Top 11 Most Dangerous Highways in the United States

Getting a car is what most of us dream of when we’re fifteen or sixteen. To get you the best car you’ve ever had, you save money or your parents save money. Even if you’re a teenager, you still need to pass your driver’s licence test and learn how to drive. You can drive wherever after you’ve completed it. But as your parents taught you, driving requires awareness since accidents can happen. In actuality, auto accidents occur often in the US.

Now let’s examine the top 11 most hazardous roadways in the US. The amount of fatalities these highways have seen will be used to illustrate just how deadly they are. We’ll also offer a few interesting tidbits.

11. I-24

The I-24 highway connects Pulleys Mill, IL to East Ridge, TN and travels north-south. The route is 317 miles long overall, but the deadliest city is far from either of its two ends. The city on this roadway that is thought to be the deadliest is Nashville, Tennessee. The I-24 has a fatality rate of roughly 0.527 deaths per mile.

Additionally, there is a section of I-24 that circles the Cumberland Plateau. Known as “Monteagle Mountain,” it is among the nation’s most hazardous sections of highways. This is as a result of its 6% graded, steep descents.

10. I-30

The I-30 motorway connects North Little Rock, Arkansas, with Aledo, Texas, and goes southeast. The highway is 367 miles long, but Dallas, Texas, is home to the deadliest section. The I-30 has a death rate of roughly 0.646 deaths per mile.

The I-30 has frequently appeared on lists of the deadliest highways, especially in the sections where it passes through Dallas and Fort Worth.

9. I-45

Ranking among the worst motorways in the nation, the I-45 connects Dallas, Texas, and Galveston, Texas. Between 2016 and 2019, there were 260 road deaths overall, or 0.913 deaths per mile.

The Texas Department of Transportation reports that, despite the highway’s 285 kilometres, there are an astounding 56.5 fatalities for every 100 miles travelled. Residents in the vicinity of I-45 have been contacted by the state’s Department of Transportation to provide suggestions or ideas for improving the safety of the roadway.

8. I-85

The I-85 travels 666 miles, from Montgomery, AL to Petersburg, VA. Charlotte, North Carolina is the deadliest city on that roadway. There are 0.613 deaths in relation to the death per mile rate. There are frequent traffic accidents on the I-85, according to Charlotte’s news sources. The state of the highway, which can lead to a rise in traffic accidents, is one of the culprits for making this section of Charlotte the riskiest.

7. I-65

I-65 is a roadway that connects Mobile, AL in the Deep South to Gary, IN in the Midwest, running from south to north. With a length of 887 miles and a total of 0.485 deaths, the route has a high death rate per mile. Nashville, Tennessee is home to the highway’s deadliest section. But there are worries that the highway is hazardous even in Alabama. 2020 saw 43 collisions resulting in 46 fatalities.

6. US 17

Stretching 1,189 kilometres from Punta Gorda, Florida to Winchester, Virginia, is the US 17. Nonetheless, Charleston, South Carolina, is home to the highway’s deadliest section. This highway has a fatality rate per mile of 0.462. The highway is regarded as the most hazardous in the state of South Carolina in addition to being among the most hazardous in the entire nation.

5. I-5

From San Diego, California’s Mexican border, the I-5 travels north and west to Blaine, Washington. The highway is 1,381 miles long, and Los Angeles, California, is the deadliest city—unsurprisingly. The I-5 saw an astounding 186 deaths in 2019 alone. The fatality rate per mile on the route is 0.609.

Remarkably, the I-5 is hazardous in every state it traverses, with numerous news articles describing how hazardous a particular section of the highway is for drivers.

4. I-20

The I-20 stretches 1,539 miles from Scroggins Draw, Texas, to Florence, South Carolina. Dallas, Texas is the deadliest city on the highway, which makes sense given the large population of the city. The rate of deaths per mile is 0.549. A startling 208 people lost their lives in the Texas section of the I-20 in 2019.

3. I-75

The I-75 extends northward from Miami Lakes, Florida, to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. The roadway stretches 1,786 miles in length. It may surprise you to learn that Atlanta, Georgia, is the deadliest city on that roadway rather than Florida. The rate of deaths per mile on the route is 0.521. There were an astounding 237 fatalities in 2019 alone.

2. I-95

The I-95, which runs 1,908 miles from Miami, Florida to Houlton, Maine, is one of the nation’s most hazardous highways (albeit it ranks second in terms of fatalities from 2016 to 2019). A startling 284 people lost their lives on the highway in 2019 alone.

The I-95 section that passes through Florida is extremely congested, particularly in Jacksonville and Miami, which is one of the reasons it is so dangerous. Florida’s highway police force is understaffed, which is another issue that lowers overall safety.

1. I-10

The I-10 is 2,460 miles long and runs from Santa Monica, California, to Jacksonville, Florida, in a west to east direction. The deadliest cities are found in Texas, with Houston and El Paso having the highest number of collisions and fatalities. These are not found in California or Florida. The nation’s most deadly highway, with over 1,500 fatalities between 2016 and 2019. Not only is the I-10 hazardous in Texas, but there have also been a lot of fatalities in Louisiana from it.

Highlights of the Most Dangerous Highways in the United States

Highway Number Location Fatalities (2016-2019)
I-24 Pulleys Mill, IL to East Ridge, TN 167
I-30 Aledo, TX to North Little Rock, AR 237
I-45 Galveston, TX to Dallas, TX 260
I-85 Montgomery, AL to Petersburg, VA 408
I-65 Mobile, AL to Gary, IN 430
US 17 Punta Gorda, FL to Winchester, VA 549
I-5 San Diego, CA to Blaine, WA 841
I-20 Scroggins Draw, TX to Florence, SC 845
I-75 Miami Lakes, FL to Sault Ste. Marie, MI 930
I-95 Miami, FL to Houlton, ME 1,215
I-10 Santa Monica, CA to Jacksonville, FL 1,469