Top 6 Smells Attracting Coyotes to Your Yard

Every state in the US has coyotes, with the exception of Hawaii, which has no documented wild coyote populations. These canids may cause problems for people, pets, and cattle. There are a lot of misconceptions about these sly predators, but one thing is certain: they have excellent senses of smell. Coyotes are able to detect scents more than a mile away! What, though, are the most appealing scents to coyotes? Furthermore, do you unintentionally draw these predators into your yard?

1. Meat

It cannot be overstated, even though this is a broad category: coyotes will be drawn to the smell of meat. The flesh may be decaying, cooked, or raw. Therefore, it’s generally better to stay away from cooking and storing meat outside if you reside in an area where coyotes are common. If not, prepare food outside with caution and clean it thoroughly afterward. A coyote may be drawn to your yard by grills that have animal grease on them in addition to other animals.

2. Coyote Lures

Coyote lures attract these creatures and consist of nasty smells often coming from scent glands or oils of other animals like skunks, beavers, or other coyotes. Hunters can use this scent to trap or entice coyotes, but use caution if you have any of this potent concoction on hand. It can be as disruptive to your yard as ringing the dinner bell if you spill a jar of coyote lure or seal it incorrectly!

3. Trash

Trash, especially loose cans, typically include a wide range of food items in numerous states. These bins are lined with rotting or old fruit, vegetables, and meats, occasionally fresh scraps. Coyotes can find a lot of food and shelter in suburban and urban areas due to the abundance of trash. You can therefore anticipate that a coyote would be unable to resist. Even while there may not be a dog that goes dumpster diving in your neighborhood, it’s still a good idea to keep the lid on your garbage can closed to keep other roving animals from going through it and making a mess.

In a similar vein, these animals may also eat fruit that has fallen from trees. Fruits are not too far down on the coyote’s food preference list, despite the fact that they are generally believed to be ferocious meat eaters. Coyotes can be deterred from entering your yard by disposing of these food sources. Additionally, keeping a constant eye on bird feeders. Coyotes may try to decompose them for the seed or mark the spot for a quick snack.

4. Chicks, Lambs, and Additional Tiny Pets

A coyote may find the fragrance of lamb and other game meat to be particularly alluring, regardless of whether the animal is dead or alive. The coyotes will probably be able to smell your small animals or farm if you have any in your yard. It is possible for coyotes to become attracted to recently buried animals and to dig them up for a quick meal. One of the safest methods to prevent a run-in with these animals is to try to coyote-proof your places and leave as little out for them to sniff out.

5. Livers

Coyotes will eat a wide range of foods, but they really like meat. Since the liver has the highest nutritional density of all animal parts, it is a preferred food source for coyotes in particular. Even after burial, the smells of organ meats can draw coyotes to your area, even if you don’t have a lot of livers hanging outside. Although this may worry hunters who clean their harvests at home more than others, these scavengers find this aroma to be very alluring.

6. Dogs in Heat

On the family tree, coyotes and domestic dogs are closely related. It is safe to conclude that coyotes may be particularly aware of and drawn to this fragrance. On rare occasions, successful mating between coyotes and dogs has produced “coydogs.” It’s advisable to have spayed all females who will be outside for a significant amount of time. Although it’s unlikely, it’s not impossible for a coyote to conceive a female domestic dog in an urban area. Spaying your female dogs will eliminate the possibility that you will end up with puppies, coydogs or not, in addition to decreasing the attraction of coyotes to your yard!