Venus Sextile Aspects for Each Planet in the Natal Astrology Chart

When you write or talk, people usually listen. It’s also possible that learning environments are where you make the most significant connections.

Natal Venus Sextile Natal Mars

When the beauty and harmony of Venus is sextile to your natal Mars, it facilitates accomplishments. You might discover that your creative production and your “doingness” are related. Alternatively, you may discover that you are an imaginative thinker who usually manages to find a lovely solution to whatever is keeping you from achieving your objectives. You are an intense lover, and romance and sensuality usually coexist peacefully in your partnerships.

Natal Venus Sextile Natal Jupiter

You have easy and abundant relationships. It’s possible that your relationships are the source of your success in life. Maybe you and your partner will launch a company together, or maybe their encouragement will inspire you to pursue your goals. Even if your relationships don’t always last, you don’t find them to be stressful, and you frequently keep in touch with your ex-partners.

Natal Venus Sextile Natal Saturn

A person who has an easy time committing to relationships is the outcome of Venus and Saturn uniting their essence in a natal sextile. If this describes you, you also possess a gift for using discipline and a lot of hard effort to bring innovative ideas to life. You get the uncommon ability to be able to exist in a grounded but creative or unconventional mindset when you combine your sense of harmony and beauty with your appreciation of structure.

Natal Venus Sextile Natal Uranus

It’s likely that you find unconventional people attractive, and you might approach relationships in unusual ways. Being the same old person with a spouse, 2.5 children, and a white picket fence is not what you desire. But there are a lot of other ways your relationships might be unorthodox. Working on social justice or humanitarian projects may also lead to the most meaningful relationships of your life.

Natal Venus Sextile Natal Neptune

You are quite the romantic, with the energies of Venus and Neptune aligned in a sextile at birth. You enjoy imagining future plans with your sweethearts and daydream about your crushes. You have a strong creative side as well, and you can draw a lot of inspiration for your works from your romantic side. You’re not scared to express how much you adore someone. On the other hand, you might conceal your romantic side if you let a breakup hurt you too much. You’ll need some time to recover before it becomes apparent again.

Natal Venus Sextile Natal Pluto

Due to Venus’s natal chart sextile to your Pluto, you are likely able to communicate with people on taboo subjects. It can be sexual kinks, actual crime, or controversial philosophical beliefs that some people find offensive. You’d much rather have a deeper conversation and detest trivial talk. Before making a deeper commitment to someone, you always want to find out what is truly going on in their life. Positive changes in your life can also be brought about by the relationships you have.

Natal Venus Sextile Natal Chiron

When Chiron is sextile to your natal Venus, you make connections with other individuals through the greatest wound you have ever experienced. Your relationships with other people help you heal from your wounds as well. You have a way of connecting with others that allows them to open up to you about their deepest wounds, and through dialogue, you work alchemy to heal you both.

Natal Venus Sextile Natal Black Moon Lilith

In partnerships, you have excellent communication skills. You are free to discuss anything openly when you are embarrassed about something. People are drawn to you even if you are not “conventionally attractive.” Your charm makes it easy for partners to fall in love with you. To choose the best ones, though, you’ll need to use your discernment.

Natal Venus Sextile ascendant of Natal

People feel at ease in your presence. People are drawn to you based on how you portray yourself. You most likely have peaceful relationships and are good at making friends. You have an excellent sense of personal style for both what you wear and the things you surround yourself with, and you love to be surrounded by beautiful. It’s likely that you possess some creative talent as well; it doesn’t have to be artistic. It’s possible that you simply have a creative mind that generates brilliant ideas constantly.

Natal Venus Sextile Natal North Node

Venus will present you with opportunities for transforming relationships that will advance you on your journey when it is sextile to your North Node in your natal astrological chart. Venus is trine to your South Node in this position as well, so you won’t just happen to slip into these connections. To make these potent connections work for your life’s path, you will need to make different decisions throughout your life.

Natal Venus Sextile Natal South Node

Venus is trine your natal North Node as a result of this aspect, which implies that although your connections will help you advance in life, you will still need to learn a lot in the beginning. Early in life, there’s likely to be a few unpleasant breakups that will teach you about the kind of person you really want to spend your time with. After completing those “South Node” teachings, you’ll come across a strong bond that will help you advance.

Natal Venus Sextile Natal Midheaven

Your public positions require you to apply a great deal of imagination, and your job or career may be the source of your meaningful relationships. You get along with others well, particularly when you’re in a public or professional setting. You are probably quite skilled at workplace politics and have a knack for mediating conflicts. There’s a unique approach to merge business with creativity. It’s possible that you’ll work in talent management or arts administration.