Unique Romance Tips for Married Couples

Here are five original strategies to maintain the passion in your relationship.

1. Maintain constant communication

Showing your partner you are thinking of them is one of the most romantic things you can do. Knowing that your partner is missing you even if you are apart is the most wonderful feeling in the world. “Constant contact” becomes relevant in this situation. Make a strategy each week to let your spouse know you miss them when you’re apart. You can accomplish this in a number of ways, such as through phone calls, brief emails, or text messages.

Drop tiny gifts, cards, or notes in their car, briefcase, or bag so they can be found. There are many ways to participate; all you need to do is be inventive. Use an electronic calendar to schedule your interactions so that it can notify you when it’s time to act and get in touch. While it does need some work on your part, the effort is absolutely worth it.

2. Dim the lights

Turn off all the lights, phones, television, computers, and other appliances for one night, and go completely dark. Spend time together discussing feelings and laughing while the candlelight illuminates the room. Drink some wine, get cozy, and spend some special, private time together.

3. Display messages in chalk

A wonderful way to show someone you care is to write short, sweet messages on a mirror. Your partner will remember something as straightforward as hearing “I can’t wait to see you tonight” when they look in the bathroom mirror in the morning.

4. Give them public praise.

When spoken to your partner in front of others, kind words will go a long way. Tell the world how unique or amazing you think your spouse is without holding back. To show your love and dedication, spread encouraging words to your family, friends, neighbors, and other people.

5. Scrub her toes

The lads should read this one. The husband prepares a pan of warm water and carefully washes and massages his wife’s feet in a lovely scene from the movie The War Room. If you have never done this before, it is a profoundly humbling experience that could make you cry while also bringing the two of you closer than you have ever felt.

Try out these marriage-related romance tips, and then let me know how it changed your marriage.