Ways to Join Indian Army, How to Join Indian Army – Check Complete Details Here

Ways to Join Indian Army, How to Join Indian Army – Check Complete Details Here

Ways to Join Indian Army: Indian Army is the backbone of the nation and is additionally known as the lifeline of the security of the nation. The Indian Army provides many opportunities to the young aspirant to join the forces. The entries are for candidates for nearly all age groups and qualifications, starting from 10+2 up to the graduation level. In 2019, there would be total twenty opportunities or ways that, that the Indian Army can offer to the aspirant to join the force as an officer. These entries have certain eligibility conditions framed for the candidates. So, here is the outline of all twenty entries together with the essential details regarding them.

Ways to Join Indian Army By Qualifying Exams: 

NDA 1 2019:

NDA I 2019 are going to be the first UPSC entry for the aspirants who are appearing or have passed a twelfth class. The age limit for the examination are going to be 16 ½ – 19 ½ years. solely unmarried male candidates born not earlier than 02nd July, 2000 and not later than first July, 2003 are eligible. Candidates will apply for the entry on upsconline.nic.in.

NDA 2 2019:

The qualification for NDA 2 2019 are going to be same. Only unmarried male candidates born not earlier than 02nd January, 2001 and not later than first Jan, 2004 are eligible. Candidates will apply for it on upsconline.nic.in.

CDS 1 2019:

CDS 1 2019 can offer the opportunity to the army aspirants who have passed their graduation or are within the final your of their graduation to join the Indian Army. The candidates for IMA should have their age not earlier than 2nd January 1996 and not later than first January 2001. For OTA, born not earlier than second January 1995 and not later than first January, 2001. The examination forms are often filled on-line from thirty one October 2018 to twenty six November 2018 and therefore the examination are going to be conducted by UPSC on 03 February 2019.

CDS 2 2019:

All graduate candidates appearing in final year or have passed their graduation are eligible for the entry. The age required to apply for it’s second July 1996 and first July 2001 for IMA and for OTA, the range is second July 1995 to first July 2001. The candidates can apply for it in between twelve June 2019 to 08 July 2019 and therefore the examination are going to be conducted on 08 Sept 2019.

Territorial Army 2019:

All graduate candidates, who are gainfully utilized are eligible for the entry. The candidate should have his age within the range of 18-42 years. The exam notice are going to be discharged in 2019.

Ways to Join Indian Army By Direct Entries:

TES 1 2019 (TES 41):

All candidates who have passed 10+2 with seventieth marks aggregate in Physics, Chemistry and Maths and having their age within the range of 16 ½ – 19-1/2 are eligible for this entry. As per the eligibility criteria, the candidate shouldn’t be born before 01 Jan 2000 and not after 01 Jan 2003 (both days inclusive). The notification for this entry are discharged in twenty nine October 2018. An official cut-off are discharged which will be the base of the student to be called of the SSB.

TES 2 2019 (TES 42): 

It’s the second entry of TES which will be served within the middle of 2018. The academic qualification is same i.e. the candidates should have passed 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Maths with aggregate seventieth marks. The date of birth of the candidate shouldn’t be born before 01 July 2000 and not after 01 July 2003 (both days inclusive). The notification for this entry are discharged in May/ June 2019. The eligible candidate are known as on the basis of the official cut-off discharged by the authorities.

UES 2019 ( Possibly Discontinued):

University Entry scheme is discharged solely ones a year and also the notification of this entry are discharged in August/ Sept2018. The entry calls for the engineering students studying within the pre-final year in notified streams. The candidates, who are born on or after 02 January 1994 and before 01 January 2000 are eligible. A selection panel for the army conducts a small selections procedure at selected campus and selected candidates are called for SSB for further testing.

TGC 129:

TGC is chance served to the engineering graduates. The candidates, who have passed engineering within the notified stream will apply for the entry. The candidates whose age falls between twenty to twenty seven years as on 01 July 2019. (Candidates born between 02 July ninety two and 01 July ninety nine, each dates inclusive) are eligible for this entry and also the notification of this entry is discharged in thirty Oct 2018. After form submission, an official cut-off is discharged. The candidates who have scored above it’ll be further called for SSB.

TGC 130:

TGC are the second entry of TGC of 2018. The education qualification is same i.e. the B.Tech candidates, who have passed it in notified streams are eligible for it. The notification of the entry are discharged in May/ June 2018 and date of birth of the candidates born between 02 Jan ninety three and 01 Jan 2000, each dates inclusive) are eligible for this entry and also the notification of this entry is discharged in April 2019.

SSC Tech (Men) 53: 

It’s another entry for the engineering students for short service commission. The notification of initial entry of SSC are discharged in twenty three January 2019. The candidates, who have their age twenty to twenty seven years as on 01 October 2019 (Candidates born between 02 October ninety two and 01 October 99) (both dates inclusive).

SSC Tech (Men) 54:

The second direct entry of SSC are going to be SSC tech 54, that is also for B.Tech pass outs. The notification for the entry are going to be discharged in August/ Sept 2019 and also the DoB range needed according to the eligibility criteria is 02 Apr 1993 and 01 Apr 2000. The selection procedure is same as that of TGC.

SSC Tech (Women) 22:

This entry is brief service entry for the women candidates who have passed B.Tech in notified streams. The date of birth of candidates should fall between 2 Oct 1991 and not after 1 Oct 1998 and also the notification of this entry are going to be discharged in twenty three Jan 2019.

SSC Tech (Women) 23: 

This is the second SSC entry of 2019 for women solely. The education qualification can stay a similar i.e. all female candidates who have passed B.tech in notified streams. The age range for this entry is 02 Apr 1992 and 01 Apr 1999 and also the notification are going to be discharged in August/ Sept 2019.

AEC 129 ( Discontinued): 

The army education corps was a direct entry that calls for the postgraduates. This entry was stopped in 2018.

AEC 130 ( Discontinued): 

The army education corps was a direct entry that imply the postgraduates. This entry was stopped in 2018.

NCC 46:

Those candidates, who have aggregate 2-year service in NCC Sr. Div Army with minimum B Grade in C certificate exam have NCC opportunity for them. together with that, the candidate should have score minimum 50% marks in graduation. For NCC candidates (including wards of Battle Casualties) nineteen to twenty five years as on 01 July 2019 (born not earlier than 02 July 1994 and not later than 01 July 2000, each dates inclusive) and also the notification of the entry are going to be discharged in 09 Jan 2019.

NCC 47:

The second NCC entry of 2019 are going to be NCC 47. The qualification for the entry remains a similar, however the date of birth of the candidate should fall between 02 January 1995 and not later than 01 January 2001. The notification of NCC forty-seven are going to be discharged in July / August 2019.

JAG 23:

The law students have additionally got a special entry for them. JAG 23 are going to be for those candidates, who have passed LLB with minimum fifty fifth marks and are eligible for registration in Bar Council of India will apply for this entry. The candidate should be of the age between 21-27 years. Twenty-one to twenty-seven years as on 01 July 2019 (Born not ahead of 02 July ninety two and not later than 01 July ninety eight each dates inclusive) and also the notification of this entry are going to be discharged on sixteen January 2019.

JAG 24:

The second JAG entry of 2019 are going to be JAG 24, which is able to have similar academic qualification criteria. The age limit for it’ll be 2d Jan 1993 to first Jan 1999 and also the notification of this entry are going to be discharged in July – August 2018.

The above-mentioned entries can give the opportunity for a large range of candidates. The army offers the chance to almost each aspirant, who will be productive for the nation and serve the state in all possible ways. The entries are framed in such a way that these calls the candidates from totally different field and selects the best for one amongst the foremost responsible jobs within the nation. So, all Army aspirants should get through the above crisp outline of all the twenty entries and manage plan their opportunities for 2019.

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