Top 3 Largest Stadiums in Oregon

While Oregon doesn’t have as many stadiums as other states, Oregonians are known for their passionate support of their beloved college football team. These are Oregon’s biggest stadiums and the reasons why sports enthusiasts from all throughout the state value them so highly.

3. Providence Park – 25,218 Seats

Portland’s Providence Park Stadium is ranked third among Oregon’s biggest stadiums. Major League Soccer matches, college football matches, concerts and business conferences are also held in the historic stadium. Providence Park is home to the Portland Timbers and Thorns. But in the last 98 years, the Goose Hollow venue has seen numerous changes.

Multnomah Field was the name of the location in 1893, decades before the outdoor football stadium was constructed. Most of the area was covered with amateur sports fields. The original location was finished by The Multnomah Athletic Club by 1926, at which point it was renamed Multnomah Civic Stadium.

The Portland Mavericks had a brief homecoming in the stadium from 1973 to 1974, but the Portland Beavers, the city’s first minor league baseball team, played there from 1956 until 1972. The Portland State University football team, on the other hand, would remain here the longest, participating from the 1960s until 2018.

The stadium saw significant renovations multiple times between 1980 and 2020 in order to provide room for the Timbers, enhance the spectator experience, and comply with ADA regulations. The facility changed names several times over the years, and in 2014 it was renamed Providence Park. Just before the Timbers joined the Major Soccer League in 2011, the $31 million upgrade that turned Providence Park into a soccer-specific stadium was approved by the City Council.

With 25,218 seats, Providence Park stages over 150 events a year. Regarded as one of the top soccer stadiums in the nation, it is also one of the oldest Major League Soccer venues in the United States.

2. Reser Stadium – 45,674 Seats

The second biggest stadium in Oregon is called Reser Stadium, and it’s situated on the Oregon State University campus in Corvallis. With 28,000 seats, the outdoor sports stadium known as Parker Stadium debuted in 1953. Since then, the Oregon State University Beavers’ home stadium has undergone several name changes and expansions before accommodating 45,674 spectators.

Charles T. “Charlie” Parker, a Portland businessman and 1908 OSU graduate, was honoured with the initial name of the well-known Oregon stadium. He was instrumental in building the university football team’s new facility, which was renamed Reser facility in 1999.

The 1960 OSU alumni Al and Pat Reser are honoured by the current name for their kind donation to the athletic department. Pregame activities now take place in the Parker Plaza, which is located on the east side of Reser Stadium.

Bell Field, which is now the Dixie Recreation Centre, was the home field for Beavers games until Reser Stadium was constructed. They took on Washington State in their inaugural home game at Reser Stadium (formerly known as Parker Stadium). It was their first triumph. 7 to 0 was their victory.

Reser not only emcees college football games but also serves as the host of the university’s commencement ceremonies. In the past, the event has featured keynote addresses from astronaut John Glenn and former first lady Michelle Obama. Reser has also served as the host of the yearly “Dam Jam” year-end event, which is intended for the community and schools and features appearances by Jesse McCartney and KYLE.

1. Autzen Stadium – 54,000 Seats

The University of Oregon’s Autzen Stadium is the largest stadium in Oregon, according to the ranking. It’s smaller than its Big 10 peers and less than half the size of the largest stadium in the globe, but it’s still considered one of the best college football stadiums in the country. Known for having 54,000 seats, it’s the biggest and noisiest sports arena in Oregon.

Thomas J. Austzen, a Portland athlete and philanthropist, is honoured by having his stadium dedicated in his honour. With its completion, the antiquated Hayward Field was replaced with a more contemporary football stadium. The enormous amphitheatre is located outside of Eugene’s downtown, next to Alton Baker Park, the city’s most developed park. Situated to the north, the Willamette River separates it from the main campus. The Autzen Footbridge is frequently crossed by students walking across.

Hayward Field was the home field for the Oregon Ducks until their success demanded a larger venue. As a result, the roughly 41,000-seat Autzen Stadium was constructed in 1967. The state’s burgeoning passion for and devotion to collegiate football is reflected in Autzen Stadium. It’s known as the “Autzen bounce” because of how loud the crowd noise is in Autzen.

On September 32, 1967, the Ducks took the field for the first time, losing to the University of Colorado. Regretfully, they were defeated. However, this was just the start of the game. Over time, Autzen Stadium experienced multiple improvements in order to keep up with the Ducks’ expansion.

One of the biggest video boards in college football was installed before to the 2020 season. With a massive 186 feet by 66 feet screen, spectators won’t miss a second of the action. Nothing tops the mascot riding a Harley Davidson to lead the squad onto the pitch prior to each home game, of course.

Highlights of the Top Largest Stadiums in Oregon

Stadium Name Seating Capacity
Autzen Stadium 54,000
Reser Stadium 45,674
Providence Park 25,218