another attraction. Iowa is a great place to live if you enjoy change because it experiences all four seasons. Fall is the most beautiful season of the year because of its pleasant temperatures and striking color changes.

All year long, precipitation is to be expected, with rain in the spring, summer, and fall and snow in the winter. Although Iowa’s winters aren’t the worst in the Midwest, you might not want to live there if you’re afraid of the cold. In the winter, the north of Iowa often has temperatures of about 14 degrees Fahrenheit, while the south experiences temperatures of about 20.

4 Fun Facts About Iowa

Now that you are aware of Iowa’s location as well as its environment and living circumstances, let’s look at some interesting facts about the state!

1. Iowa is home to some awesome universities.

Although the state has excellent K–12 education, Iowa also offers some excellent options for postsecondary education. Iowa State University, University of Iowa, and University of Northern Iowa are the three state universities in the state. They provide a great range of programs that are ideal for you and your children.

2. Iowa doesn’t just produce corn.

Although Iowa is well-known for its contributions to the US maize industry, the state’s agricultural landscape is broader than just corn. Actually, the state leads in hogs, cattle, and soybean production. Additionally, the state produces a lot of ethanol. All things considered, Iowa produces a wide range of significant agricultural goods.

3. Iowa is a leader in the United States’ wind industry.

Iowa makes contributions to energy beyond its agricultural output. In the field of wind energy, Iowa is a leader as well. The state had 6,000 wind turbines as of 2022. After Texas, Iowa is the second-largest wind producer in the US.

4. Iowa is home to some wonderful wildlife.

Like most of the Midwest, there aren’t many unusual animal species in Iowa. But the state is home to more than just rabbits and deer—it has bobcats! Numerous different species of birds may be found in Iowa, with the stunning American goldfinch serving as the state bird.