Top 8 Longest Bridges Across the State of Missouri

MacArthur Bridge

At 18,261 feet long, MacArthur Bridge is the longest bridge in Missouri. Within the city of St. Louis, the bridge spans the Mississippi River, which serves as the border between Missouri and Illinois. The MacArthur bridge was renamed in 1917 from its original name, the Municipal Free Bridge, in honor of General Douglas MacArthur, a World War II combatant. The bridge also functioned as a combined railroad and highway. But in 1981, due to severe wear, the bridge closed to automobiles and was only used for railroad traffic.

Eads Bridge

Similar to MacArthur Bridge, Eads Bridge is located in St. Louis and spans the Mississippi River that separates Illinois and Missouri. At more than 6,400 feet, Eads Bridge is the second-longest bridge in Missouri. In addition, Eads Bridge is situated directly to the north of MacArthur Bridge.

Prior to the construction of MacArthur Bridge in 1874, the city of St. Louis built Eads Bridge. Furthermore, Eads Bridge is the oldest bridge still surviving on the Mississippi River. The 6,444-foot-long bridge is still recognized as a National Historic Landmark today. Last but not least, Walt Whitman, the renowned poet, described Eads Bridge’s construction as “a structure of perfection and beauty unsurpassable.”

McKinley Bridge

The McKinley Bridge in St. Louis spans the Mississippi River, dividing Missouri and Illinois. At 6,313 feet long, this bridge is the third longest in the state of Missouri. Ralph Modjeski created the design for McKinley Bridge, which had its grand opening in 1910. Similar to other well-known Missourian bridges, McKinley Bridge permitted the movement of both rail cars and automobiles. In addition, the bridge underwent renovations in the early 2000s; it was formally reopened to the public in 2008 and features a bike and pedestrian path.

The Bayview Bridge

The Bayview Bridge crosses into West Quincy, Missouri on the state line, despite being commonly associated with Quincy, Illinois. The magnificent 4,507-foot-long Bayview Bridge towers over the Mississippi River. The bridge, which spans Interstate U.S. 24, opened in 1987 with the intention of easing traffic congestion near the Quincy Memorial Bridge. The fourth-longest bridge in Missouri is the Bayview Bridge.

Mark Twain Memorial Bridge

The Missouri city of Hannibal is home to the Mark Twain Memorial Bridge. Renowned author Mark Twain was raised in Hannibal, Missouri, and was known by his birth name, Samuel Clemens, to the majority of the locals. Still, the author’s pen identity and reputation endured in Missouri and around the country. The bridge honors both Mark Twain’s hometown and body of writing.

Mark Twain Memorial Bridge is the fifth-longest bridge in Missouri, measuring 4,491 feet. In addition, the Mississippi River is crossed by the bridge. An intriguing aspect of the current Mark Twain Memorial Bridge is that it was erected in 2000 to replace the earlier, 1936-built span.

Blanchette Memorial Bridge

Crossing the Missouri River, the Blanchette Memorial Bridge is used to transport vehicles from Interstate U.S. 70. Blanchette Memorial Bridge is the sixth-longest bridge in Missouri, measuring 4,083 feet. Additionally, St. Louis County and St. Charles County are connected by the Blanchette Memorial Bridge. In addition, the bridge is among the busiest in the region. The renowned hunter and fur merchant Louis Blanchette, who founded St. Charles, is the source of the name “Blanchette.” Despite multiple renovations, the Blanchette Memorial Bridge is still accessible to the general public.

Martin Luther King Bridge

The Martin Luther King Bridge connects Missouri and Illinois across the Mississippi River near St. Louis, just like the majority of Missouri’s longest bridges. With a length of 4,009 feet, the Martin Luther King Bridge is the ninth longest bridge in Missouri. The Veterans’ Memorial Bridge was the original name of the bridge when it was built in 1951.

The bridge was given the name Martin Luther King Jr. after the civil rights activist was assassinated in 1968. Due to major repairs, the Martin Luther King Bridge was temporarily closed between 2018 and 2020. The bridge is maintained by Illinois and Missouri and is open to the public today.

Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge

At 3,953 feet, the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge is the eighth-longest bridge in Missouri. The building bears the name of Missouri congressman Bill Emerson, who spearheaded the financing campaign for the bridge’s construction. Regrettably, Emerson died seven years before the bridge was finished, and the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge was first used for vehicular traffic in 2003. across 11,000 cars pass across the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, every day.