Two Civilians Mistakenly Shot by 12 Para SF, Brave Officer Took Responsibility

The 12 para unique powers of the Indian armed force erroneously shot two townspeople in Chasa town in Tirap dist the previous evening. The harmed have been cleared to AMC, Dibrugarh. Both the regular people are given appropriate treatment and they are out of risk.

In the viral video, Major James of 12 para sf is seen conversing with local people. He had expertly taken care of the furious townspeople and persuaded them to give full help in the departure of the harmed and their treatment.

“As an official, I assume complete ownership as the occurrence has occurred under my order,” the official can be heard in the video recorded by local people.

The fearless official assumed complete ownership for the appalling occasion. We show respect to the impressive skill and genuineness of our Indian armed force.

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