Top 12 Most Visited Cities in Canada

In Canada, certain cities see higher levels of tourist than others. Toronto is the most visited city in Canada and the 29th most visited worldwide. With one of the Seven Modern Wonders of the World located here, this thriving metropolis welcomes millions of tourists every year! However, Toronto is not the only Canadian city that is seeing a population boom. View our ranking of Canada’s top 12 most popular cities.

1. Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax topped our list for several reasons, but its charm is what we like best about it. Beautiful natural surroundings, lovely houses, and little shops can be found everywhere you turn. We suggest spending some time on the harbor whether you’re in Halifax for the day or the weekend. You might stroll along the well-liked Halifax Waterfront, a boardwalk including interesting sculptures and restaurants beside the waterfront. Alternatively, if you’re up for an adventure, hire a kayak and go for a watery exploration of Halifax Harbor.

The Halifax Public Gardens and Georges Island National Historic Site are two of the city’s top tourist destinations. But Halifax’s quaint core district is unquestionably our favorite feature of the city. Our favorite area in the North End for discovering quaint little eateries and boutiques is the Hydrostone District.

2. Edmonton, Alberta

We would travel to Edmonton if it were only for the food. From La Ronde Revolving Restaurant, which gives 360-degree views of the River Valley below, to one of the best bakeries in the world, Duchess Bakeshop, Edmonton boasts an incredible culinary scene!

You’ll soon see why the city is known as Festival City if you visit. Over 50 festivals are held in Edmonton each year, ranging from winter cycling to tree lightings. This city will never tire you, which is one of the reasons we adore it so much. In addition to all the things to do in the city, remember to check out some of the surrounding places. Just up the road is Elk Island National Park, where you can spot deer, bison, moose, and of course, elk! In addition, there are several trails to explore and hundreds of bird species to call it home.

3. Whistler, British Columbia

Whistler is a well-liked destination for skiers and lovers of winter sports, but almost everyone can find something to do here. With more than 8,100 acres of land, Whistler Blackcomb is the most visited location and the biggest ski resort nearby. Rest assured, Whistler isn’t limited to adventurous and nature lovers. There are lots of entertaining things to do in the town, such as museums visits, ice skating, and summertime concerts.

The Whistler Film Festival is held in the city every year, drawing participants from all over the world to showcase their works. Attending this event is enjoyable, especially when combined with evening dining, sightseeing, and skiing the city.

4. Banff, Alberta

Although Banff Town is quite charming, the neighboring Banff National Park is mostly responsible for the region’s tourism industry. With more than 4 million people annually, it is Canada’s most popular national park! This is due to the park’s overall fantasy-like appearance, which includes the enormous, towering mountains and the glistening blue lakes. At Canada’s first National Park, you may explore waterfalls, take some amazing pictures, and get back to nature.

5. Calgary, Alberta

Originating as a remote outpost in the Rocky Mountains, Calgary is a singular city. It is the birthplace of cowboy culture in Canada and is comparable to Dallas, Texas in terms of scale. Despite being the most populous city in Alberta, it continues to serve as a major center for people seeking to escape to the mountains. The Canadian Rockies and the Canadian Badlands, two of the country’s most breathtaking natural beauties, are located between the city!

The largest outdoor rodeo in the world takes place every year at the Calgary Stampede, one of the city’s most famous yearly events. There is live music in the city at that time, and many establishments provide complimentary dinners. Attracting over a million tourists annually, it’s one of the city’s main attractions!

6. Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria is a singular, exceptional, and breathtaking location. It has many historical landmarks and architectural masterpieces, plus it’s right on the coast. The Royal BC Museum is a well-liked destination, particularly for local tourists. It recounts the region’s history, both natural and human, spanning hundreds of thousands of years!

Victoria is known as the “City of Gardens” due to the abundance of stunning parks and green areas throughout the city. But Victoria’s greatest feature is its weather, which is consistently in the mid-60s!

7. Niagara Falls, Ontario

This city has a lot more to offer tourists, even if it is most known for the Niagara Falls! Did you know that Ontario’s main wine region is located in the same location as Niagara Falls? Actually, there are more than 50 wineries in the city and its environs! Almost all year round, there’s something happening in this well-known vacation destination. Fun is always had during the Winter Festival of Lights, especially when it’s snowing.

8. Montreal, Quebec

Canada’s melting pot is Montreal. Being an older city, it still has a lot of history, but it also has a lot going on. The more conventional side of Montreal is known as Vieux-MontrĂ©al. There are still many antique structures and architectural styles there because here is where the original city was constructed before it expanded. The area’s breathtaking architecture is reminiscent of Europe, and there are lots of little cafes, pubs, and retail centers.

9. Ottawa, Ontario

Along with housing many of Canada’s federal buildings, this city of museums is home to a wealth of historical sites. However, Ottawa is home to seven of Canada’s nine national museums, making it more than just a moniker!

Additionally, Ottawa is conveniently situated alongside the Rideau Canal, which is wonderful in the winter and enjoyable in the summer. Every year when it freezes, the city transforms it into the biggest skating rink in the world! It is always open and free for everyone.

10. Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec City is a very popular holiday spot, particularly for couples. The quaint, mostly French-speaking city will give you the impression that you have traveled over the seas. It feels like a cozy, welcoming small town while being a city.

Throughout the year, the city holds numerous events, such as comedy and book festivals. When choosing the dates for your visit, bear those in mind.

11. Vancouver, British Columbia

Travelers adore Vancouver because of its culture, art, and scenery. The city is located on the port, where visitors may enjoy boat rides and sunset viewing. From the gardens to the 1920s town with an ice cream parlor, the Burnaby town Museum is a big draw with tourists!

The city is largely surrounded by Stanley Park, which sets it apart from almost every other major metropolis. There are kilometers of trees and beautiful scenery to be enjoyed in this 1,000-acre park that is next to the downtown area. It provides fun on the beach, a number of dining options, and an aquarium.

12. Toronto, Ontario

At about 27.5 million tourists a year, Toronto is the most visited city in Canada. Toronto hosts the Toronto International Film Festival, which draws a sizable number of visitors to the city, which is one of the main drivers of tourism in the city.

The CN Tower, the highest building in the world for 34 years, is located in Toronto as well. A terrific opportunity to see the city from a fresh angle is to climb the 1,815-foot tower. Among the Seven Wonders of the Modern World is this one.