Top 6 Tallest Buildings Are Signatures of the Austin Skyline

A large state is Texas. It is a varied state with a wide range of political connections, customs, and religion systems. Austin, the state capital of Texas, is a liberal hotspot in a predominately conservative state. Austin, the capital, has grown to be a fairly large metropolis. It is beginning to compete with other major cities in the state, such as San Antonio and Houston.

The skyline of Austin is likewise expanding, with numerous buildings appearing every few years. Because of these buildings, Austin stands out from other Texan cities and has a distinctive appearance. Let’s examine Austin’s six highest structures. They are emblematic of the skyline of Austin.

Sixth and Guadalupe

The building at Sixth and Guadalupe is newly constructed. Situated in the heart of Austin, it is the city’s highest structure. The 66-story building houses mixed-use apartments and commercial space. Several hotels stood where the current structure is located. Constructed in 1925, the Alamo Hotel was a five-story brick structure. In 1984, it was demolished and replaced by the Lamar Financial Plaza complex. The Extended Stay America was subsequently constructed in its stead. At last, work on Sixth and Guadalupe began in 2019 and was completed in 2023. Finally, it is the US’s 59th-tallest structure.

The Independent

The Independent, Austin’s second-tallest structure, was constructed starting in 2016 and completed in the spring of 2019. 370 condominium units spread across 58 storeys make up the structure.The facility also has a dog park, a playground for kids to play in, a fitness center, a yoga area, and a heated pool. Prior to Sixth and Guadalupe surpassing it, this structure was the tallest in Austin, Texas. It is also the 193rd-tallest structure in the United States.

The Austonian

The Austonian is currently Austin’s third-tallest structure, despite being the city’s tallest structure from 2010 to 2019. The Austonian began construction in 2007 and was officially crowned the city’s highest structure in 2009. After completion in 2010, the facility hosted the Women’s Symphony League Designer Showhouse in May of that same year. The building required more than $13 million in renovations in 2015 after it was discovered that several of the balconies were poorly built.

Block 185

Situated in the heart of Austin, the stunning Block 185 is a skyscraper that holds offices. The building was started in 2019 and completed in 2021, at which point it was available for habitation. It’s interesting to note that Block 185 was originally intended to be a penitentiary back in 1839. Naturally, that did not materialize in the end and turned into the Green Water Treatment Plant. It was revealed in 2019 that Google would lease the entire skyscraper due of its distinctive architectural shape.

Fairmont Austin

The Fairmont Austin hotel, which has 37 stories overall, is situated in the city’s center. The Hilton Austin Hotel was the tallest before the Fairmont Austin was constructed. Beginning in 2014, construction was completed in March of 2018. The Fairmont Austin offers five restaurants that are open to everyone in addition to hotel rooms. The Austin Convention Center and the hotel are connected by a skyway.

360 Condominiums

The 360 Condominiums is a condominium skyscraper in Downtown Austin that also has offices and retail space. With 430 residences spread across 44 storeys, the building is rather tall. Beginning in 2006, construction was completed in May 2008 after reaching its peak in late 2007. From January 2008 until June 2009, it was regarded as the tallest skyscraper in Austin for a duration of fifteen months.

In summary

So there you have it: Austin, Texas’s six highest structures. This is a really distinctive city, and the buildings here are iconic pieces of the Austin skyline. The capital of Texas, which is a part of the expanding Austin metropolitan area, is currently the tenth largest city in the US. There are already 33 structures in Austin that stand higher than 330 feet, and as the city expands, additional skyscrapers will be added.

Highlights of the Top 8 Tallest Buildings in Austin

Building Height Year
Sixth and Guadalupe 875 feet 2023
The Independent 694 feet 2019
The Austonian 683 feet 2010
Block 185 594 feet 2022
Fairmont Austin 591 feet 2018
360 Condominiums 581 feet 2008