What Is Snake Race : Group Obstacle Race In SSB

What Is Snake Race: Group Obstacle Race In SSB

Snake Race is one of the most exciting and thrilling in the test group, it is interesting because it looks like a war with others. serpent race is very important in the series of tests on groups and their behavior and attitude within the rating of the group, I will not go into technical details, but just want to convey the real reason behind the decision SSB interview serpent race snake

We all know that every GT is to test you on the basis of group activities and the same case is with the serpent race. All we have to do is put a snake all together and run through various obstacles that supposed to do? It is really difficult to handle a snake ?? or is it difficult to handle the snake or other candidates?? I believe, most of the candidates are the working group as an individual task, which does not deserve any, remember everyone has to take the snake to the finish line and there are certain rules and regulations for to follow, I will not tell you what the rules are, because we know that sooner or later, but this post is fair to say that the practice and the reality of the serpent race.

During the serpent race which saw some candidates are being just fast performance to win the race, some are even very heavy can not function properly, some are lazy and not even cry battle cry. This is the general case, I do not think you’ll all athletes of the group of 8-10 members, this is what we face here, you have to show your skills and win the game with average players. Again, there is the question of winning serpent race is all about what he did through the race, think of a situation of war where you are great men who should take care of everything and you have not to cross all barriers, it helps in the serpent race other members rather than just think of rest for the first time in the GTO group to see and give ratings.

How to help? Help a fat guy to jump the wall, help a weak heart to leap tall walls, help them through the rim (ring) coz his hanging {stand on one side and is stable}, help to keep the movable plate and is Stable for others to cross safely, help to shout war cries, help prevent about rules ..find how to help and who will win the race. Never try to compete, but to learn to work with each other, SSB rejects you because someone who is better than you, but if you have it in us, then you will be on the other side, sooner or later. Write your experience serpent race in the comment box below.

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