Weimaraner Prices in 2024: Purchase Cost, Vet Bills, and More!

Many people are fortunate enough to own Weimaraners, who are gregarious and active dogs, in their home. When considering bringing a Weimaraner into your house, there are a few expenses to take into account.

This comprehensive guide covers all the information you require on the cost of a Weimaraner. Continue reading to create a budget for your next pet, including vaccinations, food, and insurance.

What Is the Price of a Weimaraner Puppy?

The cost to bring a Weimaraner home can range from $0 to $2,000. It all depends on how you go about getting this particular breed of dog. Let’s examine your three primary choices.

Free Dogs

It is still possible to receive a free dog in 2024. Weimaraners aren’t the most common breed, however there are situations where people must give up their pet because of their financial situation, an impending move, or because they weren’t a good fit. Look through the message boards in your area and think about placing a free dog-wanting ad there as well.


Getting a Weimaraner is the best choice. By providing these animals with a new, loving home, adoption contributes to their safety. At a shelter, the price range is usually between $50 and $500. In addition to offering two weeks of free veterinarian treatment, the majority of shelters will spay or neuter animals.


Finally, purchasing this particular breed from a breeder is one of the main ways to get it home. When someone has their heart set on a Weimaraner, they normally get in touch with a breeder rather than searching adoption centres.

From $500 to $2,000 is how much a breeder will charge for a Weimaraner. Puppies might easily cost you more than $1200, but the average price is around $700.

Other Elements That Affect a Weimaraner’s Purchase Price

The entire cost of getting a new dog for the house depends on a number of other considerations. Here are a few things to think about.


The dog’s bloodline and pedigree are among the most important elements. The price of the dog can go up if the Weimaraner’s lineage is available. This is particularly true if they are purebred or descended from a line of show dogs.

Age and Gender

The dog’s age is another item to consider. You will frequently pay hundreds of dollars more for a Weimaraner puppy than for one that is only a few years old. It’s also vital to note that male Weimaraners are typically more costly than females.

Males are frequently purchased by people only for breeding. Additionally, many pet owners view their prolonged lives as a worthy investment.


The cost may vary depending on where you intend to purchase or adopt a Weimaraner. Pets are typically more expensive in larger cities, especially if they are in high demand. They might cost less up front if you live in a place where there are many Weimaraners available for adoption or for sale.

Breeder Reputation

Finally, you should think about the breeder’s standing. A reputable, well-vetted, and knowledgeable breeder will probably charge extra for their dogs. Those who purchase a Weimaraner may benefit from this as you can be sure that the animal has been well-cared for and most likely has its first set of medical documents and vet appointments on file.

The price of a weimaraner’s vaccinations and other medical costs

The cost of your dog’s vaccines is determined by its age. The cost of all required vaccinations is approximately $170 on average each year. The cost of veterinarian services might vary depending on a number of other things, including where you live.

The average annual cost of dog vaccines is displayed in the chart below.

Vaccine Estimated Cost
DHPP $20 to $60
Leptospirosis $20–$30
Rabies $20–$30
Bordetella $30-50
Canine influenza $30-50
Lyme $20–$40

Aside from vaccinations, there are a handful of other medical expenses that come with owning a Weimaraner. These include the following. 

Vet Service Estimated Cost
Heartworm testing $25–$50
Fecal exam $20–$40
Flea and tick prevention $40–$200
Heartworm prevention $25–$120
Deworming $25–$130

Cost of Food and Supplies for Weimaraners

After learning how much it costs to purchase, adopt, and maintain the health of your canine companion, here are some additional items you should put money aside for your pet’s lifetime.


It’s undeniable that Weimaraners enjoy eating. Feeding them premium dog food, whether handmade or purchased from the shop, is imperative. You may anticipate paying up to $80 for groceries each month.


Despite the short coat of this breed, regular grooming might still be advantageous. The expense of grooming your dog yourself will be far less than that of hiring a pro. This can involve bathing as needed, cutting and brushing hair, and trimming nails. A session with a skilled groomer usually costs at least $50.


To ensure a happy and healthy life, a dog requires an abundance of accessories. Toys, crates, collars, leashes, clothes, beds, and other items are included in this. Throughout the course of a Weimaraner’s life, you shouldn’t spend more than $1,000 on these items, depending on how much you intend to indulge your dog.

How Much Does Weimaraner Insurance Cost?

Like other insurance kinds, dog insurance can have different rates from one supplier to the next. Additionally, there are other policies to select from. Pet insurance for a Weimaraner will set you back between $30 and $50 a month for basic coverage.

How Much Does Weimaraner Training Cost?

There are numerous choices available for training a dog. The least expensive option is usually to do it yourself by watching videos or taking online courses. This method is free, other than the time and reward goodies costs.

You can attend a group training session with your new acquaintance as well. Usually, six- to eight-week courses are used to charge for these. The total cost of them is about $200. Private instruction is another possibility. This is the most costly option, with a possible price tag of $1,000.