Tips for Marital Bliss and Lots of Laughs

1. You do not have to like each other to love each other

It’s crucial to keep in mind that while you must always love one another, liking one another is not as necessary in a marriage, since it might be challenging at times. There will be moments when it seems impossible to like each other. During these times, it’s critical to keep in mind the reasons you selected your partner and the daily reasons you choose to be in a relationship. That being said, you are not required to always like your partner. Sometimes you will irritate or infuriate each other to the point of becoming more than just furious. Never forget the love, and persevere through the difficulties!

2. If he/she commits to be home by 11 pm, don’t lock the bedroom door until 1 am

Some people think that locking the bedroom door is an inhumane punishment. Even though you may not be a husband or wife who would employ this tactic, it can be quite successful, particularly for repeat offenders in the marriage. Having a girls’ or guys’ night in is never inherently unpleasant. However, it may become problematic if your partner feels that you are out too late. But always remember that when you are having fun, time generally rushes by. Remember this and be very careful to give your spouse wiggle room as the spouse who is waiting at home. This window will calm your concerns and allow your partner to get home at a reasonable hour with some flexibility.

3. You should be yell at  each other only if the house is on fire or the music is too loud

The fact that couples quarrel and fight is no secret. These arguments have the potential to get out of hand and grow so heated that neither party is paying attention. This isn’t always the best way to find a solution, even though it could be a good cathartic release for you both. Adhere to the general guideline that screaming is only appropriate for emergencies and loud music if your objective is to arrive at a solution. Knowing when to dispute without going too far in front of your kids is crucial if you have children in your marriage. It is advantageous for your kids to observe the methods in which you and your partner can make concessions. However, a fight that soon reaches a screaming point is not something that can be learned from. Pay attention to the loudness and tone of your voice, especially while your kids are around.

4. Do not go to bed angry – it is worth it to stay up and fight

It’s a common saying that you should never go to bed angry when you quarrel. It’s crucial to remember, in line with the spirit of this proverb, that if fighting is what the two of you need right then and there, it’s worth it to stay up and do it. Sometimes one or both partners will just want to go to bed, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with that. However, after you have both had a decent night’s sleep, it is equally necessary to discuss whether a compromise and conclusion should be reached or if the issue is not worth bringing up. Establishing a shared understanding between the two of you is crucial when deciding whether or not to go to bed furious. This will give you comfort regarding whatever issue you may be having arguments about as well as the assurance that no disagreement is worth the wellbeing of your partnership.

5. Keep the fights clean and the sex dirty!

There may probably be moments of intense physical intimacy between you following a conflict, or even as a result of the fight. This is a positive thing! Going back to the earlier advice, the ability to debate and reach a decision enables you to recognize that the state of your relationship comes first. There is nothing significant enough to make the intimacy you have with one another disappear.