5 Ways To Kill Anxiety Before SSB Interview – Know Complete Details Here

Nerves—they affect the best of us. Some interview nerves = Good. Feeling anxious before an enormous event in your life is perfectly normal and actually a healthy response to the stimulus and situation you’re faced with. (And don’t forget that a little anxiety will actually help keep you sharp and quick-witted.) But obviously, it’s crucial that you don’t let your interview nerves impact your performance in a negative way.

Lots of interview nerves = Bad. If you’re so nervous that you simply feel overwhelmed and can’t think straight then that’s not a good place to be and clearly, your performance is going to be affected in a way that won’t be beneficial.

Interview nerves and anxiety arise mainly through fear of the unknown and during this article we tell you exactly what to expect and the way to prepare your mind and body to make sure you are feeling relaxed and assured during your SSB interview. the best part about getting an SSB interview is you’ve got at least a minimum of month’s time to organize to and figure out what you would like to do to urge yourself under control.

Ways To Kill Anxiety Before SSB Interview:

1. Plan Ahead:

This can’t be stressed enough. only too often SSB applicants get knots within the pits of their stomachs because they don’t know what to expect. Not knowing what kind of curveballs SSB can throw at you’ll be pretty nerve-wracking. But a simple way to walk into your scheduled SSB interview confidently is to plan ahead and think through all of the worst-case scenarios.

This includes not only reviewing all stages of the testing and formulating answers to common personal interview questions like “why do you want to join the Armed Forces?” and “why should we select you rather than the other applicants?” but also jotting down answers to the questions you fear the foremost for example, is there a particular question that you simply are just dreading that the interviewing officer will ask? If so, face your greatest fear and try arising with a solution that’s both honest and can reflect you in a positive light.

This is not to say that you simply should memorize all of your responses, however; after all, some variant of those questions could also be asked and you don’t want to appear robotic in your replies. But having some idea of what you’ll say maybe a sure way to get rid of some nerves. you also want to make sure that you simply do some thorough research on the Armed Forces—make sure to know a tad bit about India’s history at battles, its latest operations, battle tanks, artillery, submarines, acquired aircraft, etc. Not only will it demonstrate that you simply are serious about working for the nation but it also can give your answers some substance.

2. Accentuate the Positive:

The self-help gurus are right: It pays to think positively, especially when it comes to SSB interviews. The 5-day long testing process is often exhaustive and it’s easy to urge cynical, remember that even the simplest candidates face repeated rejections.

While cynicism and bitterness are often entertaining at a dinner party, these qualities can really hurt you in job interviews. Nobody wants to use a candidate with an attitude problem.
At the same time, negativity can prevent you from seeing your key traits clearly and expressing them well in your interview. Prepare and practice with the positive attitude that you simply can ace this SSB interview. Fake it until you make it!

3. Don’t give in to Desperation:

No matter how desperately you would like to join the armed forces, remember that it’s only one opportunity. Your entire future isn’t dependent on landing this particular service. Sure, it’s good outwardly, but it’s not your only option. So don’t overexert yourself and don’t hand over either. you’ll get more opportunities like this in the future. regardless of what happens, this SSB interview is going to be a learning experience that will cause you to a far better job candidate and a great professional within the long run.

4. Practice Interviewing Aloud:

Roleplay your personal interview. No, you’re not psychic and that we aren’t either, so what you practice won’t be 100% accurate but it’ll absolutely help if you’ll run through a simulated interview a few times before you really do one. Grab a friend or a loved one and have them play the part of the interviewing officer.

5. Visualize A Successful Interview:

Once that’s all done, it’s time to hit the hay and obtain some serious rest. Before you go to sleep, pre-visualize your complete journey of 5 days one more time. Imagine yourself knocking it out of the ballpark and really sailing through it with no problems. Go ahead and laugh if you would like, but it’s been proven that by imagining yourself during a positive light actually does help when it’s time to do the important thing! Besides, this is often YOUR imaginary interview, right?

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