What is (AFCME) Air Force Central Medical Establishment, New Delhi ?

What is (AFCME) Air Force Central Medical Establishment, New Delhi ?

The medical examination is the next step after a person has been recommended by SSB. It is mandatory to go through all the tests and only those who are medically fit are eligible to join the armed forces. If you deleted or AFSB SSB flying branch in the Navy or Coast Guard, it will be sent to the establishment Air Force Central Medical in Subrato Park, New Delhi. It is a medical elite institute that assesses your overall health and fitness and therefore unsuitable for tree or branches above is declared. Medical standards here are among the highest among all defense medical institutions, therefore, there is no margin for error. They have the best doctors and equipment with the latest technology to assess the health of a person.
I recommend Costa Guard Selection Board, and other candidates Noida, Prateek Taneja input driver from the Indian Coast Guard 13 March’15 (02/2015 lots). Therefore, we were asked to report on AFCME on 16 March’15 medical examinations for aviation. The whole procedure lasted 5 days and was actually more nerve wrecking than the court itself of the final selection. I say this because in SSB / FSB, you are aware of what he did. You can measure your strengths and weaknesses, and cover if they fail in previous cycles. But medical exams, things are usually not in their hands.
medical examination procedure in New Delhi AFCME

1st day
We have informed the AFCME 21:00. Candidates were recommended AFSB Dehradun and AFSB Varansai (until 2016 to January AFCAT course) for several branches of the Air Force were also there. Overall, we were a group of about 20 people. The day began filling lengthy forms, which took about 2 hours. I was hoping we give figures on the chest, but were not.
The expansion height, weight and chest: We were taken to another room where the weight, height and baseline measurements chest expansion were measured. This should not be a problem, as long as you are above the minimum height is not more or less weight. the chest expansion must be at least 5 cm. This is easily achievable by all. It can be measured at home and if you think you fall below the minimum reference value, exercises to improve lung capacity or yoga can help to breathe. See the table of correlation between weight-height to see if you need to gain or lose weight, or if your weight is within the set limits. Remember, (+/-) 10% difference in weight is admissible.
Dental checkup: AFCME not a dental checkup center for all of us were taken to Centro Dental Air Force, which is located near Palam. Doctors examined the overall health of our teeth, and dental items were counted. It also checks the opening and closing bite bite. Some people fear they could be rejected because they have received root canal treatment (RCT). However, there is no obstacle. You must have a minimum number of dental issues (usually 14) depending on its branch.
audiometry test: AFCME we returned in an hour and proceeded with the hearing. First, the doctor will check your outer ear to make sure there are no injuries or accidents. Then, pressure testing eardrum is performed using a special device. The main criterion is the test audiometry. In this, you have to sit in a soundproof room with headphones. You must hold down a button on the hand, and every time you hear the sound of a beep, you should press the button. Now this is the hard part. The sound is softer public can imagine. It is played in quick succession, with increasing and decreasing frequency. Noise also changes from one ear to the other in a random manner to ensure that both the ear can hear the sound of all frequencies. You will not be informed when the sound starts playing, so that you may lose the opportunity of “beeps” original, what happened to most of us. To avoid this, simply close your eyes and focus on your ears and sound when using headphones. Focus on the task, and block everything else. The test is not difficult, but requires you to be completely focused.
ECG monitoring ECG hearing test, which stands for Electro cardiogram test. It is a simple test to measure the performance of your heart. You must sleep and probes are connected to the ends and around the heart. Within 15-20 seconds, the results are shown in the machine for the physician to analyze. Be relaxed and calm during the process. Breather and normally do not get tense.
With this, the day came to an end. AFCME closes at 15:00 and so all tests are surrounded by 2 at 14:30. We were asked to report on an empty stomach at 7:30 am the next day. Two tablets were given to us to clean our digestive tract. These should be eaten after dinner. If you are a candidate for the branches of ICG flight, or Marine Corps aviation to the army, which must make their own living arrangements in Delhi at the time of medical examinations as accommodation provides only the candidates of the air force.

Read my experience Interview India Coast Guard

day 2
If necessary, we arrived at 7:30 am on an empty stomach and feel very hungry. It is important not to eat anything because I did Muddle results. Within hours of fight against hunger, it is better than being rejected for minor reasons. This also applies to the exercise of self-control for the sake of testing.
Blood and urine: Both tests are quite explicit. You need to give samples of blood and urine tests to rule out disease. People who are anemic should take steps to improve yourself, you are sure to get the temporary ban otherwise. If you are not more or less weight would be given to water and glucose to drink and you have to give another blood sample after 2 hours. This is to check whether your body is able to break down the sugars in the given time.
X-Ray: If you are a pilot candidate, 7 different X-rays will be taken while the number is 3 for other candidates. You must stand or lie in different positions, so that X-rays of the chest, back, elbows, shoulders, etc. skull can be taken. Basically, you want to ensure that no damage, injuries or broken bones. In addition, the angle of the spinal cord, the shape and alignment of the bones are important parameters. If he had a fracture of a previous bone, mention it. While the bone is completely healed, it will not be a problem.
Ultrasound: The purpose of this test is to check whether your liver, kidneys, stomach, bladder, etc. are intact and healthy. Since ECG, it is very simple and just lie down for about a minute while the doctor checks your internal organs using an ultrasound device. This test is the main reason why they are not allowed to eat anything. The doctor should be able to clearly see their internal order to give judgment bodies. We ate at the content of our heart once we have done with ultrasound!
Examination and physical blood pressure: The doctor examines the shape of their hands, legs and body in general. Things such as the elbow angle, knees together, feet flat, sweaty hands, number of fingers, webbed fingers, the shape of the breast, are checked. Monitoring is to check BP. Many candidates have normal BP, which is triggered when you see the machine. Just breathe normally and remain calm. Put tense only raise your blood pressure, which is one of the reasons for their rejection.
Eye test: One of the basic tests, but also one that everyone feared. Per flight leg, the vision should be 6/6, while for basic functions, 6/9 or a little more is admissible. We had to read scripts remotely with a covered eye at a time. It was very easy and almost everyone was able to erase. Those who are not able to correctly read should receive additional testing. We only realized this basic test, as it was almost closing time. The other vision tests were scheduled for the next day.

3 days
ENT: In ENT doctor carefully examines the ears and nose. A ring test was conducted wherein the physician places a ring device in a year, whispering random numbers in the other ear. We had to say these numbers out loud. This was done repeatedly to both ears, but it was very easy. It is an alternative to the famous test in which a paper is placed on the ear and scratching was made, while another person whispering distance numbers.
Martin Lantern eye test: It was only for pilot candidates. It is to assess whether it can distinguish colors from a distance and to make sure you are not colorblind. We were taken in a dark room. A flashlight is maintained at a distance of about 10 feet. This flashlight has two small holes, which can display three white lights, the different colors- red or green random. It can be a combination, such as white-red, white-white, red-green, green, white, etc. The white color can have a yellowish, at a distance of some people based on their color perception, but just say white. The lights quickly changed and we had to say, two colors that we saw. It was a very interesting test and everything brought us easily.
Test pupil dilation: Perhaps the most important factor of view because it allows the doctor to see the eyes of a detail. His pupils dilated by putting eye drops (three times every 15 minutes). For 45 minutes, you have to sit with your eyes closed for proper expansion. Then, using a special device, the doctor performs a detailed eye examination to rule out any damage or injury that may occur in the future more serious problems. Many people, including myself, were found to have problems in this test.
A note of caution on this TEST- you will not be able to see at close range objects up to 2 hours after the expansion. Even doing simple tasks such as displaying your cell phone and written materials will be difficult, because everything will be blurred. Sunlight literally eye injury. It is therefore advisable to wear sunglasses to reduce discomfort while exiting.

Anthropometry: Your measurements are taken and must be within prescribed parameters. These are stricter for drivers candidates because they need to be able to fit inside cabins that are quite constrained. Several measures, such as seat height, total height, thigh length, leg length, etc. are taken. There’s really not much you can do in this test, since its height can be increased in a short time for review, and obviously can not be reduced if you are found to be more high! The maximum and minimum lengths can be found on the site AFCME.
This was the last test for almost everyone. In the case of candidates who have had some or the other issue, confirmation checks are needed and were sent to all base hospital or research and referral hospital army (R & R), according to ‘problem army.

4 days
Due to a problem with the expansion of the test pupil, who had to report to the Army Hospital R & R at 9:00 am, as well as other candidates who had problems in the test eye. R & R is a huge hospital and has first class facilities for all specialties. 6 United States reported in the department of eye and one by one, were subjected to the tests required. I had to stand the test of pupil dilation, again, but fortunately, no abnormalities were detected and the military doctor said I think to normal. exam is one of the most played and procedures may take a long time if a problem is detected. All of us returned to AFCME the afternoon, but it was quite late, our conference could not take place and was scheduled for Friday, the day after.

5 days
On the day of the most anticipated conference finally arrived. I can say that we have all been under a lot more stress than we were the day of the conference on the SSB paris here were much higher. For now, we had a rough idea of our likely gaps, but only added to the concerns. Around 10 am, the conference began. The president was a senior Air Commodore officer. One by one, we were to receive our judgments on fitness levels. The first candidates received the temporary release (TR) for several reasons. Then I entered, not knowing the outcome. The president looked at my papers and signed, I said “medically fit”. He smiled and wished me good luck on the merit list. With that, I left, forgetting all the excitement of the last days. The 10-day test including FSB and medical exams were finally over and I was relieved.
In our batch of about 20 people, only 7 or 8 were declared fit. The rest were given TR, for various reasons, such as-

The (most common) or underweight (one or two) overweight
Vision problems (the second most common)
excessive carrying angle of the elbows (called cubitus valgus)
incorrect angle of the spinal cord
high BP
Low number of platelets in the blood test
Those who received TR should complete forms to request a review of the medical board which takes place after 42 days. This means a candidate if he is medically unfit for any reason 42 days to cure this problem, and to report on progress made in the designated medical facility. Some conditions may require surgery so it is advisable to think about it carefully, but do it as soon as possible if really necessary, since the healing process takes a little time.
For a detailed explanation of all the above given procedure, you can send an email to [email protected]~~V~~singular~~3rd. I think that the preparation of medical examinations to be in good shape is as important as preparing himself for SSB. In this sense, I hope this article will be useful to one and all candidates who want to join the defense forces. Good luck!

Other tips and tricks

It is a good idea to start doing basic exercises (if not already doing so), such as walking, jogging, running, swimming, cycling, skipping, etc. 2-3 months before the date of SSB. You must be having a fitness baseline otherwise some or the other problem will arise when medical checks.
You can make a precautionary medical checkup to rule out any problems. blood tests, urinalysis, check BP, are every 30 minutes procedures will give you peace of mind without precedent over the actual medical tests.
If you have conditions like touching knees or flat feet, start exercising from today, as they are completely curable. Do not take a chance with him, you will surely be rejected for such conditions.
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