what is CDS Exam ? NDA and NA

What is CDS Exam? NDA and NA

Many candidates are asking “What is the examination of the CDS” or “What services combined defense review.” This message will tell you some basics about details CDSE review that is conducted by UPSC . UPSC means Public Utilities Commission of the Union and like many other government tests, which also carry CDSE [Combined Defence services Review] twice a year.
What is the examination of the CDS

UPSC is tested twice a year is written. CDS written examination three different tests, namely English, general knowledge and mathematics.
CDSE is conducted by UPSC
CDSE is conducted by UPSC
Why do I need to write CDS review

If you want to join the armed forces of India as an officer after graduation, CDSE is the best way to do it.
With CDS exam, you can join one of these services

Indian army
Indian Air Force
Indian navy
Moreover, you can get training in the most powerful military training centers as

Indian Military Academy by the Standing Committee of the Indian Army
Indian Air Force Air Force Academy Pilot
Training Academy Shorts Indian Military Commission officers
Naval Academy Navy India
CDS said examination month

Date of CDS written examination

Age limit for CDS exam


19-24 years for Indian Military Academy
19-22 years for Naval Academy
19-23 years for Air Force Academy
19-25 years for staff Training Academy
Training for Education for consideration CDS

Degree from a recognized university or equivalent to the IMA and OTA
BSc with physics and mathematics or Bachelor of Engg for Naval Academy
BSc with physics and / or mathematics or Bachelor of Engg for Air Force Academy
Curriculum and examination marking system CDS
1. English (actus reus)
100 brands
Indian Military Academy
naval Academy
Air Force Academy
2. General knowledge (actus reus)
100 brands
3. Primary Mathematics (actus reus)
100 brands
300 brands
Officers Training Academy

1. English (actus reus)
100 brands
2. General knowledge (actus reus)
100 brands
200 brands
Brands SSB Interviews
300 brands
200 brands
Best Books for CDSE Preparation

Although there are many books available in the market for CDSE but CDSE Pathfinder is recommended to our readers.
How to pass the exam CDS

We have already discussed in the previous post, candidates can visit the link to the article: How to pass the exam CDS.
So, now you know what you have to do to join the armed forces of India as an officer. If you still have questions regarding the review of the combined defense services, CDSE. Do not write in the comment box below.

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