What is (TES) Technical Entry Scheme of Indian Army ?

hear candidates, the Indian Army has recently published the notice of TES course, it is appropriate to tell our applicants on what is 10 + 2 TES Indian Army entry point, its eligibility criteria, the selection procedure and many more.

What technical inputs TES scheme

TES represent technical scheme for entries, as the name suggests, it is a technical input to enter the Indian Army as an officer. TES is more or less as inputs TGC UES and the Indian army, but in the case of candidates TGC UES and ask after his genius from the outside; TES is an opportunity for aspiring to join the technical branch of the Indian Army after 10 + 2, but according to vacancies candidates can join other areas, as well as infantry, artillery, etc.

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The eligibility criteria for technical inputs TES scheme

Age: 16 and a half and over 19 and a half years
Education: candidates who have passed 10 + 2 or equivalent examination with a minimum total of 70% of physical marks, chemistry, and mathematics.

By type of technique Commission TES regime tickets

Upon successful 4-year cadets of the course, they will be granted Permanent Commission of the army in the rank of lieutenant
After successfully training the total of 04 years, candidates will be launched in the lieutenant They seniority will be awarded in the general order of merit of three technical institutes handsets namely CME MQTE, MCEME and if the launch date coincides with IMA, Dehradun, which will be placed IMA secondary block (NDA / ACC / course) but above current TGC / SIU.
technical inputs TES training regime

Total Training will be 5 years as the details:
basic military training: 1 year (Officer Training Academy Gaya).
Technical training:
Phase-I (Pre Training Board): 3 years (CME Pune, Secunderabad, and MCEME MQTE Mhow)
Phase-II (since the Commission training): 1 year CME Pune, Secunderabad and MQTE MCEME Mhow.
The granting of the title: the candidate engineering career after the success of the training will be awarded.
Should not be classified in the following test year, the same will result in the loss of seniority for them and they will lose seniority far exceeds delay in a test engineering career. If they fail to qualify, even within three years of its commissioning, it will end its commission.

Selection Procedure technical inputs TES scheme

Shortlisted candidates will be called for the Maintenance Services Selection Board (SSB) in Bhopal, Bangalore, and Allahabad.
The duration of the SSB interview is five days, excluding days of arrival. While in SSB, candidates undergo a psychological examination, group tests, and interviews.
Applicants will be subjected to step – I of the selection procedure, the first day. Only selected candidates will be kept to maintain the balance test. Candidates who fail to qualify on stage – I, will be returned on the first day itself, Stage I psychologically test intelligence test, including its origin.
candidates selected in the SSB to undergo a medical examination lasting 3 to 5 days except for Sundays and public holidays classified necessary.
The candidates recommended by the SSB and were declared medically will be designated for training in the order of merit, based on the number of vacancies.
The candidates finally selected all bonds/certificates will be executed as prescribed by the entry under NDA Cadets Al 53/78.
Candidates for appearing SSB interview for the first time for a particular type of service will be entitled to tender III and AC train ticket back and forth or ticket reservation busloads, including sperm ties within India. The candidates applying for the same type of commission are not allowed to travel allowance at any time thereafter.

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