What Is Nashville Known for? 10 Things Nashvillians Love About Themselves

Nashville is a truly unique city, despite the fact that several people only know it as the home of Tennessee’s capitol. Nashville boasts abundant natural beauty in addition to being an urban centre with all the amenities of a large metropolis. Spending time in this city makes people fall in love, and many visitors find themselves returning time and time again. However, why is this the case? We’ll talk about ten things Nashville is well-known for today and investigate the reasons why people are drawn to this city.

1. Bright Music Scene

In fact, Nashville is known as the “Music City,” and this moniker couldn’t be more fitting. Even though a lot of people in this area enjoy listening to country music, jazz, bluegrass, rock, and blues are also well-liked. It’s usual to hear live music emanating from a range of various venues as you stroll down the street. Furthermore, the city is dotted with a multitude of diverse music venues.

None, though, compares to The Ryman Auditorium. As stated by Nashville Public Television, “The Ryman is the definitive Mother Church of Country Music and is a testament to American musical history, from the inspiration of riverboat captain Thomas Ryman to the most significant home of the Grand Ole Opry, from the struggle for its preservation to its eventual restoration.” This iconic music venue is highly recommended by both residents and tourists, making it a must-visit location when in Nashville.

2. Nashville Hot Chicken

Nashville Hot Chicken may be one of the first things that springs to mind when you think about Nashville. Even though this dish is well-known, people rarely share the origin tale. Women adored Thornton Prince, and he adored women. He had quite the reputation as a lady’s man back in the day. This would have all gone well, but there was a tiny catch: Thornton was married and living at home! She made fried chicken, which was his favourite dish, as payback. Thornton was unaware, though, that she had added an eye-watering amount of spice to the original recipe.

He ended up falling hard for this delightfully spicy chicken, even though her real goal was to get even with him. Prince went on to start a restaurant and serve this meal for decades after realising the recipe’s potential. His great-niece has carried on the tradition since then and continues to offer this dish now. Numerous imitators have been attempting to profit from this viral phenomenon ever since. Party Fowl, Hattie B’s, and Helen’s Hot Chicken are a few other nearby locations where you may sample Nashville Hot Chicken.

3. Mouthwatering Food and Beverages

There are many more delicious delicacies in Nashville that you must taste while you’re there, even if Nashville Hot Chicken is unquestionably one of the best things to come out of this city. In addition, Nashvillians are masters at creating flawlessly fluffy cornbread, frying up catfish, and smoking and flavouring barbecue. Not to mention, Nashville is home to the original Goo Goo Cluster. In case you were unaware, this culinary masterwork served as the prototype for the combo candy bar in America. If you like alcoholic beverages, Nashville also has much to offer. Nashville specialties include sweet tea, whisky, and Tennessee Bushwackers!

4. Professional Teams in Sports

Just like they are about their food and music, Nashvillians are fervent about sports! Nashville is home to four professional sports teams: the Nashville Predators, Tennessee Titans, Nashville Sounds, and Nashville SC, according to Lipscomb University. These teams participate in baseball, soccer, ice hockey, and football, in that order. This allows supporters of many different sports to support their home team. There are two venues that hold athletic events: Nissan Stadium and Bridgestone Arena. Check out their upcoming schedule to find out who’s playing!

5. Excellent Medical Care

Nashville offers some of the best medical care available when compared to other American cities. Indeed, Nashville is referred to as the “health services capital of the United States” by some. This city’s designation stems from the fact that Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) is based here. The goal when HCA was established in the 1960s was to provide considerably wider patient care. This was made possible by the addition of more hospitals to their network, and as the business expanded, the calibre of its services progressively increased. Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital, TriStar Centennial Medical Centre, and Vanderbilt University Medical Centre are just a handful of the Nashville hospitals that offer their patients top-notch medical care.

6. Culture and Fine Arts

Is there anything Nashville is known for that we could include that doesn’t include the Grand Ole Opry? This city is home to the longest-running radio programme in the country, and audiences still love shows there as much now as they did when they first started. Elvis Presley, Carrie Underwood, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, and Garth Brooks are just a few of the famous people who have played here. A trip to the Tenessee State Museum, the Museum of African American Music, or the First Museum is also likely to delight art enthusiasts. Nashville has something to pique your interest in history, music, or the arts.

7. Farmers’ Markets

It’s no secret that Nashville residents love cuisine. It seems sense that farm-to-table food is so well-liked here since cooking and eating are deeply ingrained in the local culture. More than anything, Nashvillians take great pride in producing delicious and healthful meals. There are many farmers markets spread out over the city since families and restaurants alike want to get their meats and fruit directly from the source. While visiting or living there, guests can purchase an abundance of locally grown fruits and vegetables and eat farm-fresh meat and eggs that haven’t been polluted by additives or preservatives.

8. Rooftop Bars

For those of you who are primarily interested in nightlife, Nashville has enough to offer. There are many rooftop bars with breathtaking views of the city to pick from. Fans of Dolly Parton will enjoy White Limozeen. Perched atop the Graduate Hotel, this exquisitely pink bar offers a panoramic view of Nashville’s downtown. Another great option is Bobby’s Rooftop Lounge. Apart from providing refreshments and food, visitors can select from an assortment of games and snap pictures near their refurbished 1956 Scenicruiser. For those who like a more conventional look, Acme Feed and Seed could be the ideal choice. You can always expect to find chilled drinks, delicious food, and great music wherever you go. Make sure your travel schedule includes at least one of these locations.

9. The Beauty of Nature

Nashville achieves the ideal harmony between its natural surroundings and its metropolitan atmosphere. Warner Parks offer the ideal haven for those seeking to get away from it all. Here, locals like to spend their time engaging in a range of activities, including hiking, horseback riding, picnics, and meditation. If the weather permits, occasionally you can even witness a wedding taking place! Radnor Lake is a great spot to go bird watching if you’re interested in the local fauna. “The park is ideal for nature enthusiasts to observe owls, herons, and waterfowl as well as many species of amphibians, reptiles, and mammals such as mink and otter,” states Tennessee State Parks.

10. Activities on Water

As we mentioned before, there are lots of outdoor-oriented activities in this city. Water activities and sports are therefore very popular here. There are several places to go swimming, fishing, boating, sailing, and paddle boarding. Those who like kayaking are particularly fond of the Cumberland River. Another place that the community adores is Centre Hill Lake. Families love camping here in the summer, and swimming and boating are popular pastimes. If you’re the more laid-back kind, these places offer guests the opportunity to disconnect from technology and unwind in the great outdoors.